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Kate and Peter from Acting Lessons are taking part in

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So come join the authors for this celebration and take a virtual holiday where love and romance rule supreme...

She tried picking up the pieces of her shattered heart, but couldn't do it alone.

He was a strict and demanding college professor who excelled at giving acting lessons.  She was his shy and uncertain former student who became a professional actress under his tutelage.  They fell in love, married, and won two Tony Awards before tragedy struck and a simple kiss ripped them apart.

Six months later, Peter Thorton decides to make his famous wife, Kate, an offer he knew she wouldn't refuse.  Plainly put, he wants her back and he intends to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal, even if it means giving his stubborn, willful leading lady a daily reminder over his knee that she had promised to obey him.

Although Kate agrees to meet Peter at her agent's New York office, she is far from ready to trust him. However, instead of the polite, distant stranger who'd let her spend the last two years of their marriage doing just as she pleased, she faced the resolute, dominant man she'd married.  The Peter Thorton who had insisted she get enough sleep, eat properly and cease her destructive habits, or pay the consequences for disobedience.

Hurt and angry, Kate is torn between tossing Peter's offer back in his face, and risking all by placing her shattered heart back under his tender, yet dominant care. Though she'd never admit it, Kate had gone terribly adrift without Peter's steady guidance. She'd felt anchored and protected within his safety net of limits and rules, and reassured by the loving discipline he offered. But another failure would destroy her.~


            He sighed, then firming his hold; he brought his hand down again for the seventh time.

            "What was that for?" she yelped as she arched back in protest.

            "Do you think I can't tell when you are only pretending to agree in order to placate me?"  When she didn't answer, he said, "I can keep this up all afternoon, Kate.  So, you'd best decide how long it's going to take before you'll accept I'm serious."

            She ground her teeth together.  Admittedly, she had goaded him with her jabs, but then she hadn't believed he'd carry out his threat.  He certainly hadn't followed through during the last years of their marriage, and yet he seemed different today.  More adamant, but concerned, too.  And, even though his arms restrained her, the firm touch of his hand sliding along her backside and thighs soothed her.  So, despite the precariousness of her position, she perversely enjoyed the attention.  She felt secure--and she hadn't been this content in a man's arms for a long time.

            None of that changed the fact she was still inwardly furious with him for spanking her in front of another person, but she had difficulty reconciling her righteous anger with the part of her that was purring in response to his dominant and possessive posture.  Her emotions were so jumbled and opposite each other, she was no longer sure what she wanted.

            Unwilling to fall into the trap of mistaking comfort for love, she turned her attention to gaining her release without the total loss of her pride.  Not an easy task by far.


            He expected a verbal reply to his question, but she didn't remember what he'd asked, so she posed a query of her own.  "Why are you doing this, Peter?"

            "Because I want you to hear me out, and your head was too full of arguments to listen.  I get your attention far more quickly when you're positioned this way."

            "I'll listen now," she answered on a sigh.

            "Yes, you will.  Because you understand the consequences if you don't.  But I'm still not letting you up."

            Fighting against tears and her own desire to be loved by this man again, Kate asked coolly, "So, what must I do to get you to let me go?"

            "Has it really been that long, Katie?"





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Kate and Peter were wealthy, famous and in love.  Then, tragedy struck and she demanded a divorce.  Now, he's offering her the lead in his production of Kiss Me Kate.  Except Peter's spankings won't just be for show.

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Guest Post - 5/6/22 - "Banished Box Set" by Anita Philmar #Paranormal #Shapeshifter #RomanticSuspense

Love can forgive many things and teach you to forgive yourself.


3 book box set – Banished Hero, Banished Scoundrel, and Banished Witch
Heat Rating: 4 flames

The oldest sister, who is now a witch, must convince her youngest sister to return home.

Fire danced in the cabin’s hearth as sage perfumed the cold air. The cloaked figure opened a ceremonial circle with a sprinkle of salt. The scraping of the straw-broom finished humming its mystical chant as the witch laid it near the altar. Mystical creatures on the carved box elicited her fingertips to trace the surface before placing it in the center of the circle. On opening, an array of magical treasures compelled her to cast the spell.

