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#SatSpanks - 1/31/15 - A Dom's Dilemma - An act of submission #BDSM #Spanking

She needed his protection, except he insisted on her honest submission first.

Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  

My submission for this week is from my first BDSM novel, A Dom's Dilemma, published by Blushing Books.  I'm picking up exactly where we left off last time.

In this scene, Jim, a former Texan who works as a police detective by day and lives and plays as a Dom by night, is in the Velvet Chains BDSM medical station working with his new submissive, Kelly Franklin.  When Kelly balks, Jim suspects fear, rather than brattiness, is responsible for her reaction.  After giving her repeated opportunities to tell him what's bothering her, he decides to continue with his original agenda.  However, when Kelly discovers he intends to give her an enema, her fear increases exponentially, which validates his suspicions, but doesn't address Kelly's lack of trust or stubborn refusal to obey.  So, after reminding his reluctant sub what BDSM is about, Jim gives her an ultimatum.  Say her safe word or submit to his will.  Kelly agrees to do what he wants, despite the persistent inner voice urging her to run away.  Though Jim's purpose is not to humiliate or punish Kelly, her previous experience with medical BDSM was both embarrassing and painful, so despite Jim's extra care and patience with her, she's dreading the procedure.

          "Easy, sugar.  That's right.  Now another deep breath and relax.  Good." 
          God she really hated this, but he went out of his way to be considerate and gentle, so nothing he did hurt her.  Then the warm water started to ripple into her, and she gave a small jerk.
          "Easy, darlin'.  You're doin' real fine.  Take another breath for me, Kelly, and tell me how the flow is for you."
          "It's good, Sir."
          "You're sure?  I can adjust it to your comfort level."
          "No, Sir.  It's all right.  The water's warm, but comfortably so right now."
          "Very good, darlin'.  Okay, I'm lowerin' your covers now.  Better?"
          "Yes, Sir," she answered.  He'd been nothing but kindness and care personified, so she couldn't say why she was crying, but she was.  

Kelly has a past she's not willing to share with anyone, and enemas are a hard limit for her. Unfortunately, she adamantly refuses to say why, so Jim considers the procedure a necessity to ensure his new sub isn't concealing something that could make anal play dangerous for her. Though Jim's been trained and knows what to look for, withholding valuable information from a Dom is never a wise course of action for a sub to take.

M/F, Kinky happenings in rural Connecticut.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at A Dom's Dilemma 

Buy the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonARE

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#FriskyFriday - 1/30/15 - Acting Lessons - Trying to hide the evidence #KissMeKate #DD

Peter loved Kate with all his being, but that didn't mean he'd tolerate an ultimatum from her.

Welcome to another offering for Frisky Friday, where we hope you're getting as excited about the weekend as we are.

My submission for this week is from my 5th book, and newest release, Acting Lessons.

 He was a strict and demanding college professor turned professional director who excelled at giving acting lessons.  She was his shy and uncertain former student who became a professional actress under his tutelage.  They fell in love, married, and won two Tony Awards before tragedy struck and a simple kiss ripped them apart.

After a six month separation, Peter Thorton decides to take matters into his own hands by making his famous wife, Kate, an offer she wouldn't refuse.  Plainly put, he wants her back and he intends to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal, even if it means giving his stubborn, willful leading lady a daily reminder over his knee that she promised to obey him.

In this scene, which occurs at the beginning of Chapter Four, Peter Thorton is attempting to get his wife ready for a trip to a college camp ground in upper New York, where they will appear together in a summer stock production of "Kiss Me Kate." Kate has agreed to help Peter teach the drama students who have auditioned and been selected personally by him for the course he is teaching.    Kate isn't sure she can trust Peter with her heart again, since she believes he's been unfaithful to her, but she's never stopped loving him. And though Domestic Discipline originally played a part in their marriage, their last two years together had them living like polite strangers sharing the same house. Though things are far from perfect between them now, they are temporarily reconciled with one small problem.  After suffering two miscarriages, Kate is afraid to try again.  Afraid she'll fail.  Peter understands, but because they both want children, he doesn't want her using birth control, either.  Unfortunately, Kate doesn't agree.  However, hiding contraceptive sponges in her luggage isn't going to be as easy as she thought, especially when their motherly housekeeper Consuelo enters the room to check on her.

