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#SatSpanks - 1/31/15 - A Dom's Dilemma - An act of submission #BDSM #Spanking

She needed his protection, except he insisted on her honest submission first.

Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  

My submission for this week is from my first BDSM novel, A Dom's Dilemma, published by Blushing Books.  I'm picking up exactly where we left off last time.

In this scene, Jim, a former Texan who works as a police detective by day and lives and plays as a Dom by night, is in the Velvet Chains BDSM medical station working with his new submissive, Kelly Franklin.  When Kelly balks, Jim suspects fear, rather than brattiness, is responsible for her reaction.  After giving her repeated opportunities to tell him what's bothering her, he decides to continue with his original agenda.  However, when Kelly discovers he intends to give her an enema, her fear increases exponentially, which validates his suspicions, but doesn't address Kelly's lack of trust or stubborn refusal to obey.  So, after reminding his reluctant sub what BDSM is about, Jim gives her an ultimatum.  Say her safe word or submit to his will.  Kelly agrees to do what he wants, despite the persistent inner voice urging her to run away.  Though Jim's purpose is not to humiliate or punish Kelly, her previous experience with medical BDSM was both embarrassing and painful, so despite Jim's extra care and patience with her, she's dreading the procedure.

          "Easy, sugar.  That's right.  Now another deep breath and relax.  Good." 
          God she really hated this, but he went out of his way to be considerate and gentle, so nothing he did hurt her.  Then the warm water started to ripple into her, and she gave a small jerk.
          "Easy, darlin'.  You're doin' real fine.  Take another breath for me, Kelly, and tell me how the flow is for you."
          "It's good, Sir."
          "You're sure?  I can adjust it to your comfort level."
          "No, Sir.  It's all right.  The water's warm, but comfortably so right now."
          "Very good, darlin'.  Okay, I'm lowerin' your covers now.  Better?"
          "Yes, Sir," she answered.  He'd been nothing but kindness and care personified, so she couldn't say why she was crying, but she was.  

Kelly has a past she's not willing to share with anyone, and enemas are a hard limit for her. Unfortunately, she adamantly refuses to say why, so Jim considers the procedure a necessity to ensure his new sub isn't concealing something that could make anal play dangerous for her. Though Jim's been trained and knows what to look for, withholding valuable information from a Dom is never a wise course of action for a sub to take.

M/F, Kinky happenings in rural Connecticut.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at A Dom's Dilemma 

Buy the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonARE

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  1. Great snippet Kathryn. Love how reassuring and considerate Jim is.


  2. I like this too, Kathryn, and love his consideration.
    I also like how well she is communicating with him.
    Nicely done


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