Freeing her spirit, she drew a deep breath, focusing her thoughts on a familiar subject; a young woman riding on the wind as a falcon. The image inspired a reminiscent smile that evoked admiration and misery. Each peek into her sister’s world revealed an untapped strength in a life of condemned servitude.

Fingering a long piece of twine, she strung it over the etched groove embedded in the floor before welcoming the watchtowers and elements. Trusting each item in the box, her confidence grew with the knowledge that each possess the power to answer her wishes. “For my altar, I offer these elements.”

Placing her colored candles in their sacred positions with each lighting, she thanked the gods. Dropping to her knees, she lifted the talisman, a hawk-shaped candle. Setting it on the floor, she chanted, “A fire hawk to bring its protection.” 

Slipping her hand under a shiny purple rock, she offered the gift as invocations whispered from her pursed lips. “Wisdom to come for my amethyst. Oil from a water creature held in an ocean shell to ease the tide of emotions from swimming in the world of dreams.” She set a seashell with a small vial of fish oil nestled in its center on the floor.

“And illumination shall come from the quill of a dove.” Throwing the feather into the air, she watched it float back into the circle.

The remote connection brought her sister’s painful aches and dark thoughts into a reality pulse, proclaiming the time has come for her sibling to move forward and return to the life that mishaps had thrown off course.

Agitated by her part in the girl’s perpetual abuse, the woman fought the regret building in her soul and centered her focus on the four elements on the floor. Having established the inherent bond that they shared in their youth, she lowered her head and nudged a message through her sister’s dark dream. “Wake up, little one! You need to go home. Mother needs your help.”

 This box set includes all three stories and can be purchased in either ebook form or paperback.

Pick up your copy today.

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About the Author:

Anita Philmar likes to write stories that push the limit. A writer by day, and a dreamer by night, she wants her readers to see the world in a new way. She enjoys creating situations within different cultures where anything can happen, and hot romantic moments come to life in a great read. 

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Guest Post - 4/15/22 - "Suspicions on the River" by PK Corey #Contemporary #DomesticDiscipline #Romance #NEBT


How has he gotten even more beautiful, more appealing and definitely sexier?


Cal went in, expecting to find Jenny in the kitchen. She wasn't there and a quick look around told him she wasn't in the house. Stepping back out, he noted that both her car and the bike were where they belonged.

"Jenny," he called. No answer. He trotted over to the small cabin where they'd lived comfortably until they'd gotten the house built. She wasn't there and Cal could feel his frustration and annoyance growing. He shouted for her again as he went back to the house and finally spotted her down on the dock. He quickly strode down the gently sloping hill to the river. Jenny stood with her back to him.

"Why didn't you answer me?" Cal asked.
Jenny ignored the question and continued to watch the river.
"You're starting to make me mad," Cal told her, trying to keep his voice calm. He came

around in front of her and held her shoulders so she couldn't turn away.

"Jenny, how on earth could you think for a minute that I'd be interested in another woman

when I've got you?"

       Jenny said nothing. After a moment, she looked up into Cal's face. Her face was grim and

unsmiling. Without giving any warning of her intentions, she punched him in the ribs with such force that he grunted and bent over slightly, grabbing his middle. Then, Jenny, still filled with intense anger, shoved him so hard that he landed in the water. She was nearly as surprised as Cal was with what she'd done. She spun and ran toward the house.

Cal was ready to explode as he sloshed from the water and ran toward Jenny. As he quickly caught up, he grabbed her, tossed her over his shoulder and continued toward the house with Jenny yelling at him every step of the way, "You bastard, son-of-a-bitch, mother-fu..."

Jenny received a hard swat, which cut off her cursing momentarily. With her still over his shoulder, Cal paused in the kitchen to grab a towel and dry his phone before heading to the bedroom. He took Jenny to the armless chair and quickly placed her across his lap. Her shouting and cursing had resumed.

He wasted no time pulling her shorts and panties down to her knees and began with such a harsh hand, Jenny was no longer able to shout but was nearly gasping for breath. Cal was angry but very much in control. After ten extremely hard swats, he paused.

"Are you ready to talk about this like two sensible people?" he asked.

Jenny was dangling over his lap, a spanking position she particularly hated. One hand was helping her keep her balance. With the other, she grabbed Cal's leg and pinched viciously.

