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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Guest Post - 12/18/14 - Interview with John Henry from Cowboy Mail Order Bride by Angela Sargenti #SpankingRomance

Today we have a special treat.  John Henry Morgan who's the hero in Angela Sargenti's Mail Order Bride has stopped by to fill us in on why he believes Domestic Discipline is essential to a happy marriage.  Though John Henry is a self-made man with a few rough edges, he's here to do some plain talking.  So, set your feet up, grab a drink and rest a spell while John Henry regales us with his wisdom.

Welcome, John Henry.  Out of curiosity, what made you decide to get a bride through mail order?
There ain’t a lot of single women in Ryder’s Gulch, and the ones that are there don’t appeal to me.  When I got that first letter and the picture of Eleanor, I knew I’d like her.  What I didn’t know is how much I’d really come to love her.  I couldn’t imagine my life without her now.

You liked her, and yet you warned Eleanor in your early communication that you discipline with spankings.  Why did you do this before you even met her?
I believe in being up front and honest in my dealings with people.  I didn’t want her to feel like she was tricked into making that long train journey and was stuck with me.  I wanted her to know what she was getting into and do it of her own free will.

I think it was decent of you to be honest up front with a woman you hadn't yet met.  What was the first thing you noticed about Eleanor when you first saw her?
Her tiny little waist.  She has the kind of shape a man like me enjoys.

So, was Eleanor the sort of woman you thought you'd be marrying?
She’s a whole lot sassier than I bargained for, but she stands her ground when she really believes in something and I like her all the better for it. 

So, even though you like her standing up for her beliefs, if they challenge your authority, you spank her.  Eleanor is your wife.  Why do you believe hurting her through a spanking will help your relationship?
I believe a man should be the head of his household, and I think it makes things easier if everyone knows what’s expected of them and what’ll happen if they fall out of line.  I believe there ought to be consequences for bad behavior, don’t you?

So, did you give Eleanor a set of rules she needed to follow?
I don’t give her rules.  I give her warnings.  If she keeps on misbehaving after that, she gets a spanking.

Which warning do you think Eleanor has the most difficulty following and why?
I’m telling you, that woman has the hardest time watching her sassy little mouth.

Since Eleanor has a hard time watching her sass, do you believe in spanking her simply to set the tone (as in maintenance or preventive spankings) versus spanking only for punishment or pleasure?
I only did a preventive spanking the one time when we were getting to know each other.  I wanted her to know I meant business.  I don’t think she needs maintenance spankings now.  She’s a pretty good girl, my Eleanor.

If she's so good, why did you choose to spank her before you consummated your marriage?  Did you think at all about her feelings before you took this action?
I’ve spanked women before, and it sort of softens them up to be spanked.  Besides, I figured she’d be dying of curiosity about it by then, and decided to go ahead and give her a full taste of what marriage was going to be like.

Aren't you worried at all that you might seriously hurt Eleanor during one of your punishment sessions?
No.  I’m not worried about that, because I only spank her bottom.  I never heard tell of anyone dying of a simple spanking.  Besides, she ain’t as frail as she looks.

Eleanor might be a strong woman, but your hands are rough from working the ranch, so why would you use an implement to punish her rather than your hand?
I want her to know the difference between a spanking for pleasure and a spanking for discipline.  Besides, she only gets the belt or a paddle when she’s done something pretty bad, like the time she got me bit by that rattlesnake.

Okay, I think we'll leave John Henry here.  Rattlesnake bites can be fatal, so Eleanor probably deserved that punishment, rough hands or not.


Eleanor's parents passed away unexpectedly, leaving her penniless. Fearing she had no other options, she accepts an offer of marriage from a wealthy rancher. She agrees to travel out west and become his bride, but part of that agreement means she must subject herself to his discipline.

John Henry Morgan expects his new bride to be an obedient wife, but soon finds the headstrong Eleanor taking his home--and his heart--by storm.

Can the impetuous Mrs. Morgan abide by her new husband’s rules and make him a comfortable wife, or will she lose him to his former lady friend, Miss Lou Anne Franklin?


