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#6BestHop - 6/26/16 - A Dom's Dilemma - Kelly earns Jim's displeasure #BDSM #Romance

He demanded her obedience, but what she wanted was his love.

It's the last day of January and Sunday's Six of the Best again. That means I get to share another 6 paragraphs from one of my books.  Yay!

My submission for this week is from my 4th book, A Dom's Dilemma, a BDSM/spanking novel that is sometimes playful, sometimes serious and sometimes terrifying, published by Blushing Books.  Kelly and Jim, the two main characters, were secondary characters in Arrested by Love.  Though this story stands on its own, if you read Arrested by Love, you'll most likely recognize some of the scenes, since we see a little bit of Kyle and Tiffany in this book, too.

In this excerpt, near the end of Chapter Five, Jim Evans and Kelly Franklin are together at "The Velvet Chains," a BDSM club where they met that evening.  Kelly is receiving some aftercare after a session of intensive medical play she did with Jim that seemed a lot more real than play.  Aftercare is an important part of the BDSM experience.  Both the Dom and the sub seek reassurance from the other.  Jim enjoys holding Kelly, and she likes being in his arms, so this is a quiet period of reflection and getting to know each other. Problem is, when Jim asks Kelly a question she really doesn't want to answer, her evasion serves as an admission she's lied to him.

Normally, a Dom would punish a sub for that infraction, but Jim has told Kelly he'll give her a onetime pass. Before they do anything else, however, he suggests they get to know each other a little better.  He begins by asking her some pertinent questions, which eventually lead to the topic of trust.  When Kelly admits that she probably trusts him more not to hurt her than anyone else, he's pleased, but remains cautious.  He informs her, in no uncertain terms, that he can be a controlling SOB who expects a lot, but he gives back in return.  If she chooses to remain as his sub, he'll expect her to be open and honest with about everything in her life. Even those things she might not want to share, but for the moment he's content to simply know more about her life until she admits she's still sore. Jim promptly takes her to task for not telling him earlier.

            Kelly slunk down a bit in his arms, looking guilty.  "I didn't realize my discomfort wasn't normal.  The last instrument you used was larger than the nozzle, and I was still tender from that."  Jim scowled to convey his displeasure and waited.  "So, what do you want to do?"
            "What do you think?" he asked coolly.  When she shrank back at his tone, he shook his head.  "You know very well what I want to do, Kellian Franklin.  I want to examine and treat the area if necessary."
            Closing her eyes, she let out a soft groan.  "How, Sir?"
            "How what?  How would I examine you, or how would I treat you?"
            "Both, Sir."
            "The exam could be visual only.  Treatment would be application of an ointment inside and out."

Kelly knows she makes a lousy sub.  She has a temper and a mouth that constantly get her into trouble, but she sees something in Jim that makes her want more of the type of mastering only he could give her, except she's not sure she can give him all the honesty he expects in return.

M/F, Kinky happenings in rural Connecticut.

A Dom's Dilemma is available for sale at Blushing Books in a variety of formats.  If you'd like to read more, I've provided a 3 chapter preview on my web site's Spanking Romance page.

Available as an eBook or in paperback!

Purchase the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonARE

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#SatSpanks - 6/25/16 - Acting Lessons - Peter's spankings hurt #KissMeKate #DD

Peter loved Kate with all his being, but that didn't mean he'd tolerate an ultimatum from her.

Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  

My submission for this week is from my third spanking romance titled, Acting Lessons
He was a strict and demanding college professor turned professional director who excelled at giving acting lessons.  She was his shy and uncertain former student who became a professional actress under his tutelage.  They fell in love, married, and won two Tony Awards before tragedy struck and a simple kiss ripped them apart.

After a six month separation, Peter Thorton decides to take matters into his own hands by making his famous wife, Kate, an offer she wouldn't refuse.  Plainly put, he wants her back and he intends to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal, even if it means giving his stubborn, willful leading lady a daily reminder over his knee that she promised to obey him.