            "I thought we got everything packed yesterday, chica.  What did we forget?"
            "Nothing.  I decided I should spread my belongings out a bit more, in case I decide to bring something back with me."
            Consuelo frowned.  "All right.  You tell me where you want things, and I'll move them for you."
            "No," Kate blurted, wishing she had bitten her tongue.
            Consuelo put her hands on her hips.  "What are you trying to hide, chica?"
            Kate sat on the bed.  "I can't tell you."
            "Why not?"
            "Because if Peter ever found out, he might get angry enough to fire you."
            "If you are keeping something that serious from your husband, we need to talk."
            Kate groaned.  "Consuelo, I realize you only want to help, but--"
            "No.  You listen to me this time.  William has a list of things he needs to go through with Mr. Peter, so I don't expect him up here for another hour, and you need to hear what I've got to say before you spend five to six weeks alone with the man you married."
            Giving a nod, Kate suggested they sit at the table to talk.  Anxious about getting her boxes hidden, she didn't want to waste time chatting, but she refused to make the same mistake with Consuelo that she made with William.

Though Kate harbors some guilt about using a contraceptive against Peter's wishes, especially one that he could possibly ingest, she feels he has no right to dictate whether or not she can prevent pregnancyl. However, attempting to keep a secret like that, from a husband who's determined to ensure you take good care of yourself, carries its own risks.  And risks incur casualties.

M/F, DD and a staged production of Kiss Me, Kate.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Acting Lessons

Buy the book directly from Blushing Books

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Thoughtful Thursday - 1/29/15 - "Past Interference" - Why do authors write sequels? #CorbinsBend

Definition of a sequel:

A published, broadcast, or recorded work that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one.
synonyms: follow-up, continuation
        "the film inspired a sequel"
Something that takes place after or as a result of an earlier event.
"this encouragement to grow potatoes had a disastrous sequel some fifty years later"
synonyms: consequence, result, upshot, outcome, development, issue, postscript;

Given its definition, an author usually writes a sequel because there is more story to tell, and that's partially why I wrote Past Interference.  I did feel there was more of Jerry and Elly's story to tell, but more than that, I felt I left things "unfinished" between them.

To my mind, the abuse Elly suffered from her first husband was more than physical, it was deeply psychological to the point Elly began to doubt her own judgement.  I knew at the end of "A Simple Misunderstanding" that Jerry would propose at Christmas, and I knew Elly would accept because she loved and trusted him.  But then the old insecurities would begin to set in.  She'd made a mistake once. A bad mistake.  Who's to say she wouldn't do so again?  Though a part of her knows Jerry would never become the monster Arthur turned into, she believed Arthur had loved her, too, and she was wrong. Elly wants nothing more than for someone to tell her she's crazy for harboring such insecurities, but no one does, because Elly isn't crazy, she's scared. But the fear she suffers from can't be assuaged with a cup of hot tea and a cuddle.

The point is despite Jerry's protestations of love and affection, Elly has doubts that no number of words can allay, only actions.

Past Interference is a story of emancipation from fear, but the journey is not without pain.

Sometimes you need to let go of the past to move into the future

Valentine's Day in Corbin's Bend.  As Elly Benson readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage.

Though she's lived with Jerry Douglas for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, Elly's first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, until the day she vowed to love, honor and obey him.  And their move to Corbin's Bend turned him from the strict, but caring husband she thought she'd married into a monster she no longer recognized.


Though Elly has expressed her doubts to Jerry, she knows if they are to work things out she needs to be totally honest with him.