            “I’m sorry I’m ill,” I told him, probably for the fourth time.
            “Don’t you worry about that, darlin’.  I’ll have you home in no time.”
            Thankfully, he’d brought his coach, a fine landau with the top up, instead of an open wagon.  He helped me inside and jumped up on the running board to tell his coachman to spring the horses.  
            We broke off the main road through town and took a dusty country road.  John Henry held my hand during the entire drive home, talking to me in a gentle, loving voice.
            “I’ll have them make you a posset when we get to the ranch,” he told me.  “That should fix you up in a quick hurry.”
            “Is it far?”
            “Not very.  About three miles.  With a team like mine, we ought to be there in just over fifteen minutes.
            Just then, another tumbleweed rolled past and the horses tried to shy, but John Henry’s excellent coachman held them steady.  As the dust cleared, the ranch came into view. 
            It looked rather rustic and weathered, but well kept-up.  It was bigger than I expected, the main part of the house constructed of logs, with a two-story wing made of stone attached.  I envisioned window boxes and geraniums, and a smart new knocker on the door.  We pulled up around back and stopped.
            “Well, Mrs. Morgan,” said my husband, jumping down to hand me out.  “Welcome to your new home.”

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About the Author:

Angela is the author of the zombie blog, After Old Joe. She has penned dozens of erotic and horror stories and has written for such anthologies as BDSM, Sex Toy Stories 2, and The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales.  The Cowboy and the Mail-Order Bride is her second novel with Blushing Books.  You can stalk her at or on twitter at

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#MFRWHooks - 12/17/14 - Acting Lessons - Do you trust me? #KissMeKate #SpankingRomance

Splendorous things can happen when the mind and body are in tune.

This material is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). If you’re not over 18, please explore elsewhere.

Welcome back to Book Hooks, a regular Wednesday feature! In this blog loop, we hope to provide you with some tantalizing tidbits in our books.

My submission for this week's Book Hooks is from my 5th novel, Acting Lessons.

He was a strict and demanding college professor turned professional director who excelled at giving acting lessons.  She was his shy and uncertain former student who became a professional actress under his tutelage.  They fell in love, married, and won two Tony Awards before tragedy struck and a simple kiss ripped them apart.

After a six month separation, Peter Thorton decides to take matters into his own hands by making his famous wife, Kate, an offer she wouldn't refuse.  Plainly put, he wants her back and he intends to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal, even if it means giving his stubborn, willful leading lady a daily reminder over his knee that she promised to obey him.

In this scene, which occurs in chapter six, Peter Thorton has just finished giving his wife, Kate, a relatively mild spanking for defying his instructions, and is preparing to make love to her for the first time in over two years.  Peter adores Kate, but he's not above teasing her a little before giving her what she wants and needs as he gently nibbles her into a writhing mass of desire.  However, given her injured knee, he also wants to ensure nothing they do aggravates her torn meniscus, so he gently restrains her when she tries to counter-thrust against his pleasuring.  Keeping his hand on her thigh as a reminder, he warns her if she moves, she'll get a swat, then he makes love to her.  Since they haven't been together for nearly six months, Peter enters Kate slowly to give her body time to adjust.  However, when she wraps her legs around his waist, she gets a smack and a warning.

          Though the rebuke had been mild, Peter's displeasure caused Kate's eyes to fill.  He shook his head and stroked her cheek. "You can do this, darling, and it will be just as good if not better for you.  Do you trust me?"
            "Yes, of course, but--"
            "Kate, there shouldn't be a 'but' in that sentence.  Either you do or you don't."
            "I trust you."

Peter is finally where he belongs, and now that he's there, he has no wish to leave, but Kate's well being always comes first.
M/F, DD and a staged production of Kiss Me, Kate.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Acting Lessons

Buy the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonAmazon UKBarnes&Noble

Blushing Books caters specially to those who love spanking stories in all genres.  So, if you enjoy stories with characters who have their bottoms warmed on occasion, for a variety of different reasons, I urge you to pay them a visit. Blushing Books.

