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#MFRWHooks - 12/20/17 - A Naughty New Year - Though Jim is only teasing Kelly, there's a warning in his words #BDSM #Holiday

Champagne was meant for celebrating, and this was a party.

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In keeping with the season, my submission for this week's Book Hooks is from my Holiday novella A Naughty New Year, which is part of the "Mischief Under the Mistletoe" anthology. The novella is in two parts with the first centering around a New Year's Eve party Kelly Evans and her husband Jim are throwing for their best friends Kyle and Tiffany Sinclair and the fact champagne looks an awful lot like ginger ale.

Kelly Evans is nearly six months pregnant when her Dom husband, Jim, suggests they invite their closest friends over for a private New Year's Eve party. Just a friendly get together, nothing kinky, and no champagne for either of the girls, since Kelly's friend, Tiffany, was a month along further than she was. Given it's New Year's Eve, Kelly feels Jim's no-champagne edict isn't fair, but Jim warns her if she goes against his wishes, she will be punished. Though Kelly understands Jim's reasoning, she still feels he's merely being over-protective, and as much as she loves him, a sip of champagne never hurt anyone. Besides, their guests had just arrived, and even though it would mean disobeying her husband and Dom, not staying to greet them would be rude.

"You look beautiful, Tiffany. That black chiffon flatters your figure."
Tiffany let out an unladylike snort. "Right. The camel look is so 'in' today."
Both Jim and Kyle opened their mouths to argue, but Kelly waved them to silence. She understood what Tiffany meant, and contradicting her would only exacerbate the issue. Her smile broad and welcoming, Kelly extended an arm, then dropped it. Vanna White she wasn't. "Come on into the living room, you two, and have a seat near the fire." She ushered them forward before turning to hand Tiffany's coat to Jim who already held Kyle's. "I'm going. I'm going," she muttered in whisper.
"You'd better," he whispered, freeing one hand to deliver a warning smack to her behind. Not hard, but firm enough to tingle.
"Ow," she mouthed with an exaggerated frown as she back-stepped toward their friends, pleased to note the twinkle in his eye that belied his stern glower. She grinned, then twirled around to join the couple who remained standing. "Sit wherever you like," she prompted. "We don't assign seats here."
"Tiffany's ankles have been swelling lately."
"Kyle!" Tiffany protested with a cuff to his shoulder, but he merely clasped her hand in his and ignored her.
"Is there any way we could prop her feet up while she sits?"
"Sure. Let me get an ottoman from Jim's office."
"Kellian," Jim snapped, stopping Kelly in her tracks. "I will get the foot stool. Both you and Tiffany should sit down. Now."
The only time Jim called Kelly by her full first name was when he was determined she listen and obey without delay. It was cause for concern. "Yes, Sir," she replied softly, letting him know she got the message loud and clear.
Giving her a curt nod, he strode into his office while Kelly gazed at Tiffany.
"Sorry," Tiffany mouthed silently.
Kelly shrugged. "Why don't we sit together on the couch? That way we can chat more easily."
When Tiffany agreed, they sat down and gave each other a conspiratorial grin. Subdued, but not cowed, Kelly thanked Jim when he set the ottoman down by Tiffany. The scowl she received in return was more disgruntled than angry, so she took heart that even if all wasn't forgiven, he wasn't nearly as put out as he strove to appear.
"So, what would you ladies like to drink?" he inquired politely as Kyle bent forward to help raise Tiffany's now shoeless feet on the cassock.
"What are we allowed to have?" Kelly asked sweetly.
"You? Water, and maybe a little bread later, if I'm feeling generous."
Kyle grinned. "What? Prison rations already? We've got at least five hours until midnight. Isn't that going to make for an awfully long evening?"
"Right now she's lucky I'm not flogging her for insubordination."
"Kelly. Kelly. Kelly," Kyle teased with mock disapproval.
Kelly wrinkled her nose in reply.
"What would you like to drink, Tiffany?" Jim asked again.
"Whatever you have is fine, but I'd love some Ginger Ale if you've got any."
"Ginger Ale, coming right up. Kelly?"
"Ginger Ale's good for me too, if it's allowed."
"Possibly," he conceded. "Help yourself to the hors d'oeuvres, folks. They're Texas favorites." 

Kelly adores Jim, but she needs to convince him that pregnancy has not turned her into an invalid. She's perfectly capable of doing all the things she did before.

Note about the characters in this story: 

Kelly and Jim are two of my favorite characters. Kelly can be such a brat at times and Jim gives her a lot of leeway, but even he has limits. This story is the latest, chronologically, in their time line, though by the time its published it should be the fourth in a series subtitled Unexpected Consequences.

So, if you want to know how their sometimes stormy relationship started, they first appeared in Arrested by Love as secondary characters, but like all good primary characters insisted on their own story, which developed into A Dom's Dilemma. Both books, originally released in 2010, are being numbered, reedited and reissued with new covers in late November, along with a new third book, entitled Learning to be Little: Kelly's Story. Though the newest book in the series, Learning to be Little begins immediately after A Dom's Dilemma, it then takes the reader into Kelly's past, where she shares her introduction to age play and BDSM with Graham White in a sequel/prequel. The story is a departure for me in that the majority of its chronological time line takes place before the two books I've already published, but it belongs in the middle of the series. I expect two, possibly three more books in the series to be available in the near future.

To find out more about this series or any of Kathryn's other books, check out the links below:

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