Setup: After injuring her knee and spending a few hours in the hospital, Kate ends up sleeping in Peter's bed.  He's taken very good care of her and she's torn between allowing him to continue leading the dance they've started, or leaving before she gets hurt again.  Her heart is still bruised and tender and she's not entirely sure she trusts her ex-husband not to hurt her again.  Though he's warned her to call him before she gets out of bed, Kate decides she needs to be less dependent on him, and more self-reliant.  However, she didn't expect to get caught. Though Peter is not above teaching Kate a lesson, he chooses instead to carry her over to the breakfast table that Consuelo set up in their bedroom. Consuelo has fixed one of Kate's favorites and she is audibly showing her appreciation. Peter waits until she's had her fill before he addresses Kate's disobedience the day before by asking her why she won't simply admit she'd been jealous. Kate admits that she may have acted out on purpose, but that doesn't mean she wants him to punish her for it. Peter disagrees saying her actions were a deliberate challenge, and if he ignored that he'd be doing them both a disservice.

            She scowled at him.  "Your spankings hurt."
            "Yes, I'm sure they do, because they are supposed to.  It is my way of letting you know that I will not let you get away with doing childish things that can only cause you harm.  I suspect when we're done, you will think twice before ever attempting to punish yourself again for imagined insults, and by extension me.  And since this is the second time you've hurt that knee, it would seem injury alone isn't lasting enough to serve as a reminder."
            "My knee still hurts," she admitted.
            "Yes, and it probably will for a few weeks yet, but that's not my point.  It isn't pain that motivates you, Kate, is it?"  When she didn't answer, he added, "My reminder won't be nearly as painful, but it will be far more memorable.  Now, either you come here to me, or I will get up and fetch you, which I don't think you'll want me to do."

Even Kate realizes what she did was wrong, but admitting her jealously only brings back bad memories.
M/F, DD and a staged production of Kiss Me, Kate.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Acting Lessons

Buy the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonAmazon UK

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Frisky Friday - 6/24/16 - A Simple Misunderstanding - Facing Consequences #CorbinsBend #DD

It's Frisky Friday!  Yay!  And I'm sharing another excerpt from my first spanking romance in the Corbin's Bend series, A Simple Misunderstanding.

He came to her rescue when she needed him most, almost to lose her when she disobeyed him.

In this scene, which begins Chapter 12, Eleanor Benson (Elly) is due to be released from the hospital, after a five day stay.  Gerald Douglas (Jerry, who is Corbin Bend's vet) has been at her side almost the whole time, but he had to leave the day before for an emergency when a pet dog was run over by a car.  When he called Elly that evening to tell her he was driving back to Denver, she sounded strange on the phone, but insisted he remain in Corbin's Bend, claiming she wanted to go to sleep early. Certain she was not telling him the truth, he pressed a little harder only to have say she had to hang up because a nurse just came in.  Convinced something was up, he calls the nurse's station, but they claim Elly is alone and nothing out of the ordinary has happened.  He stays home as she wanted, but remains ill at ease.  When he arrives at the hospital the next morning, Elly is nearly in a panic, so he promptly assumes control by drawing Elly down on his lap and getting her to tell him what's wrong. However, even Jerry didn't expect Elly's abusive husband, Arthur, to try and get her in the hospital. He tells Brent what he knows and lets him work on being a detective while he addresses Elly's attempted deceit. Due to her compromised health, Jerry decides on five minutes of corner time followed by fifteen minutes of silent confinement, which Elly hasn't heard of before.