Thanks for visiting.  Now go visit the other authors participating in Book Hooks

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Guest Post - 12/16/14 - Patricia Green and Rescued by the Spy - #SciFi #EroticRomance

I am delighted and proud to present my good friend, Patricia Green, who has dropped by to discuss her latest release "Rescued by the Spy."  In this space thriller, Nina Stanley is kidnapped and kept as a sex slave by a man who is as evil as he is ugly.  But, before we delve into the land of Legeia, I want to ask my good friend a personal question.

Trish, this year has been a hectic one for you, but through it all you've had your best friend encourage and support you.  Would you tell us a little about this outstanding person in your life?
* * * * * * *
My best friend, far and away, is my husband. He's a wonderful, brilliant man, with a heart of gold. His job is to write, edit, contract for, and represent (on TV and radio) studies on energy and natural resource topics. He is the senior director at the think tank he works for. Ken holds a doctoral degree in Environmental Science and Engineering.

Because he's both a writer and an orphan, we have a lot in common. Even after 20 years together, we can still talk for hours on a variety of topics. I can tell him anything and he listens. His opinions matter to me and I take them seriously.

We're not all about seriousness and intellectual pursuits. Ken has a fabulous sense of humor. He always knows how to make me laugh. I think that's one of the most valuable traits in a friend.

I'm very lucky to have him in my life, and I strive to always give back as much as I get.
* * * * * * *
And Ken is very lucky to have you as well.  Now on to Nina and Michael's story....

Can an undercover spy save the women he loves without blowing his cover?
SF Erotic Romance


“Let’s pull a couch over to the very center of the room, so we can all watch,” Laricon suggested, malicious glee glinting from his eyes. The room was quickly rearranged.

Michael stood at the foot of the couch in the center and looked over at Nina where she stood, just below Laricon’s dais. Their eyes met for a moment. Is there compassion there? No. Impossible. She was panicked and nearly frantic so she tried to take comfort in the possibility he was more like himself from their time before, rather than being a heartless monster of the Ligeia settlement.

“Crawl over to your ‘boyfriend,’ my dear,” Laricon said icily. “On hands and knees, that’s right. You’re a lithe pet cat about to do a sexy trick for her loving master.”

Nina crawled, sobbing and sniffling, her eyes pleading with Michael as she approached. Please don’t add to my humiliation. Please.

“You’re a lucky bitch,” Michael said, loud enough for all to hear. “Go ahead, get up on the couch and do it.” He bent down to motion to her, whispering in her ear. “Pretend it’s just you and me, Nina. You can do it. You’re so beautiful and passionate. Show me, sweetheart.”

Confused at his duplicitous behavior, Nina pushed her shame aside for the moment. She nodded slightly and got up onto the couch. Horribly degraded and humiliated, she didn’t know just what to do.

Michael locked eyes with her. “Show me your trick, pretty girl,” he said, his voice low and smooth, so soft that no one but she could hear. “Show me how to please you. I want to know your pleasure.” Although she hesitated, Nina knew what he was asking of her, so she lifted a hand to her breast and began to stroke her nipple. The other hand followed suit, and her nipples peaked. 

“That’s right. It must feel good. Get them nice and stiff. I won’t forget. What else feels good?” She put a finger in her mouth, wet it, and then stroked a hard nipple while her free hand moved over her belly and hips gently. “Yes, I see, you like kisses on your mouth and pretty nipples. Your nipples are so tight now, they must be anxious for more. Show me, sweetheart, show me what more.”

Michael’s gray eyes were locked on hers, creating their own little sphere of privacy. Nina grasped at that glimmer of compassion as though it were a life raft.

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A spy working for the Solarian Federation...
Michael O'Malley is undercover in a sting operation against Jerold Laricon, a man with Machiavellian social restructuring schemes and a desire for world domination.

Kidnapped and kept as a sex slave...
Could there be a worse time for Nina Stanley, O’Malley’s old flame, to show up in Ligeia as a kidnap victim? Sure, he wants to save her, but his job is to crush Laricon's slave trade and vicious rise to power.