“You have a lot of supporters here, Elly, who wouldn’t hesitate to trounce me if I even considered mistreating you, which I would never do. No matter what. I love you with all my heart, and I don’t like seeing you unhappy or uncomfortable.”
Her heart understood; her mind still had doubts. “I know.”
“So, do you want me to call off the wedding?”
Lifting her head, she turned to meet his gaze and confessed, “Arthur used to punish me anally.”
She spoke quickly, as though saying the words fast would make the memories less painful. “He had a huge butt plug he would force into me, then he’d cane me so it would dig deeper and cause me more pain. When I was finally sobbing and begging him to stop, he would… He’d take me that way, too. I think he liked hearing me cry and beg. Making me do things I hated made him feel stronger, more powerful. My weakness gave him pleasure, even though he claimed it didn’t. I realize now that he got off on hurting me.”
“He was a sadist, who enjoyed anal play. That’s not unusual, but it helps explain why you’re so skittish when I take your temperature.”
Shaking her head, Elly admitted, “It didn’t feel like play to me.” Then she asked the question that made a part of her shrink in fear. “Will you want to have sex with me that way, too?”
“If I did, I would make sure it was an entirely different experience for you.”
She tried again, hoping he would give the answer she sought this time. “But once we’re married, will you insist I let you do that to me?”
“Insist we have anal sex? No. Persuade and coax? Probably.”
As a voice inside her head screamed in refusal, she whispered, “Except even the thought of trying scares me.”
“Good to know.”
Meeting his gaze, her throat grew tight with fear. “After we’re wed, I will no longer have the right to refuse you.”
He shook his head. “That’s pure hogwash. Your ability to say no won’t mysteriously disappear once we get married, Elly.”
Experience had taught her otherwise. “Legally, it will though. I will have promised to obey you. I can be punished if I don’t.”
“Sweetie, you can be punished now if you disobey me. That won’t change.”
She gaped at him. Why didn’t he understand? “But I haven’t promised anything, yet.”
“You think not?”
Marriage vows were sacred to her, and he treated them as if they held no significance. “Well, I haven’t.”
“The fact you’re living with me now, puts you under my authority, Elly. I’m still our HoH, and as such, that makes me responsible for your actions and you answerable to me as well as my rules. You understand what they are because we discussed them, and you’ve agreed with each one. None of that will change after we wed.”
Swallowing back her unease, she blurted, “But must I promise to obey you?”
He drew back with a frown. “Is that what this is about? Your vow of obedience?”
“In part,” she whispered.
“You think removing that single word from your vows will alter something between us?”
He nodded, then tapped her hip. “I think you should get up now.”
“Because I need to get back to work.”
“Jerry —”
“No, Elly. I want you to think about what you just said to me. You envision your avowal to do something you’re already doing now will affect me in some way. That I will make demands of you I wouldn’t even consider making now. I’d like you to give some thought as to why you suspect that might happen. Do you imagine me ordering you to your knees so you can fellate me? Or perhaps insisting you allow me access to every part of your body regardless of your wishes? If you believe your vow to obey will change me so dramatically I will no longer respect your thoughts and feelings, then I think we should call off the wedding, and you might want to find another place to live.”
Her eyes burned at his words. “Why?”
“Because as long as you suppose I’m capable of such disregard for you, I will never be able to convince you otherwise. No matter what I say or do. Now, get up please.”
His disappointment ate at her like acid. “Are you going to kick me out?”
“No. I’m going to go back to work where people have confidence in me to do what’s best for them and the animals I treat.”
“I’m sorry.”
“No, Elly. You’re not. This isn’t a punishable offense, but it is a deal breaker. I can’t build a life with you if you can’t trust me enough to protect and care for you.”
Shaking her head in denial, she said, “It’s not that, I —”
“Yes, it is. It’s exactly that. The very fact you think I could and would force you to do something against your will, because I expect you to obey me, indicates you don’t trust me. You might love me, and want to believe I won’t hurt you, but a part of your mind will always wonder when and if I will turn against you the way Arthur did. We can’t live that way. I can’t live that way. Now, please get up so I can leave.”
He couldn’t walk away if she refused to move, so Elly pressed against him. “No. I won’t.”
“Fine.” Without another word, he lifted her from his lap and set her down on the couch beside him. “I’ll be back in about an hour. Go ahead and lie down. I’ll fix dinner.”
With that, he turned and strode back to his clinic.

