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Guest Blogger - 1/20/15 - Stevie MacFarlane - The Trouble with Abby #Spanking #Romance

Today Stevie Macfarlane joins us to talk about her recent release "The Trouble with Abby," but before we delve into the details of the book, I wanted to ask Stevie a question.

A recent blog post and poll explored whether readers thought that the mainstream publishing industry’s reluctance to include spanking scenes was an unnecessary capitulation to political correctness. Given the success of your books and others like them where spanking is part of the action, it’s obvious that these themes are still popular with readers.  Why do you think that today’s modern woman still enjoys reading about women being sexually dominated? Do you think some women secretly long for this? Is it escapism? Or is it a bit of both?

Obviously I can’t speak for all women, but here’s my take on it.  What a woman enjoys reading or what turns her on isn’t necessarily something she would enjoy in real life or even tolerate.  I was in a high pressure job at one time, making decisions and judgment calls that could critically impact someone’s life.  It was tough and I did it for twelve years.  When I got home all I wanted was to kick my heels off and be taken care of.  Of course with children and a home to run that’s not always possible but I can see why it’s appealing to women.  A dominant man who will fix everything, make decisions, letting you off that speeding train for a while is sexy as hell.  As women we do it all, fought for the right to do it all and now maybe we long for someone to take some of that off our shoulders, even if it’s only a fantasy in a novel.  Escapism?  Hell, yes, take me away.

I wholeheartedly agree with Stevie on this.  Spanking Romances deliver fantasies in a world that can hammer us down in its daily grind.  They are meant to introduce us to new places and characters and take us away for a while.


Abby slipped on a pair of black thong panties, shimmied into a pair of black pantyhose, mumbling under her breath as she cupped both of her bottom cheeks gently and did an uncomfortable little dance.  Finally, she stripped them off, kicking them away as she looked over her shoulder and studied her ass in the mirror.  Still red and slightly puffy, she was surprised to find no bruises of any consequence.  How it could hurt as much as it did and not be black and blue, she wondered, scowling as she bent to get a better look.
Apparently the man was a pro at this sort of thing, she softly mumbled under her breath.
Connor smiled and enjoyed the show.  Carefully she smoothed lace-topped thigh-high stockings up each of her legs, giving him a lovely view of her well-punished bottom.  Her breasts were still free, bouncing slightly with each movement, and when she covered them with a black lace bra he sighed in disappointment, even though the bra left little to the imagination.
The olive, butt-hugging mini skirt that was lying at the foot of the bed was returned to the closet and replaced by a rust-colored suede one that was slightly longer and more flared.  Pulling a black cowl-necked sweater over her head, she lost her balance for a moment and bumped against the dresser with a squeak.
“Prick,” she said softly, looking at Connor’s sleeping body.
“Oh, so you are speaking to me today,” he said, shocking her.
“I thought you were asleep,” she snapped, pulling her hair free and picking up the brush.
“Obviously,” he replied, sitting up and stretching.
Abby quickly brushed her hair with long wincing strokes and tossed the brush on the dresser.  Her hands gathered the mass and began braiding, her nimble fingers weaving an intricate pattern.
Connor rose from the bed, towering behind her and watching her in the mirror. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he breathed in her scent.
“Why don’t you let me take that pretty outfit off you and we’ll go back to bed for a little while?” he asked, cupping her breast and tweaking the nipple.
“I’d rather have a root canal,” she said, smiling sweetly at him in the mirror as she tied off her braid and swung it behind her, slapping him in the jaw.
“Really you don’t even need to get undressed,” he said swatting the braid away.  “All you have to do is bend over and let me slide that thong over,” he whispered, pushing his erection against her bottom.
“Connor, you’ve got a better chance of seeing God,” she said, picking up her earrings and sliding them in her ears.  “In fact, if you don’t let me into the bathroom, you just might,” she continued, elbowing him in the ribs to back him up.
Connor grunted and stepped back.
“You’d shoot me?” he asked, grinning cockily.
“You found my gun?” Abby gasped, spinning to face him as the color drained from her face.
“You really have an appalling lack of faith in my abilities,” Connor replied dryly.  “Of course I found it.”


Abigail Steven's life changed the moment she woke up in Connor McCabe's bed. The former Navy Seal has his own code of conduct, and is hell-bent on teaching Abby a thing or two about proper behavior, for her own good, of course. Abby thinks the bossy, overgrown G.I Joe is gorgeous. He made her heart flutter and her knees weak, but she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. After all, she has a black belt for cripes sake.
Connor disagrees and has no problem pulling her over his knee for a little convincing. Adjusting a naughty female attitude is right up his alley. When trouble comes to The O'Malley family, Abby and Connor suddenly find themselves up to their necks in danger. The women need a hero, but who will it be?

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About the Author:

Stevie MacFarlane lives in rural upstate New York with her family.  When not cooking for her large family she can be found curled up with a good book or writing her heart out.  She currently has eleven books published and you can find them on Blushing Books, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel as well as other popular sites. You can connect with Stevie in the following ways and she loves her hear from readers.

Email:  www.steviemacfarlane@aol.com

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    Congratulations on the release Stevie! Loved the excerpt,. She is asking for another spanking lol



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