The young and beautiful "spare"...
Muddying the waters is Michael’s need to fit in and partake of the succulent fruits on Laricon’s human slave tree--including Alyssa, a willing sex slave he's forced to take as his own. Now he has two women counting on him, and the fate of a world.

Nina's goal is to get out.
No matter what it takes. Nina is appalled by what she experiences in Ligeia at the hands of the evil Laricon, but what if the price of her freedom is Michael's life? Can she live with herself if that happens?

About the Author:

Bestselling author, Patricia Green, is a full-time fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She provides the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. Patricia is the author of more than 20 published novels and novellas as well as an ever-growing collection of short stories.

In her personal life, Patricia is married and the mother of twins. When she’s not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to read, crochet, knit and watch hockey and baseball.

You can reach Patricia Green in the following ways:
Email: pig (at) patriciagreenbooks (dot) com
Twitter: @PatriciaIGreen

Monday, December 15, 2014

Guest Post - 12/15/14 - Ines Johnson and The Pleasure Hound Part I @ineswrites #polyamorous

Ines Johnson dropped by to talk about her newest release, The Pleasure Hound Part I and answer some questions.  So, have a seat, put your feet up and join us.

How long did you write before you were published?
I went to school for producing and screenwriting, and worked in the broadcasting industry for over a decade, before trying my hand at novel writing. I wrote my first novel in 2009. It was based off a script that I wrote but couldn’t find the financing for. I was so proud of my work, but readers and critique partners noted that it was evident that I was a screenwriter and didn’t understand the mechanics of novelization. Screenwriting consists of action and dialogue. That’s it. In scripts, there is no internal monologuing and setting is minimal. I had some learning to do. Five years, and a ton of classes later, I’m finally making my debut with a novel lush in setting and internal angst.

How long did it take you to write your current book?
The first time I tried to write a book it took me one year to write the first three chapters because I agonized over each word choice. Now, I believe in fast drafting. Vomit the story onto the page without a care for comma placement. All told, it takes me about six months from the first drafted word to the final polished manuscript.

I take three to four weeks for the first draft, which I call The Dirty. I let The Dirty breath for as long as I am able to be parted with it -usually a week or two. Then I come back and Sweep up the grammar and plot holes, which usually takes another three to four weeks.

Next I send The Swept draft out to my trusted critique partners. When it comes back I Clean it up for another three weeks focusing on my weaknesses which is setting. Finally, I send The Clean manuscript off to the copyeditor for two to three weeks. When it comes back I Polish up all the commas and rethink my overused words. Then I hit publish, and start all over again!

What genres do you write besides romantic erotica?
I write romantic erotica, paranormal romance, and fairy tale retelling romance novels. Notice the romance in each genre. I began writing YA, but realized my love scenes were too hot for teens!

Image Credit: Yocla Designs & Shutterstock

What or who inspired your main character?
Last year, I was given an ARC of Kele Moon’s paranormal, menage romance, “The Queen’s Consorts.” I’d never read a polyamorous story before, where not only did the men fall for the heroine, but they fell for each other as well. I craved more of this world, but couldn’t find anything to satisfy my needs. So I wrote my own.

“The Pleasure Hound” is a polyamorous romance set in a dystopian future where a young monk is given the chance to redeem himself from scandal when he is called upon to train a young woman and her two bonded mates in the orgasmic arts. But what starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when the monk’s heart begins to yearn for the woman, and hers for his.

Are you a plotter or pantser?
I love plotting. Its my favorite part of writing. I love to go into Scrivener and use the Outline tool to plan the journey of my characters. I can recite just about any plotting structure you can think of. The Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat, Romance Arc, Relationship Arc...I could go on.

Where do you write?
I do my best writing at hightop tables where I can alternately sit or stand while typing on my laptop. A cup is a must. My favorite is soy chai, sweetened with honey.

When do you write?
I write best in the morning from 8am until lunchtime. Nights are reserved for reading.

What is the most you have written in one day?
The most I’ve written in one day is 4551 words. How do I know that? Because I keep a log. I record what plot point I was writing, where I wrote, what time I started writing, how long I wrote, and my word count.

