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Frisky Friday - 7/31/15 - A Simple Misunderstanding - A delicate situation #CorbinsBend #Spanking

It's Frisky Friday!  Yay!  And I'm sharing another excerpt from my first spanking romance in the Corbin's Bend series, A Simple Misunderstanding.

He came to her rescue when she needed him most, almost to lose her when she disobeyed him.

In this scene, which begins Chapter 12, Eleanor Benson (Elly) is due to be released from the hospital, after a five day stay.  Gerald Douglas (Jerry, who is Corbin Bend's vet) has been at her side almost the whole time, but he had to leave the day before for an emergency when a pet dog was run over by a car.  When he called Elly that evening to tell her he was driving back to Denver, she sounded strange on the phone, but insisted he remain in Corbin's Bend, claiming she wanted to go to sleep early. Certain she was not telling him the truth, he pressed a little harder only to have say she had to hang up because a nurse just came in.  Convinced something was up, he calls the nurse's station, but they claim Elly is alone and nothing out of the ordinary has happened.  He stays home as she wanted, but remains ill at ease.  When he arrives at the hospital the next morning, Elly is nearly in a panic, so he promptly assumes control by drawing Elly down on his lap and getting her to tell him what's wrong. However, even Jerry didn't expect Elly's abusive husband, Arthur, to try and get her in the hospital.

“Yes. But if he got up here once, he’ll be able to do it again. I know him,” Elly insisted.
Jerry tightened his hold to reassure Elly she was safe with him. “I doubt it; however, I wouldn’t put it past him to try. I’ll double-check with the staff.”
“Are you angry with me for not telling you sooner?”
“Disappointed, not angry.”
“Are you going to punish me for lying?” Her voice sounded small and uncertain.
Interesting she viewed her reaction that way. He regarded her omission as a desperate attempt to avoid an unpleasant complication, but she had lied, and he had admitted he’d suspected she wasn’t being honest with him. He’d also told her he’d punish her for lying if they were together in a relationship, since he refused to tolerate lies in any form. So, how should he handle this? His decision was put off when his cell buzzed. Shifting her a little to the side, he drew the device out of his pocket. Brent.
“Discover anything?” Jerry asked without preliminaries.
“Yes. At least I think so. The car was a midnight blue Lexus LX SUV. Must be new since we don’t show a record of one in our database.”
“Hold on.” Placing the phone against his chest, he turned to Elly. “What kind of car does Arthur drive?”
“He bought a new Lexus SUV. Why?”
“Dark blue. What’s happened?” She started to rise off his lap, but he tightened his hold and raised one eyebrow. She instantly quieted in his arms. “Sorry.”


Elly doesn't want to put Jerry in a position where he could get hurt, so she tries to avoid telling him what happened to get her so upset. However, he already suspects she's keeping something from him, and Jerry views omissions to be the same as lying, for which he has zero tolerance.  Given her fragile condition, he needs to tread carefully.

M/F Domestic Discipline in Colorado.


Though Arthur and Eleanor Benson have been practicing domestic discipline for three months since their wedding, he insists moving to Corbin's Bend, where domestic discipline is the norm rather than the exception, will revitalize their marriage. Elly has doubts, but since Arthur is the undisputed head of their household, they move. However, once Arthur becomes immersed in a community where spanking is not only permitted, but encouraged, his personality undergoes a dramatic change. Accusing his submissive wife of being lazy, disorganized and disobedient, he employs creative methods of pain and humiliation to mold Elly from the imperfect woman he married into the perfect woman he desires. And Elly finds herself a virtual prisoner in her own home, accountable only to the man who rules her life with a cane.

In his years as a vet, Jerry Douglas has seen what abuse does to animals, and he recognizes those same signs in Elly Benson during her daily escape to the dog park with her tiny poodle. Jerry steadfastly supports the tenets of domestic discipline and enjoys the freedom Corbin's Bend offers its residents, but he remains fiercely protective of anyone in need of a champion. And when he witnesses evidence of harsh handling, his instinct is to rush in and rescue. Problem is Elly Benson is a married and consenting adult who insists all her bruises and welts are nothing more than a simple misunderstanding between her and her husband, until the day Arthur Benson takes his authority and discipline one-step too far, endangering Elly's life.

How can you say "no" to this face?
A Simple Misunderstanding is available at the following locations.

I also have a page on my web site where I am offering a sample of the first three chapters. If you're interested, visit either the Spanking Romance or A Simple Misunderstanding page in the Over 18 section of my website.