“Do you know what shunning is?”
She met his gaze then. “Isn’t that an Amish practice involving ostracizing?”
“Yes. The individual becomes a non-person who no one in the community will speak to or look at. It’s a silent treatment of sorts, but includes rejection steeped in disapproval in addition to no communication.”
“You would shun me?”
“Essentially, yes.”
She considered his answer for a moment, then asked, “Where do you want me to stand?” 
* * * *

Giving a light tap to Elly’s hip, Jerry said, “Stand up, and I’ll help you.” A huge weight pressed on Elly’s shoulders as she rose and let him position her in the corner by the window. As punishments went, this was nothing, and yet her entire frame trembled as he placed her arms at her sides. Once she stood the way he wanted, he pressed his body into hers as if in silent support. She leaned against him.
“Shh,” he whispered, placing a kiss near her ear as he wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll be right here the entire time. If you feel dizzy, raise a hand or call my name, either way I’ll come get you and help you sit. I don’t think standing for five minutes will be a problem for you physically, but you’re still healing, so we need to make allowances. Though this is a punishment, it is not intended to cause you pain or discomfort, merely time for reflection. I want you to consider why you thought lying to me was your best or only course of action. What you hoped to gain and what you lost instead. All right?”
His words and presence reassured her, but she still felt like she’d let him down. When she gave a nod, he took a step back. She could still sense him standing less than a foot away, waiting to catch her if she grew unsteady for any reason, and his consideration for her well-being wrapped her in a warm blanket of concern. Jerry Douglas was so unlike Arthur in so many respects. He even applied his punishments with a caring hand. For all the times Arthur had said he intended his corrections as loving reminders, she’d never received an ounce of care from him, except the one time she had fainted. What radiated from Arthur during a punishment was disappointment in her inadequacies and disapproval of her actions.
Though Jerry had expressed disappointment in the choice she’d made, nothing in his words or actions indicated he found her lacking. Even her apparent weakness was only a condition for concern, not rebuke. So, why were tears running down her cheeks?


Elly doesn't want to put Jerry in a position where he could get hurt, so she tries to avoid telling him what happened to get her so upset. However, he already suspects she's keeping something from him, and Jerry views omissions to be the same as lying, for which he has zero tolerance.  Given her fragile condition, he needs to tread carefully, since he wants to stress a point, not cause her more distress. 

M/F Domestic Discipline in Colorado.


Though Arthur and Eleanor Benson have been practicing domestic discipline for three months since their wedding, he insists moving to Corbin's Bend, where domestic discipline is the norm rather than the exception, will revitalize their marriage. Elly has doubts, but since Arthur is the undisputed head of their household, they move. However, once Arthur becomes immersed in a community where spanking is not only permitted, but encouraged, his personality undergoes a dramatic change. Accusing his submissive wife of being lazy, disorganized and disobedient, he employs creative methods of pain and humiliation to mold Elly from the imperfect woman he married into the perfect woman he desires. And Elly finds herself a virtual prisoner in her own home, accountable only to the man who rules her life with a cane.

In his years as a vet, Jerry Douglas has seen what abuse does to animals, and he recognizes those same signs in Elly Benson during her daily escape to the dog park with her tiny poodle. Jerry steadfastly supports the tenets of domestic discipline and enjoys the freedom Corbin's Bend offers its residents, but he remains fiercely protective of anyone in need of a champion. And when he witnesses evidence of harsh handling, his instinct is to rush in and rescue. Problem is Elly Benson is a married and consenting adult who insists all her bruises and welts are nothing more than a simple misunderstanding between her and her husband, until the day Arthur Benson takes his authority and discipline one-step too far, endangering Elly's life.

How can you say "no" to this face?
A Simple Misunderstanding is available at the following locations.

I also have a page on my web site where I am offering a sample of the first three chapters. If you're interested, visit either the Spanking Romance or A Simple Misunderstanding page in the Over 18 section of my website.

As a further note, Past Interference, the sequel to A Simple Misunderstanding that was released in 2015 as part of the Corbin's Bend Valentine's Day anthology has now been released as a single for those of you who enjoyed Jerry and Elly's story and want to see how it ends.

Past Interference is available at the following locations.

I also have a page on my web site where I am offering a sample of the first two chapters. If you're interested, visit either the Spanking Romance or Past Interference page in the Over 18 section of my website.