Due out: February 1, 2015

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#MFRWHooks - 1/28/15 - A Simple Misunderstanding - Sometimes the truth isn't pleasant #Corbin's Bend #DD

It's Book Hooks Wednesday!  Yay!  And I'm sharing another excerpt from my new spanking romance in the Corbin's Bend series, A Simple Misunderstanding.  It's sequel, which is included in the Love in the Rockies anthology is due out on February 1.

He came to her rescue when she needed him most, almost to lose her when she disobeyed him.

In this scene, which occurs near the beginning of Chapter Six, Eleanor Benson (Elly) is asleep in intensive care, recovering from surgery after she's been attacked by her husband.  Seated beside her is Gerald Douglas (Jerry) who feels responsible for Elly's condition.  He suspected she would get in trouble if her husband discovered her unapproved absence, and even called to remind her she should come to him if Arthur discovered her disobedience.  However, rather than show up at her home, as his conscience urged, Jerry honored her request to stay away, and now she suffered because of it.  Determined to never let her husband hurt her again, he remains posted at her bedside in ICU when his friend Brent calls to let him know he called Elly's husband to let him know where she was.

“I had to, Jerry. Legally, he’s her husband. He would have found her missing when he came home anyway, and I’d be the first person he’d seek out.”
“Got it.”
“He called the hospital.”
“And they wouldn’t put him through. Any idea why?”
“No clue. Did they give a reason?”
“He said he got the impression someone was spreading malicious rumors about him.”
“Really? That’s choice.”
“Jerry…. What did you tell them?”
“Only the truth, Brent. Only the truth.”


Jerry is determined to protect Elly from her abusive husband, but that means he first needs her to admit she has a problem, and that will be a difficult journey for both of them to take.

M/F Domestic Discipline in Colorado.


Though Arthur and Eleanor Benson have been practicing domestic discipline for three months since their wedding, he insists moving to Corbin's Bend, where domestic discipline is the norm rather than the exception, will revitalize their marriage. Elly has doubts, but since Arthur is the undisputed head of their household, they move. However, once Arthur becomes immersed in a community where spanking is not only permitted, but encouraged, his personality undergoes a dramatic change. Accusing his submissive wife of being lazy, disorganized and disobedient, he employs creative methods of pain and humiliation to mold Elly from the imperfect woman he married into the perfect woman he desires. And Elly finds herself a virtual prisoner in her own home, accountable only to the man who rules her life with a cane.

In his years as a vet, Jerry Douglas has seen what abuse does to animals, and he recognizes those same signs in Elly Benson during her daily escape to the dog park with her tiny poodle. Jerry steadfastly supports the tenets of domestic discipline and enjoys the freedom Corbin's Bend offers its residents, but he remains fiercely protective of anyone in need of a champion. And when he witnesses evidence of harsh handling, his instinct is to rush in and rescue. Problem is Elly Benson is a married and consenting adult who insists all her bruises and welts are nothing more than a simple misunderstanding between her and her husband, until the day Arthur Benson takes his authority and discipline one-step too far, endangering Elly's life.

How can you say "no" to this face?
A Simple Misunderstanding is available at the following locations.

I also have a page on my web site where I am offering a sample of the first three chapters. If you're interested, visit either the Spanking Romance or A Simple Misunderstanding page in the Over 18 section of my website.

