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#SatSpanks - 12/30/17 - A Naughty New Year - Jim comes home early #BDSM #Holiday

Even good deeds can get you punished

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  

This is the last Saturday Spankings of 2017, so, in keeping with the season, the story I've chosen to share today is  titled "A Naughty New Year, " which is part of the "Mischief Under the Mistletoe" anthology. The novella is in two parts with the second centering around the day after New Year's, and the task of putting away the Christmas decorations. 

Kelly Evans is nearly six months pregnant when her Dom husband, Jim, suggests they invite their closest friends over for a private New Year's Eve party. Just a friendly get together, nothing kinky, and no champagne for either of the girls, since Kelly's friend, Tiffany, was a month along further than she was. Of course the two girls believe their Dom husbands are being unreasonable, so they do what they want and face the consequences afterward.

Now, Christmas and New Year's are over and Kelly feels a little depressed. Jim was due home any minute when he calls to tell her he'll be late. Disappointed, she tells him she'll wait up for him, but isn't all that surprised when he puts his foot down. Though Kelly loves his dominance, she also wants to greet him when he gets home, so she presses a little more to get her way, causing him to step down even harder. He informs her there'll be painful consequences if she ignores his order. So, Kelly decides she'll do something that will help ease the load on his shoulders. As long as she's in bed by the time he gets home, there shouldn't be a problem.

Hands on her hips, Kelly stared at their twinkling tree. Christmas had been a magical time, but after the stroke of midnight even Cinderella had to return to sweeping the fireplace. Unfortunately, Jim kept the storage boxes in the attic, which only had a small pull ladder as access. He'd refused to let her climb it when they set up the tree, insisting the flimsy rails weren't stable enough to hold her, and yet the wooden construction accepted his two-hundred-pound, muscled frame without a creak or a groan. Good lord. She was pregnant, not breakable.
Marching back to fetch their step stool, she placed the molded plastic steps beneath the spring-hinged hatch, climbed up and grabbed the sprig of fake mistletoe Jim had hung from the inset door. The many kisses he'd given her under the white berried plant had heated her inside and out, and the thought of what they'd often done afterward still made her toes curl. Her Dom was an excellent lover, if only he'd realize her condition hadn't transformed her into a china doll.
He'd entwined the door's pull cord between the shiny, smooth oval leaves to keep it out of her reach and temptation. Delicately freeing the twisted fibers from their nesting place, she gave the thin rope a yank. The force of the door coming down almost knocked her off the small stepladder. Carefully maneuvering the tricky contraption, Kelly stepped off the stool, and bent forward to move it out of the way, when the sliding step ladder slipped down its track and clipped her on the head, knocking her flat.
Kelly lay sprawled on the floor as stars floated in an out of her vision. She wasn't badly hurt, but suspected she'd have a sizeable lump to show for her efforts. That's when the unmistakable jiggling of keys opening the front door reached her ears. Shit.

Kelly knows won't be pleased to learn she intended to disobey him, but she really did only want to help. Unfortunately, when Jim worries, Kelly pays the consequences. And now she needs to be especially careful since she isn't the only one to suffer when she makes a mistake.

Note about the characters in this story: 

Kelly and Jim are two of my favorite characters. Kelly can be such a brat at times and Jim gives her a lot of leeway, but even he has limits. This story is the latest, chronologically, in their time line, though by the time its published it should be the fourth in a series subtitled Unexpected Consequences.

So, if you want to know how their sometimes stormy relationship started, they first appeared in Arrested by Love as secondary characters, but like all good primary characters insisted on their own story, which developed into A Dom's Dilemma. Both books, originally released in 2010, are being numbered, reedited and reissued with new covers in late November, along with a new third book, entitled Learning to be Little: Kelly's Story. Though the newest book in the series, Learning to be Little begins immediately after A Dom's Dilemma, it then takes the reader into Kelly's past, where she shares her introduction to age play and BDSM with Graham White in a sequel/prequel. The story is a departure for me in that the majority of its chronological time line takes place before the two books I've already published, but it belongs in the middle of the series. I expect two, possibly three more books in the series to be available in the near future.

To find out more about this series or any of Kathryn's other books, check out the links below:

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  1. Hi Kathryn, uh oh, poor Kelly, Jim won't be pleased! I suspect even if she hadn't fallen she would have been in trouble.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year.


  2. She's in big trouble now! I hope you have a Happy New Year.

  3. Great snippet! She'll be in trouble now and fair enough too! :)


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