I typically Fast Draft with a friend; a competitive friend. I recommend writing along with competitive people. It forces you to get the words out. I also believe in incentives and I give myself stickers when I meet my word count -a trick I learned stalking Laini Taylor’s blog.

What are you currently reading?
I’m reading a nonfiction book called “Sperm Wars: The Science of Sex” by Robin Baker. The title reveals the subject matter. Its about what goes on inside a fertile woman’s body. Did you know that less than 1% of sperm is designed for fertilization of the egg? There are Terminator sperm that engage in warfare with enemy sperm from the Part-Time Lover. Its fascinating! Its research for my current WIP.

How did you come up with your title?
I was up one night watching HBO’s after dark programing. On show called “Cathouse,” one of the ‘working girls’ captivated me. She looked like a kindergarten teacher, not anything like what I’d imagine a hooker to look like. She said that she was a “pleasure hound,” and she could sniff out pleasure wherever it might be. The phrase stuck in my head for years.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
I’m obsessed with Ernessa T. Carter. Her book “32 Candles,” is an 80’s fairytale retelling for women of color.

What are your current projects?
There are so many stories in my head begging to get out. I’ve drafted the second Pleasure Hound Book, and will shortly begin working on the third. I’m drafting the series bible (that may be a television term) for my fairytale retellings where all the heroines are single mothers getting a second chance at love. And, waiting in the wings is my paranormal debut, which is an ode to the sun.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Just in time for Disney’s new Cinderella movie, I’ll be releasing my debut fairytale retelling in March. Its called “Pumpkin: a Cindermama story.” Here’s the blurb:

Single mother Malika “Pumpkin” Tavares lost faith in fairytales after she fell for a toad. Now she believes she’s not cut from the storybook, heroine cloth and searches for Mr. Good Enough amongst the sidekicks and supporting men of the town. Love at first sight isn’t a cliche for town royalty Armand “Manny” Charmayne because for generations the Charmayne’s have spotted their soulmates be seeing a golden aura around them the first time they laid eyes on them. When Manny meets Pumpkin he sees…nothing, but sparks fly off the richter scale. The more he gets to know her the more he considers defying fate, if only he can convince her to take a chance on love again.

Who designed your cover?
I worked with an amazing designer named Clarissa Yeo at Yocla Designs. I gave her a vague idea. She read my mind and made magic.

What starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when a monk falls for a young woman under his tutelage.


"Will you pray with me, Lady Chanyn?"

Jian led her to kneel before the bed. Hands still clasped, he closed his eyes and began to speak in that melodic tone of souls.

"Maternal Goddess, I seek your presence as I align myself with one of your sacred daughters.
I offer my body as a vessel of your will and your grace.

The desire of my heart is pure and known to you.

I wish to please your daughter and garner your favor.

The miracle that pleases a woman and creates life is of your design, Divine Goddess.

With great anticipation, I align all of the energy systems of my body, my soul, and my mind with you.

I give thanks in advance for your blessings of this experience, and know that I walk in the light of your sun, and the fertility of your earth.


The monk remained motionless for a moment, still holding her hands lightly. Chanyn felt energy humming between them.

She ceased to breathe while Jian recited his prayer. When he opened his eyes, she said. "I've never heard a prayer like that. Do you believe all of it?"

"Every word." Jian helped her rise to her feet. "Would you lie back please, Lady Chanyn."

Chanyn stiffened. Though she found this soft-spoken monk easy on the eyes and a delight to the ears, she wasn't quite ready to open her body to him. "What are you going to do to me?"

His still-water eyes pooled. "What I just promised the Goddess. I will please you."

Heat coursed through Chanyn's body. She glanced down at the bed and then back to Jian. He let go of her hands and took a seat on the bed, waiting patiently for her to follow suit. She sat down slowly, her heart racing. A throb arrowing between her legs.


Five hundred years after mankind ravaged the earth, women grasped the reins of the planet and set the world aright.