A Simple Misunderstanding is currently the only full novel (vs. novella) in the Corbin's Bend line up, and it's receiving some excellent reviews on the Blushing site.

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#SPeekSunday - 1/25/15 - Mortal Illusions - An uneasy feeling #Vampires #Paranormal

For a vampire, love means watching someone you care about die.

Sneak Peek Sunday is a weekly excerpt hop where each author shares six paragraphs from a published work or a WIP (work in progress).

My submission for this week is from my 1st book, Mortal Illusions. A vampire romance published by New Concepts Publishing, Mortal Illusions is currently the first in a series of 3 books.  Its sequel, Fatal Desire, is currently under production.

In this excerpt, which is the beginning of the first chapter, Germaine St. Justine has sensed his former lover's pain and visits her in the hospital in an effort to ease her suffering.  After some gentle teasing combined with a soothing back rub, he gently bites her neck and draws out a few seconds worth of blood, then uses a hypodermic needle to withdraw blood from his arm.  Germaine adamantly refuses to make another vampire, but he doesn't want Marguerite to suffer.  Unfortunately, she wants more than he is willing to give, so to reassure her his affections haven't altered despite the many years they've been apart, he kisses her.  When Claire walks in to discover a stranger kissing her dying mother, she assumes the gentleman is up to no good and reacts accordingly.  Marguerite informs Germaine that Claire has set herself up as her personal watchdog--wanting to know what kind of treatments the hospital is giving her, along with all the other gory details about her care.  Germaine suggests Marguerite humors her daughter, by having her temperature taken again as he regards the young woman more closely.

            Perhaps it was the softer side he sensed in the young woman.  A vulnerable side she kept buried beneath her sharp tongue and brusque manner, the same way she sought to conceal her more feminine curves beneath the bulk of her fisherman's knit sweater and heavy wool jacket.  A jacket that she had yet to remove despite the warmth of the room.  Her slender fingers, gripped around the thin glass tube, bespoke a worried frustration that he suspected would never be voiced.  And her blue eyes, now narrowed in concentration, gave hint to a deeply sensitive and caring soul.  None of these things would be obvious to the casual observer.  But to him, they were silent beacons luring him toward dangerous, if not fatal, shores.
            He could see a lot that was her mother in her, and a lot that was not.  Though he was certain they had never met before, he couldn't quite shake the feeling he knew her somehow.
            "Ninety-eight point six," she announced, giving the thermometer a vigorous shake.  Even beneath that outwardly casual movement, Germaine's senses caught a subtle trembling.   Whatever was bothering Clarissa Danielson, she intended to keep it from her mother.  She returned the thermometer to its place on the chest, then scowled at the nearby lamp.  "Really, Mother, I don't see why you're suddenly against turning on the overhead lights."
            "Some eyes are sensitive to bright lights, dear, and I prefer a soft glow to the harsh glare of fluorescents."
            The gentle warmth in Marguerite's eyes told Germaine she had made the mandate for him.  Thank you, he replied mutely.
            "Well, it makes it difficult for the people here to tend you properly, and Harry's been receiving complaints all day from–"

Marguerite's feisty daughter tends to attack first and ask questions later, a trait that is going to get her into a lot of trouble.

M/F, Contemporary vampire romance in a society based on D/s.

Read the first three chapters at: Mortal Illusions

Buy the book at NCPAmazonBarnes & Noble, or ARe

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#SatSpanks - 1/24/15 - Arrested by Love - Sometimes the healing process is painful #DD #Spanking

He caught her speeding in a school zone and decided she needed to learn even civil disobedience could have very painful consequences.

Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when necessary.

My submission for this week is from my first spanking novel, Arrested by Love, published by Blushing Books.

