Handmade jewelry by Kathryn available for sale
I love to make things. Things, not food, so I'm not into cooking, but I enjoy Crewel work and making promo items and now jewelry. So, in the holiday spirit, I made several pairs of earrings with the intention of selling them on eBay. However , since I'm a new vendor, eBay has reduced me to selling no more than nine total, either nine separate items with a quantity of 1 or one item with a quantity of nine (or several items as long as the total quantity does not exceed nine). I have made many, many more than that, so I thought I'd share some of my items here via my Pinterest page (including multiple Christmas-themed items in case you're interested in getting a head-start on this year-yeah, I'm not late, I'm early!).

I primarily sell earrings that are season/holiday related. Right now I'm working on Summer and Fall, but I'll be adding more Christmas goodies to the list soon. It almost takes as long to get a good photo and write up a description as it does to make them.

If any appeal to you, I can accept Payment via Paypal,and if you wish to purchase any items not currently available on eBay, I can offer a 10% discount if purchased through my site. I will be adding photos daily, so please check back.

Below are some sample photos and prices as well as the link to my Pinterest Page.

I will ship first class (1-3 workdays) free to the USA only, and will offer expedited shipping (Priority Mail Express/Guaranteed Overnight) for $25.00 extra.

KRB Fashions on Pinterest

KRB Fashions on eBay

The items below have a full description on my Pinterest page. Since I can't sell them on eBay, I will offer them on my site at a 10% discount.

Please visit: KRBFashions at

Pearl Angel Pierced Earrings with Rhinestone Halo and Golden Wings - $10.00
Pearl Angel Pierced Earrings with Rhinestone Halo and Silvery Wings - $9.00

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