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#MFRWHooks - 6/22/16 - Lessons in Love - Steely-eyed and implacable #OfficeRomance #DD

She needed a job, he needed a personal assistant. What could go wrong?

Welcome back to Book Hooks, a regular Wednesday feature! In this blog loop, we hope to provide you with some tantalizing tidbits in our books.

My submission for this week's Book Hooks is from my 8th novel, Lessons in Love.

Pam Weston didn't have many choices as far as employment went. Her prison sentence saw to that. With limited secretarial skills, and an even more limited budget, she never considered herself executive material. So, when she was ordered to report to the CEO of her company as his new personal assistant, she fully expected to be checking out the "Help Wanted" section of the paper before the day was over.

Robert Peterson knew his management style was not HR approved, but he believed in using the stick as well as the carrot. Employing the tenets of domestic discipline, he helped mold his personal assistants into confident women who recognized their own self-worth. Even so, his unorthodox methods were only one of the reasons many considered the position of his assistant to be a revolving door. To Rob's mind, Pamela Weston was perfect for his purposes, though given her past he expected convincing her to agree to his program would be a challenge.

In this scene, which occurs in chapter eight, Robert Peterson is treating his new executive assistant, Pam Weston, to dinner at his exclusive club where he escorts her to a private dining room so she can ask her questions. However, when Pam refuses to sit down, Rob stands. The moment he does, Pam sits and picks up her menu saying she's not sure what she's going order. Rob steps over and asks her to take his hand. 

Pam squinted to keep her watering eyes from overflowing but did as he asked.
"Thank you," he murmured, rising as he assisted her to her feet. Then he drew her into his arms. "Relax and breathe, kitten. You're safe."
The words were pure nonsense, since the last person in the world she could be safe with at this moment was Robert Peterson. But the endearment and reassurance brought a sob to her throat.
"I'm sorry—"
"No apologies. Just release all that emotion churning inside you. I've got you, and I won't let you go."
"I feel like such a fool."
"Why?" His hand roamed her back, rubbing and soothing.
"You haven't done anything horrible to me, and yet I'm terrified when you gaze at me that way."
"What way?"
"Steely-eyed and implacable. Like, no matter what I say or do, you intend to carry out whatever plan you’re considering."
"If I look that way, I would suggest you obey me, and quickly.

Rob knows Pam is nervous, and took her to his club so she could ask him questions with far more privacy than a restaurant would offer. Unfortunately, the ambiance of his club is making her very uncomfortable.

Lessons in Love (click to read first chapter)

M/F, DD on the executive floor.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Lessons in Love

Buy the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonBarnes&Noble

Blushing Books caters specially to those who love spanking stories in all genres.  So, if you enjoy stories with characters who have their bottoms warmed on occasion, for a variety of different reasons, I urge you to pay them a visit. Blushing Books.

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#WIPitUP - 6/22/16 - Past Interference - Put in the Corner #CorbinsBend #DD

WIP: Work in progress.  WIP it up Wednesday is a hop where writers share portions of the project they're working on with readers.  I really like the idea because it allows me to share something that's still in the creative stage as well as work behind the scenes as a prompt to keep me writing.

My current WIP is temporarily stalled, so today, I'm sharing an excerpt from my spanking novella in the Corbin's Bend series, Past Interference. Written as a sequel to A Simple Misunderstanding, Past Interference was originally part of the Corbin's Bend Valentine's Day collection "Love in the Rockies," but is now being sold separately.

What she needed was the opposite of what she wanted.

In this scene, which occurs near the beginning of Chapter Four, Eleanor Benson (Elly) is home from the hospital after nearly being choked to death by her ex-husband. Her throat is bruised, so she's forbidden to speak until her doctor gives the okay. However, letting a call from your best friend go to voice mail when you're bored out of your mind is criminal. Isn't it?  Unfortunately, when Jerry catches her talking, he makes it clear he doesn't agree. Since Elly was just released from the hospital, Jerry escorts her into the guest bedroom, places a chair in the corner and orders her to sit down and put her nose to the wall, giving her fifteen minutes corner time. Suggesting she think about what she did that earned this punishment, he informs her she'll be doing lines later to drive the point home.