Chanyn grew up in isolation in the ruins of the Great Destruction. All her life she’s wanted to find her one true love. When she encounters the dashing Lord Dain, with his kind eyes and pure heart, she believes her dreams of love are finally coming true. Until she meets with the roadblock that is her betrothed’s bondmate.

In a world where men outnumber women ten to one, Khial never thought he’d have to contend with a woman entering his bond. He gave his heart to Dain when they were just boys and has been by his side every day in sickness and health. These days it's mostly in sickness as Dain’s health deteriorates. Though his attraction to Chanyn increases with every encounter, Khial can’t help but resent the young woman who comes into his love story to play the hero, but marriage to her may be the only way to save the man he loves.

To prepare Chanyn for her union with the two males, Lord Dain hires a Pleasure Hound, an ancient order of monks tasked with instructing new husbands, who have little to no contact with women, in the art of female pleasure. Years ago a scandal left the Temple of the Pleasure Hounds near destitute. The young monk responsible for the scandal is given a chance to redeem himself and the temple when he is called upon to train the bonded triad in the orgasmic arts. What starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when the monk’s heart begins to yearn for Chanyn, and hers for his.

Amazon Purchase Link:

ISBN: 9780990922827 AISN: B00OYU2CYO

Ines Johnson
About the Author:

Ines writes books for strong women who suck at love. If you rocked out to the twisted triangle of Jem, Jericha, and Rio as a girl; if you were slayed by vampires with souls alongside Buffy; if you need your scandalous fix from Olivia Pope each week, then you’ll love her books!

Aside from being a writer, professional reader, and teacher, Ines is a very bad Buddhist. She sits in sangha each week, and while others are meditating and getting their zen on, she’s contemplating how to use the teachings to strengthen her plots and character motivations.

Ines lives outside Washington, DC with her two little sidekicks who are growing up way too fast.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

#SPeekSunday - 12/14/14 - A Simple Misunderstanding - Draft

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He came to her rescue when she needed him most, almost to lose her when she disobeyed him.

Welcome to the Sneak Peek Sunday, where we share six paragraphs from a published novel or a work in progress.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.

This week's excerpt is a sneak peek from my fourth spanking romance, A Simple Misunderstanding, which is the seventh book in the Corbin's Bend series.  I hope you enjoy it.

In this scene, which occurs near the beginning, Eleanor Benson (Elly) has some exciting news she wants to share with Gerald Douglas (Jerry).  She's seen Jerry in the dog park on an almost daily basis since she and her husband moved into Corbin's Bend, but only started opening up to him a few days ago.  As the Corbin's Bend vet, Jerry has expressed an interest in Elly's dog, Muffin.  His calm, steady manner soothes Elly's wounded spirit, and the fact his observant eyes seem to notice more about her than she'd like both attracts and frightens her.  All the same, he's the first person she thinks of when she has news to share.  So, she heads over to the dog park with her toy poodle, Muffin, in the hope he'll meet her there.  He does.  Excited, she tells him she had three women visit her that morning.  Wanting to hear more, Jerry sits on a nearby bench and pats it to indicate she should sit next to him.  Since she's still too sore to sit on a slatted wooden bench, Elly attempts to change the subject.

“But your receptionist seemed so established and organized. I’d assumed you’d been here for years.”
“No. Now tell me why you can’t or won’t sit beside me.”
She sighed, more than a tiny bit irritated with him. He already knew the reason, he just wanted her to say the words, and she didn’t want to. “We’re in Corbin’s Bend, Jerry. Why do you think?”
One eyebrow rose at her tone. Okay, despite his friendly and playful manner, the man was still a top, and her response had been rude. “Sorry, but the answer is sort of obvious. I mean, the inability to sit is hardly viewed as an unusual occurrence around here, is it?”
“Depends. For some it can happen occasionally, I’ll grant you. For others, however, a sore bottom appears to be a permanent condition, and part of me is tempted to check and ensure you don’t require medical attention.”
After taking a quick step back, which put her out of his reach, Elly held her position. She didn’t want to leave. Not, yet. “Everything’s fine. I’m only a little sore. It’s nothing. Can we talk about something else, please?”