  In this scene, near the beginning of the book, Kyle, a traffic patrol officer, has pulled over a young woman for speeding in a school zone.  Tiffany has been in love with Kyle since she was ten, so this isn't the first time she's faced the strict police officer because of some prank she's pulled.  It's not even the first time she's been caught speeding, which means she's spent a fair amount of time over his knees.  Even so, Kyle is prepared to let her go with a warning and a ticket until she propositions him.  

Angry, partly because he's tempted to accept her bribe, Kyle decides to offer her a choice. She can either spend a night in jail, or place herself over his lap and receive a harsh spanking for her reckless driving.  Though Tiffany agrees to Kyle's punishment, she's scared.  He's never been so strict with her before and she fears this spanking will be unbearable.  After he takes a moment to reassure her of his love, he orders her to lower her panties and raise her skirt.  Once Tiffany tearfully complies, Kyle insists she tell him why she is being punished, but Tiffany feels Kyle is being unfair, so she tries to plead her case.  Cutting her off, Kyle lays out his reasons for this punishment, then grimly sees to the task of following through.  However, he begins to wonder if he hasn't been too harsh when Tiffany lays like a limp rag across his knees. Concerned by the darkening color of her flesh, he decides to help reduce the inflammation by applying a balm that burns like the dickens when first applied.

            Kyle vacillated for about a second whether or not he should use the unguent, except he didn't like the way her flesh was turning an even deeper maroon as he watched.
            Knowing she was too weak to protest anything he did, he drew the bottle from his pocket, flipped its cap and poured a good-sized dollop of the lotion at the base of her spine, which he hadn't touched.  Tiffany gave a small jerk and he knew it was due to the chill of the liquid.  He could have warmed it first with his hands to lessen the shock, but the cool temperature of the balm helped to ease the pain.  Like an ice pack.


Kyle doesn't like the thought of hurting Tiffany, though he knows he has to if he's to make any progress in curbing her impulsive behavior.  And as a cop, he knows reckless driving can be lethal.

M/F, Sexy spankings in rural Connecticut.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Arrested by Love
Buy the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonBarnes & NobleARE

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#FriskyFriday - 1/23/15 - A Dom's Dilemma - A Dom's doubts #BDSM #Spanking

She needed his protection, except he insisted on her honest submission first.

Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to Frisky Friday.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  

My submission for this week is from my first BDSM novel, A Dom's Dilemma, published by Blushing Books.

This excerpt occurs after Master James and Kelly have spent an intense weekend together, and he is seeing her home.  Kelly doesn't want to leave him, but knows she has no claim on the Dom who's taken her under his wing.  However, she's not above taking advantage of a situation when it's presented to her, except Jim knows she's too sore to play.  So, he does what he can to make their parting as painless as possible, but once he leaves he gives careful thought to continuing their relationship.  Tallying up the pluses and minuses, he realizes he's the one primarily at fault for the problem they're having.  Except, he's at a loss as to how he can put things right between them again.

             He hadn't even been particularly sharp with her yesterday when she caved about the enema.  He'd just been a trifle cool, and that had been almost enough to reduce her to tears.  In a way he was pleased she was so attuned to his moods, as he sought to be with hers, but her heightened sensitivity worried him a little, too, which made that a plus with a minus.  So, perhaps he was the one with the problem, not she.
            He didn't want a sub who clung to his every word and frown, yet he wanted her to gaze at him as if he was the only person in her life that mattered.  Talk about confusing the poor girl.  And when she tried to put up a barrier in self-defense to hide her hurt, he refused to let her build it.  It was totally unfair of him to demand she be open and honest with him, then grow uncomfortable when she started to express her true feelings.
            He liked so much about her, especially her bad girl sense of humor, that his feelings were beginning to interfere with his role as her Dom.  He needed to decide what he wanted from her and stick to it.  And even though she sought a different relationship with him than he wished to offer, he couldn't fault her for thinking such a thing was possible.  He'd done nothing but encourage her fantasies through his actions.

Jim realizes after their intense weekend together, Kelly is likely to go through sub drop, and he hopes to lessen the impact a little by leaving her laughing and happy, and yet the Dom in him wonders if he's the right choice for her.

