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#SPeekSunday - 1/18/15 - Deadly Enchantment - To cull out of the flock #Shapeshifter #Paranormal

An unhappy shape shifter can be a dangerous companion....

For Sneak Peek Sunday authors share six paragraphs from a published work or a WIP (work in progress).

My excerpt for this week is from my 2nd book, Deadly Enchantment.  A shapeshifting wizard romance set in Victorian England published by New Concepts Publishing, 

In this snippet, which occurs in the middle of the second chapter, Dominic Westcroft has returned from London to discover his sister has invited several young women to his home, so he can select a new bride.  What neither he nor his sister suspects, however, is that one of the women is actually his deceased bride's sister.  Tormented by guilt over his wife's tragic and brutal death, Dominic has no intention of ever marrying again.  However, when his show of temper accidentally reveals one of their guests possesses magical abilities she's trying to keep hidden, he invites the ladies join him for dinner, so he can rout her out.

Though he manages to convince the young woman to reveal herself, after dinner, he pulls her aside for a private conversation.  When he learns his sister is actually offering the women money to marry him, he threatens to kill the interfering woman.  Concerned he might be serious, Serena reaches out to touch him, but quickly draws back uncertain what had ever possessed her to be so bold. Surprised, Dominic regards his feisty guest with a wry smile as he assures her he unfortunately cares for his sister too much for murder to be a viable option.

            Serena’s chin lifted a notch.  The beast was actually teasing her.  After nearly raising her to the ceiling and dashing her brains out, he believed she would chat with him as if they were long lost chums sharing stories over tea.
            “If you intend to send us away tomorrow, what was the purpose of all those tricks tonight?” she inquired coolly, though confident she already knew the answer, her question was prompted out of more than just idle curiosity.  She wanted to know if he would tell her the truth.
            He clasped his hands behind his back and regarded her thoughtfully.  “Purely to cull you out of the flock, my dear.”
            “For what purpose?” she queried, wondering just how much he’d garnered about her through their brief encounter.
            “I felt your strength, your powers, when mine briefly touched yours.  I also felt your concern for the others.  When the soup did not provide the desired effect, I upped the stakes, in effect, hoping you would eventually step forward to stop me.  Which you did.  Quite bravely, too, I must say.”

            “You are mistaken about me.  I possess no special powers or magic,” she insisted.

Though Dominic Westcroft suspects Serena has secrets she's not willing to share, he is determined to uncover the truth behind his young guest's deception, even if it means keeping the other women around as a ruse.
M/F, Shape shifting  wizards in Victorian England.

Read the first three chapters at: Deadly Enchantment

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