Jerry already suspects Elly's husband is harsher with her than he should be and wants to help her, but he is unable to intervene until Elly can admit she and Arthur are having problems.

M/F Domestic Discipline in Colorado.


Though Arthur and Eleanor Benson have been practicing domestic discipline for three months since their wedding, he insists moving to Corbin's Bend, where domestic discipline is the norm rather than the exception, will revitalize their marriage. Elly has doubts, but since Arthur is the undisputed head of their household, they move. However, once Arthur becomes immersed in a community where spanking is not only permitted, but encouraged, his personality undergoes a dramatic change. Accusing his submissive wife of being lazy, disorganized and disobedient, he employs creative methods of pain and humiliation to mold Elly from the imperfect woman he married into the perfect woman he desires. And Elly finds herself a virtual prisoner in her own home, accountable only to the man who rules her life with a cane.

In his years as a vet, Jerry Douglas has seen what abuse does to animals, and he recognizes those same signs in Elly Benson during her daily escape to the dog park with her tiny poodle. Jerry steadfastly supports the tenets of domestic discipline and enjoys the freedom Corbin's Bend offers its residents, but he remains fiercely protective of anyone in need of a champion. And when he witnesses evidence of harsh handling, his instinct is to rush in and rescue. Problem is Elly Benson is a married and consenting adult who insists all her bruises and welts are nothing more than a simple misunderstanding between her and her husband, until the day Arthur Benson takes his authority and discipline one-step too far, endangering Elly's life.

A Simple Misunderstanding is available at the following locations.

I also have a page on my web site where I am offering a sample of the first three chapters. If you're interested, visit either the Spanking Romance or A Simple Misunderstanding page in the Over 18 section of my website.

A Simple Misunderstanding is currently the only full novel (vs. novella) in the Corbin's Bend line up, and it's receiving some excellent reviews on the Blushing site.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed this brief excerpt and want more. Please click the link below to continue your hop Sneak Peek Sunday Wishing you a wonderful journey.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

#SatSpanks - 12/13/14 - Mortal Illusions - A cure for desire #Vampires #ParanormalRomance

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Show me an angry vampire, and I'll show you an unhappy mortal.

NOTE: Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  
My submission for this week is from my 1st book, Mortal Illusions. A vampire romance published by New Concepts Publishing, Mortal Illusions is currently the first in a series of 3 books.  Its sequel, Fatal Desire, is currently being revised.

When Claire Daniels discovers Germaine St. Justine is a vampire, she sets a plan in motion to convince him to cure her brother of AIDS.  Though an innocent in sexual relations, Claire is savvy enough to realize the best way to secure Germaine's support is to enter into an intimate relationship with him.  However, having a vampire take you to bed isn't quite the same as sleeping with the boy next door.  There are complications. And Germaine is dominant enough to add a few more Claire hadn't expected.

In this segment, Germaine and Claire are leaving the Manhattan restaurant, where he'd just proposed to her, just before they were accosted by Claire's former boy friend, Harry.  Harry made some alarming accusations against Germaine, and Claire is attempting to work truth from fiction through in her mind as she carefully questions her dominant vampire lover, who is now her fiance, about a woman who claims she was tortured by Germaine's council. Germaine assures her the female was given every consideration due her.

            His eyes straight ahead, Germaine said, “As I've said before, our order is relatively lenient in regards to punishing mortals. Some groups would have sentenced Sybill to death for what she did. In others, she could have found herself feeding ten or more at once, or one right after another until she had no more to give.”
            That was too close to Claire's own horror-filled visions not to make her shudder. “What about Victor's order? What would they have done to her?”
            Germaine stiffened slightly at that question. “He would have allowed her to do as she wished, I suppose. Chances are if she'd joined Victor's order, he would have made her a slave. That would have cured her desires quickly enough.”
            “Which desires?”

Claire is discovering vampires live by different rules than those governing the mortal world, and she's afraid she's fallen in love with a man who will only break her heart.

M/F, Contemporary vampire romance in a society based on D/s.