M/F, Kinky happenings in rural Connecticut.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at A Dom's Dilemma 

Buy the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonARE

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Guest Post - 1/22/15 - Rayanna Jamison - A Perfect Partnership #CorbinsBend #DD

The lovely Rayanna Jamison has dropped by today to share an excerpt from her newest Corbin's Bend book "A Perfect Partnership," which was released on January 14.  Drop by the Corbin's Bend Blog for an interview with Josiah on Tuesday, February 3rd.


Josiah Jefferson left the polygamist community he grew up in to make a new home in Corbin's Bend. He wanted to find the one  woman he could love and spank for the rest of his life. When a summer storm blows beautiful Lannea Paulsen into his life, he sees it as fate and never looks back.

Lannea Paulsen, better known as Laney to everyone but the stubborn Josiah, has had two goals since she moved to Corbin's Bend last year. Save enough money to buy half of The Ginger Paddle, the sushi restaurant she runs with her cousin, and find a strong dominant man who is willing and ready to take her in hand in every way possible.

When Laney puts the business in jeopardy, Josiah comes to the rescue. One thing leads to another and they find themselves in a tumultuous platonic  DD relationship. Sparks fly  as they both refuse to admit the depth of their true feelings. Will they settle for less than they desire or will they chase after everything they have ever wanted?


       Lannea stood on the Josiah’s doorstep, unsure of why she had come. It hadn’t been hard to figure out where he lived, and she need only look for the police car parked in a driveway where she hadn’t remembered there being one before. Not quite ready to knock, and still considering chalking her being here up to a temporary bout of insanity, she pulled her thin sweater jacket tighter around her body. It was unusually cool for late August, a remnant of last night’s storm.
       She stood there, shivering, more from nervousness than from cold and argued with herself. Am I really that desperate for a spanking? She asked herself.
       I must be, I’m here aren’t I? I should just go. She told herself, starting to turn away.
       No! You need this! You’ve needed this for a long time, and if the hot and charming although strangely naive cop is the only one seriously offering, then so be it. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
       She raised her hand to knock. A gift horse? I’m not sure this is a gift horse. We barely know the guy. He’s probably some creepy psycho serial killer, and the polite innocent act is all a ruse. She lowered her hand.
       Matt and Julie don’t seem to think so.
       She raised her hand again. This was ridiculous. Was she really standing here in the cold having an argument with herself? She was, and she was getting nowhere with it. Time to fish or cut bait. Which is it going to be? Unbelievable. She was still talking to herself. This had to stop. It was time to fish. Holding her breath, she knocked.
       Josiah answered quickly, and hot damn. He was shirtless, clad in only a pair of well-worn button fly Levi’s.  The uniform did not do him justice, she realized. The breath she had been holding came out in a stunned whoosh. Who cares if he turns out to be a psychotic serial killer? You’re going to let him spank you, right? Right? I mean, what a way to go!
       “I assure you, I’m not a serial killer of any sort, psychotic or otherwise.”
       Her eyes widened, and she felt herself turn purple. She had said that out loud? Oh my god. Kill me. Just kill me right now, she thought to herself, careful not to speak aloud this time.
       “But, I will spank you, if that’s what you decide you want.”
       Frozen in place from the utter humiliation of even being there in the first place, she raised her eyes to meet his. She saw only humor, and kindness, and that effortless charm of his that was going to be the death of her. “I-I don’t know what I want. I don’t even know why I’m here.”
       “Fair enough. Why don’t you come in? I was just about to try some of that wine that was in the welcome basket. Would you like a glass?”
       Her brain went numb at the mention of the welcome basket. Josiah had one? Well, of course he did. Which meant he also had…the Corbin’s Bend paddle.  It was the very object of all her dreams and fantasies. Her throat went dry. Would he want to use it on her? Would she let him?