Elly grimaced, but inched forward and put her nose in the corner.
Jerry said nothing more as he strode out of the room with Muffin in his arms.
Closing her eyes, Elly reviewed the events that got her stuck facing the corner. Okay, maybe she shouldn’t have answered the phone, but it wasn’t as if she’d carried out a lengthy conversation. She barely said five words. Hardly what she viewed as a major infraction even if she wasn’t supposed to talk. Jerry was overreacting, but technically, according to their rules, her disobedience was considered a spankable offense, so he was letting her off easy. Still, she hated doing lines. Being ordered to write line after line of the same promise made her feel like a naughty schoolgirl. And he checked to make sure she followed his instructions exactly. The man could be a real stickler when it came to punishments.
She suspected he was returning when Muffin scurried over and started hopping at Elly’s leg as a signal she wanted up. With her nose stuck in the corner, Elly didn’t have enough lap room for Muffin to jump and land. A lesson they’d both learned the hard way. And not being able to pick up her dog was a punishment in and of itself.


Knowing she's been caught disregarding doctor's orders and disobeying Jerry causes a sick feeling to roil in the pit of Elly's stomach, but she also doesn't feel what she did was all that egregious. Not really.

M/F Domestic Discipline in Colorado.


Valentine's Day in Corbin's Bend.  As Elly Benson readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage.

Though she's lived with Jerry Douglas for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, Elly's first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, until the day she vowed to love, honor and obey him.  The lessons she's learned from the past make her doubt she can ever find happiness in the future.


Past Interference is available at the following locations.

I also have a page on my web site where I am offering a sample of the first two chapters. If you're interested, visit either the Spanking Romance or Past Interference page in the Over 18 section of my website.

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Guest Post - 6/21/16 - The Country Doctor's Bride - #Erotic #HIstorical #Romance

The Country Doctor’s Bride
6th book in the Naked Bluff, Texas series

Can this doctor help a woman accused of murder?


            “God, Nathaniel, you have to stop,” she groaned and dropped her head to his shoulder. 
            “Not until you agree to marry me.” He massaged her backside, rocking his hard length against her abdomen.
            Darn, but she’d never felt like this before, so hot and needy with every caress compelling her to shed her clothes and have skin to skin contact.
            Shocked by her thoughts, she tightened her hands on his shoulders and fought to control her basic urges. “Just because I desire you, doesn’t mean we have to get married.”
            He grinned. “Has a man ever fucked you?”
            Stunned by his words, she shoved at his chest, disturbed by his bold manner. “Of course not.”
            Without releasing her, his focus narrowed, and he glared. “Good, because from now on you’re mine. Do us both a favor and say yes.”
            “To what?” She argued, not willing to give into his claim that he’d have a voice in what she did or didn’t do. 


A hot, historical western stand-alone story with a satisfying HEA.

With no ties to Texas, Dixy secures a ride to the next town on her way out of the state. The driver, Tobias Poe offers to let her rest. While she’s in the back, he is shot.

Rushing to save him, she arrives in Naked Bluff, Texas.

The town’s doctor, Nathaniel Murphy can’t save him, but can he save her?

Penniless, alone, and now a murder suspect, Dixy has no alternative but to accept his help. Can this couple build a future together?

Or will a killer silence her forever?

Buy Links:

Available at amazon

About the Author:

Anita Philmar likes to create stories that push the limit. A writer by day and a dreamer by night she wants her readers to see the world in a new way.

Influenced by sci-fi programs, she likes to develop places where anything can happen and where erotic moments come to life in a great read.

Naughty or Nice?

Read her books and decide.

Historical Westerns Naked Bluff, Texas series

In Deep WaterSkinny-dipping to cool off in the Trinity River couldn’t cause any problems...could it?