Read the first three chapters at: Mortal Illusions

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Guest Post - Corbin's Bend Season Two - Have Paddle Will Travel - #CorbinsBend #DD

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When a freak snow storm threatens to cut off the already remote community of Corbin’s Bend from the rest of the world, the residents scramble to get enough emergency supplies from neighboring towns before the mountain roads are closed. It’s sheer luck of the draw that force Ettie and Vance into the same car together. The only problem is, they can’t stand one another. She’s a submissive who hasn’t been spanked in four very long years (four years, seven months, thirteen days…not that she was counting). He’s the resident paddle and strap maker, a man known to answer the call of needy submissives everywhere. In his workshop at home, Vance has every implement he’d ever need to win a war like this. In a car in the middle of nowhere with the storm of the century bearing down upon them…who will win this particular battle was anybody’s guess.
I put a lot of myself in Ettie, from the mouth that won’t quit (and often pops out with the perfect thing to put her bottom in the utmost peril) to the way she counts how long she’s been without a spanking. Before I was married, I remember being extremely aware of how long I was going between getting ‘taken care of.’ To me, frequency was a major deal. I actually had panic attacks if I went too long without.
When I sat down to write Ettie, I wanted to incorporate those subtle underlying symptoms of a woman on the edge because it’s been too long. You may recognize some of those symptoms—the obnoxiousness, mouthiness, short-tempered bickering, all the things that I (and probably many other women who crave being taken in hand) do when subconsciously we’re desperate for someone to care enough to draw that final line in the sand so we can just hop over it already and get the roasting that will make us feel wanted and worthwhile again.
He cast her a side-long glance. “All right, I’ll bite. What does that mean?”
She snorted and folded her arms across her chest. “As if you don’t know.”
It was a real struggle not to lose his sense of humor. “If I knew, Miss Thomas, I wouldn’t be asking.”
She glared out the window, muttering under her breath although not quite low enough to prevent his overhearing. “Horn dog.”
This really was anything but funny. He rubbed his eyebrow, laughing anyway. “What did you just call me?”
She looked right at him. “I said—”
“I heard you,” he said, cutting her off before she could repeat it. “I just wanted to know if you had the nerve to say it to my face.”
“You think I wouldn’t?” For the first time, she offered a smug little smile of her own. “I have no problem, Mr. Foster, calling it like it is.”
“And you don’t approve?”
“Whether I approve or not doesn’t make any difference.”
He laughed again, but there was zero humor in it. “Apparently, that doesn’t stop you from judging, does it?”
“I’m not judging anything either.” She turned her face back to the window.
“The hell you’re not.” Tiny flecks of white began to fall outside the car, drifting down through the dense growth of evergreen forest growing up and down the mountainside to either side of them. If it got any heavier, it might be concerning, but for now he was far more interested in the problem sitting in the cab with him. “Is that why you keep writing me into your newspaper? Are you pissed because I’m darkening other people’s doorstep, or because I’m not darkening yours? Is that why you keep killing me off?”
“Oh, like I care whose doorstep you darken,” she snapped. “And I’ve only killed you once or twice.”
“Twenty-seven times,” he corrected. “I’ve been stabbed, hanged, shot, poisoned…”
“You’re not a subscriber, how would you know?”
“I have a friend who brings me his copy when he’s done. Where was I? Poisoned…decapitated by space toilet—that was interesting, disgusting but interesting—electrocuted…”
“You forgot eaten by shark, and who said you could read my paper?”
“I didn’t particularly like the shark issue. Or the bomb, for that matter. Picking pieces of me out of trees and bushes—not to mention teeth—doesn’t make for pleasant imagery.”
“No, it doesn’t,” she cheerfully agreed, “but it does sell subscriptions.”
“Well, so long as my many deaths serve a purpose. How many times have you killed me this week?”
“Does mutilation count?” Her smile then was as close to genuine as he’d yet seen.
He waved a hand. “Forget I asked. You know, if you need a spanking that badly, all you have to do is call me. I’m sure I can work you into my very busy death schedule.”
“Nobody needs a spanking that badly.”
“At this very moment, I’d say that’s a matter of personal opinion.”
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