Cal jerked his leg away. "Fine," he shouted. "I can go as long as you like!" 


Cal and Jenny have a nearly idyllic marriage. Could that be changing? Pat, Cal’s former lover, has moved back to town and she wouldn’t mind giving it another try with Cal. She feels he can’t be serious about this little twit he married so quickly. Pat feels that once Cal realizes she offers him a better option, he’ll choose her. But soon mysterious things begin happening to Pat. Is someone trying to run her out of town? Could that someone be Jenny? Cassie and the whole river family try to keep Jenny occupied and out of trouble, but suspicions just go from bad to worse. Both Jenny and Pat want Cal and they’re willing to fight for him. How dirty will this fight get?

Publisher's Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.

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About the Author:

I've been intrigued by spanking stories since before I first saw Ricky spank Lucy. Stories of this nature were hard to come by before the Internet and the ones I found were a little harsh on discipline and very much lacking in love. So, I made up my own stories and enjoyed these in my head for years. I finally began writing them down. Although the lovely women in my stories are spanked often, the love between them and their men is the most vital part of their lives together. 

I don't think of myself as a writer so much as a storyteller. I don't churn out books nearly as fast as perhaps my readers would like. My stories are told to me by my characters and I pass them along. I write what I've always wanted to read about - dominant men, strong women, intense love and loyal friendships. My Cassie's Space series is about a mature couple who are deeply in love. Despite adoring Cassie's free-spirited ways, Tom is determined to keep her safe, even if it takes a trip over his knee to do it. And with her friend and accomplice Sue by her side, a trip over his knee is very likely. The Cal's Law series is about a younger couple. Though from very different backgrounds, Cal and Jenny are drawn together by love and discipline. And my newest series, On the River, combines all my characters as they go about their lives on The Landing.

I was a school teacher most of my adult life. Now retired, I love having the time to write. I share a fulfilled life with my wonderful husband and my cat, Sophie. My adult children come around enough to keep us satisfied. Besides writing I spend my time reading and designing and unique, hand-drawing bookmarks. And I delight in hearing from my readers. You can contact me at

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Guest Post - 3/19/22 - "Banished Witch" by Anita Philmar #Paranormal #Shapeshifter #RomanticSuspense


Love can forgive many things and teach you to forgive yourself.


Entrusted with the monarch’s request to return a lost princess to her homeland, his commitment to the mission demanded results. But the personal cost of never holding the woman who owns his heart heightened the importance of the operation. So, whatever it took to achieve the goal... I’ll bring Danella home.

“Because you need relief.” Sinking onto his lap, the plush pressure of her bottom on his legs inflamed his need for sex.

Toying with the drawstrings on his shirt, she brushed her fingertips over his chest. “Shifting shapes builds a fire in your loins, and you haven’t fed the beast in a while.”

Unmercifully flirting with him, she wiggled her bottom across his growing erection.

Curious how she could know of his ability to transform unless she possessed the same skill, he curved a hand over her knee. “And what about you? Do you suffer from a similar problem?”

An intimate giggle broke between her lips before she widened her legs. “No one can ever accuse me of not taking pleasure wherever I can find it.”

“But can you shift forms?” Enticed by her silky skin, he glided his hand under her skirt and stroked her velvety inner thigh. Fighting the firestorm that touching her inspired, he studied her beautiful face, looking for a reaction to his touch.

“I’m a witch. I can accomplish many things.” Nudging the string on his shirt aside, her fingernails scored his chest before she combed her fingers through the hair and tweaked his nipples. “You’ll find sharing your passion with me is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.”

The enchanting tone of her voice sent wave after wave of energy through his system. But if this wasn’t Danella, then he needed to get back to his job and leave the witch alone.

Still, something about her...

“I must say, I’m tempted.” Wedging his hand deeper, he fought the insatiable fervor the creamy texture of her skin inspired. Driven onward by her response to his touch, he darted ever closer to her wet heat with each stroke until she moaned and rocked forward as if desperate for his next caress. Completely captivated, he struggled against the ravenous fire burning through his loins. “But I prefer a little more privacy when I stroke a woman.” 

Note from Anita: I am currently rewriting my books and plan to re-release a new book each month for the next few years. Welcome to the journey and I hope you join me for this exciting ride.