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Guest Post - 7/30/15 - Realizing Her Dream by Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane #DD #EroticRomance

Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane are here to share an excerpt from their newest spanking romance "Realizing Her Dream."


"What? You're spanking me for cursing? Good Lord, Paul, we could have all been blown up!"
"And I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that we weren't," he replied, finally setting her onto her feet.
Her hands flew back to rub at her aching backside, her eyes flashing her disbelief. "But I was scared!"
"So was I, but I just lost a dozen years off my life learning that you not only disobeyed me, you disobeyed Max."
"I still can't believe you spanked me," Casey said, stomping her foot. "I should get a fuc–freaking medal! Instead, you spanked me! How fucking fair is that?"
"If you have to ask, then maybe you are right," Paul said as he calmly walked away, leaving her on the deck with Max.
Casey looked after him in disbelief. Turning, she saw Max shaking his head.
"Are you happy now?" she hissed again, yanking her clothing up. "Geeze, remind me not to offer my help again!" She began to stomp away only to have the huge man step in front of her. "What? Not satisfied that I got my ass spanked enough?" She pushed down her shorts and panties again and then bent over, shoving her bottom towards him. "Fine, Captain, give me your best swat!"


When Casey Reeves loses her husband to an unexpected heart attack, she gives herself a new mantra: To live life as if it were an amazing adventure, as every single day matters.

Unfortunately, one of the things on her bucket list looks far better on paper, and when Casey finds herself up in a plane, strapped to a tall, handsome man, about to undertake her very first parachute jump, she realizes that she'd do just about anything to be able to back out.

Paul Jackson has been a parachute instructor ever since he retired early, and has seen his fair share of terrified women, but when Casey hysterically promises to do anything he asks in return for being able to return to solid ground safely—even let him spank her—he's amused, and not a little intrigued. He's also more than willing to accept her bargain.

Casey finds herself taking a leap of faith—in more ways than one. The two begin their journey together, spending some time on a luxurious yacht, in a tropical rainforest and even in a ranch in outback Australia, as they work their way through her list.

What they discover is that life has a tendency not to follow carefully designed plans. With Paul beside her, Casey quickly learns that living every day to its fullest entails far more than she’d ever imagined. And by her side throughout the action, danger and laughter is a man who not only has no hesitation in reddening her bottom when she deserves it, but can send her soaring into ecstasy with a single look or a touch of his hand.

Finding a new love to equal—or even exceed—her old one was not even on Casey's bucket list but now that she has, can they make it work? Is Paul really the man of her dreams?

Best-selling author Maggie Ryan and newcomer Laurel Jane have put their heads and their pens together to come up with this, an exciting tale of romance, lust, love, spanking and adventure. If the subject of domestic discipline or explicit erotica offends you, please do not read this book.

Realizing Her Dream
by Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane

About the Authors:

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#MFRWHooks - 7/29/15 - Past Interference - Jerry's concerns over legitimacy #CorbinsBend #Spanking

It's Book Hooks Wednesday!  Yay!  And I'm sharing an excerpt from my new spanking novella in the Corbin's Bend series, Past Interferencethe sequel to A Simple Misunderstanding. Past Interference is part of the Corbin's Bend Valentine's Day collection "Love in the Rockies," and is not being sold separately.

What she needed was the opposite of what she wanted.

In this scene, which occurs near the beginning of Chapter Two, Eleanor Benson (Elly) is six days away from getting married again, and her doubts are eating her alive.  After suffering through a bout of stress-related migraines, she's finally gotten up enough courage to tell her husband-to-be that she's not sure she wants to get married.  Jerry knows Elly is nervous, but believed he'd managed to convince her he is nothing at all like her first husband, Arthur, who abused her.  Unfortunately, he's beginning to realize Elly's past may just ruin their future together, so he insists they sit down and discuss what's bothering her.

Jerry leaned back against the couch. “Elly, do you want children?”
“You know I do.”
“Good. So do I. You also heard about the legal difficulties my parents encountered, given how and where I was born. There was never any question as to my mother and father being legally married U.S. Citizens, but they still needed to work with the city of Chicago and its state to get my birth legitimized, because I wasn’t anywhere near Illinois when I drew my first breath. We weren’t even over land at the time.”
Elly blinked. “Your mother spoke of the experience like it was a humorous adventure for her.”
“Now, almost thirty years later, maybe she does see the humor, but at the time, neither of them thought my unexpected appearance was the least bit funny. Point is, I never want my children faced with the problem of legitimacy. Their mother will be married to me, with no doubts or stigma attached. Do you understand?”


Elly wants Jerry to tell her she's being foolish, but he's not about to do that.  He loves her, and he takes her concerns seriously.  So, he's determined they discuss her concerns and address them before things get out of hand. However, he had no idea she would rather not get married than tie herself down in another marriage.

M/F Domestic Discipline in Colorado.


Valentine's Day in Corbin's Bend.  As Elly Benson readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage.

Though she's lived with Jerry Douglas for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, Elly's first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, until the day she vowed to love, honor and obey him.  The lessons she's learned from the past make her doubt she can ever find happiness in the future.

Love in the Rockies is available at the following locations.

I also have a page on my web site where I am offering a sample of the first two chapters. If you're interested, visit either the Spanking Romance or Past Interference page in the Over 18 section of my website.

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Guest Post - 7/28/15 - Dating Wars by Ravyn Rayne - #RomanticSuspense #Spanking

Ravyn Rayne is here today to share an excerpt from her second book in The Federal Agent Chronicles "Dating Wars."


“Hey sexy.” I hear Kaitlyn’s voice and my eyes widen glancing up, as the dancers are once again on the bar.

“Kai?” I can’t stop myself from calling her by name. I’ve always seen the dark-haired agent in a pants suit, one rare occasion a skirt. This is something else entirely.

Kevin removes his drink from the bar. “You know the dancer?”

Kaitlyn is up there wearing nothing more than a red g-string bikini. Her brunette locks cascade down her back and her makeup looks like a hooker must have put it on her. She’s got thick turquoise eyeliner and lime green glittery eye shadow.

“Long story. We used to work together.” It’s not a lie but in the way Kevin’s mind is ticking, he must think I had been an exotic dancer. Not the case! Though, what harm could come from him believing it to be true? It is safer for everyone, than Kevin knowing I’m working undercover.

Kevin laughs and his cheeks redden. I’m guessing it’s the beer. He’s looking over Kaitlyn a little too intimately and long for my pleasure.

“Quite a story, I bet,” Kevin says. “Maybe you can share it on our second date?”


Finding love in all the wrong places.

When a serial rapist and murderer targets women on an online dating website, FBI Agent Leslie Hunter must pose as a potential match at a bar. How hard could it be? She’s been dating online for years.

While undercover, Leslie meets a handsome gentleman. She can’t tell Kevin her profession without ruining the investigation. How long can she keep this man out of danger without revealing she’s an FBI Agent?

A taste of pole dancing, phone sex, and spankings combined with a lick of danger. A romantic erotica story that’s sure to leave your heart racing and pleased afterwards.

Also available on paperback

About the Author:

Ravyn is a sassy, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking young woman. She loves to travel and can’t wait for her next vacation, wherever it might be.
Ravyn writes romantic erotica. She began writing romance novels in college, spending her down time either reading a book or writing fiction. Please don’t make her choose between the two, she loves them equally.
She has been published professionally since 2013. Prefer less steamy novels? Try her out here.

Grab the first book in the series!
Burning Desire by Ravyn Rayne
Federal Agent Chronicles Book One

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#SPeekSunday - 7/26/15 - Deadly Enchantment - The Depth of his Displeasure - #Paranormal #Shifters

An unhappy shape shifter can be a dangerous companion....

For Sneak Peek Sunday authors share six paragraphs from a published work or a WIP (work in progress).

My excerpt for this week is from my 2nd book, Deadly Enchantment.  A shapeshifting wizard romance set in Victorian England published by New Concepts Publishing, 

In this snippet, which occurs in the middle of the second chapter, Dominic Westcroft has returned from London to discover his sister has invited several young women to his home, so he can select a new bride.  What neither he nor his sister suspects, however, is that one of the women is actually his deceased bride's sister.  Tormented by guilt over his wife's tragic and brutal death, Dominic has no intention of ever marrying again.  However, when his show of temper accidentally reveals one of their guests possesses magical abilities she's trying to keep hidden, he invites the ladies join him for dinner, so he can rout her out.