Enraged, Princess Danella of Ardenia risks leaving her homeland to warn her sweetheart of a discriminating new law against shapeshifters. He could be exiled for war crimes under this unlawful decree. 

Young and unprepared, her attempt is foiled when she is captured by a Finant; half elfin- half giant and sold to a formidable witch. Succumbing to dark sorcery, she finds she can use her new skills to protect her family and track down a traitor.

Burdened by the disappearance of his first love, Omar Mandel is in an endless search until a new lead develops. He rushes in for the rescue only to find a determine adversary who’s unwilling to return home. Fighting her unyielding refusal, he rekindles their youthful desires to uncover the source of her resistance... guilt, shame, and the knowledge of a treasonous plot. 

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About the Author:

Anita Philmar likes to write stories that push the limit. A writer by day, and a dreamer by night, she wants her readers to see the world in a new way. She enjoys creating situations within different cultures where anything can happen, and hot romantic moments come to life in a great read. 

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Guest Post - 3/11/22 - Banished Scoundrel by Anita Philmar #Paranormal #Shape-shifting #Romantic_Suspense


The twist road to redemption can lead to adventure but not without paying a heart wrenching price.


“By the female articles in the room, I’m assuming I’m not staying in here alone.” With a wicked smile, Jack lifted her sheer robe from the lounge.

Encourage by his comment, she grinned and shut the door. “Well, I’m hoping you won’t mind. With so many guests in the castle, some of us are forced to share quarters.”

Dropping the garment onto the cushion, he strolled forward with the prowling covertness of a stalker. Pictures flashed through her head of his predator skills in the woods—on a hunt.

Strong hands captured her waist before he tugged her close. “Do I receive any benefits for my sacrifice?”

Thrill to have him so close, she drew in his tantalizing scent of inflamed pheromones that ignited a hunger in her sexually deprived body. Excitement tempted her hands to slide under his jacket to the curve of his shoulders and slip his coat down his arms. “Like?”

Not releasing her for more than a moment, he rid himself of the garment, stepped closer and tugged her against his chest. “Like a taste of,” he leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck. “The luscious cream coating the lips of…” his tongue circled her ear. With a low moan, he whispered, “your hot pu… uh… female opening.”

Again, impressed with how he asked nicely before taking what he wanted, she panted, “I’d be more than happy to offer you whatever you want for your willingness to share.”

Strong hands gripped her ass, shoving her against his hard length. “Anything I want?”

Anticipation dotted her skin, making her wonder why men thought women didn’t want sex too?

“If it’s within my means to give it to you.” Rubbing her aching breasts against his chest, unable to deny his urgency for sex any more than she could wrangle with her own.

“Good, because I’ll demand a great deal.”


Known scoundrel Jack Avery, “Jacko” must earn the queen’s forgiveness by rescuing her missing daughter from the human world. His sources reveal Princess Noelani is being held by a powerful governor who likes a good game of chance. With twenty borrowed pieces of gold, Jack enters a high-stakes game. Only the lady he encounters is no princess. This pretty Kitty makes him want to hear her purr, but upped the risk of facing certain death for his sins. 

Under a memory spell, Kitty recalls nothing before a tormentor bought her and offered protection from assassins who would kill her for being a shapeshifter. But he enjoys demanding she morph, then refuses to allow her the sexual release she needs after transformation. However, the crafty card player she’s assigned to “entertain” reveals himself as a kindred spirit—a shapeshifter—and unravels the lies she’s forced to endure. 

Together, Jack and Kitty risk it all. The prize is freedom, forgiveness, and love. However, the price of failure… death. 

– Banished Scoundrel is a hot paranormal romantic adventure with a royal shapeshifter family. This longer novella guarantees a HEA with two other stories in the series.

– Second edition. Newly revised and edited.

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Note from Anita: I am currently rewriting my books and plan to re-release a new book each month for the next few years. Welcome to the journey and I hope you join me for this exciting ride.

Anita Philmar likes to create stories that push the limit. A writer by day, and a dreamer by night, she wants her readers to see the world in a new way. With the influence of her children’s sci-fi programs, she likes to play with diverse cultures and places where anything can happen. She enjoys bringing hot romantic moments to life in a variety of genre, such as historical westerns, paranormal suspense, and contemporary murder mysteries.