Though Serena is routed out during dinner, she manages to keep her true identity a secret. After her close call with their host, however, she returns upstairs to speak with her cousin, while Dominic retreats to his study to send for his sister. As he waits, he recalls his former mentor's prophecy stating both Dominic and Terrence would need to mate with a woman pure of spirit and body prior to their thirtieth birthday.  Failure to do so would mean slipping into a steady decline that would result in them not only losing their powers, but their minds as well. Since marriage wasn't a requirement, Terrence fulfilled his end of the prophecy many years, while Dominic waited until his wedding night when his bride was brutally slaughtered before they could consummate their marriage.

             Even so, Dominic hadn’t been entirely convinced that Zaltasar’s dire prophecy wasn’t merely an attempt to get Terrence and him to settle down by a certain age.  However, during the past few years Dominic had begun to wonder if Zaltasar’s timeline wasn’t just a bit optimistic.  His black moods, as he called them, seemed to be increasing in both frequency and duration the older he got.
            Since he’d told Regina none of this, her actions were still unconscionable in his opinion, and he meant to ensure she fully understood the depth of his displeasure over the matter.

            When Regina finally answered his summons, she looked less confident than she had before, which appeased him somewhat, but not entirely.
            Sitting back in his chair, he templed his fingers beneath his chin.  “I believe there were a few points you neglected to mention about these transactions you’ve made.”  Lowering his hands he leaned forward in his chair.  “Such as the hundred pounds you offered to each woman who remains with me for a week.”
            “Well, you aren’t the easiest of men to be around at times, so I had to give them some incentive.  Besides, it’s only an additional fifty pounds to what you’ve already paid.”
            “That’s still a hundred pounds of my money!  Most of our villagers pay no more than seventy-five pounds a year in rent.  I hope you didn’t expect me to conjure up the funds through magic.  I doubt Her Majesty would appreciate enchanted currency floating about her realm.”

Though Dominic Westcroft suspects Serena has secrets she's not willing to share, he is determined to uncover the truth behind his young guest's deception, even if it means keeping the other women around as a ruse.
M/F, Shape shifting  wizards in Victorian England.

Read the first three chapters at: Deadly Enchantment

Available at NCP, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ARe

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#SatSpanks - 7/25/15 - Mortal Illusions - A Vampire Punishment - #Vampires #Paranormal

Show me an angry vampire, and I'll show you an unhappy mortal.

NOTE: Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.
My submission for this week is from my 1st book, Mortal Illusions. A vampire romance published by New Concepts Publishing, Mortal Illusions is currently the first in a series of 3 books.  Its sequel, Fatal Desire, is currently being revised.

When Claire Daniels discovers Germaine St. Justine is a vampire, she sets a plan in motion to convince him to cure her brother of AIDS.  Though an innocent in sexual relations, Claire is savvy enough to realize the best way to secure Germaine's support is to enter into an intimate relationship with him.  However, having a vampire take you to bed isn't quite the same as sleeping with the boy next door.  There are complications. And Germaine is dominant enough to add a few more Claire hadn't expected.

In this segment, Claire and Phillipa are witnessing the trial of Sybill, a mortal female accused of approaching another group for the purpose of requesting transformation.  A procedure which Germaine's group expressly forbids.  In addition, she was observed relating vampire activities to an outsider, and going so far as to encourage her companion to seek out the mortal constabulary. The vampire responsible for Sybill claims to know nothing about her illicit activities and effectively removes his protection, leaving her fate for Germaine's council to decide. However, when the men move in to tie the other woman down to keep her from hurting herself, Claire starts to get very worried and wants to intervene, but can only watch in horror while one of the vampires uncoils a length of clear tubing attached to a fluid-filled bag before he bends down to speak quietly into the restrained woman's ear.

            Shuddering lightly, Sybill shook her head.  His actions unhurried and exceptionally gentle, Auguste held Sybill's chin steady and slowly eased a two-inch needle into her neck.  Sybill gave out a small sound of pain, but held absolutely still until Auguste released her.  Standing again, he tapped the line with his forefinger and watched the crystal blue fluid track its way to the tiny valve half way down the long, plastic tube.
            “They're going to drug her with what's in that bag, aren't they?” Claire asked, not certain she believed her own eyes.  “What's it going to do to her?”

Claire is discovering just how different vampires are from mortals. Afraid she's fallen in love with a man who will only break her heart, she's about to learn how dangerous her position actually is.

M/F, Contemporary vampire romance in a society based on D/s.

Read the first three chapters at: Mortal Illusions

Buy the book at NCPAmazonBarnes & Noble or ARe.

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