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Naughty Thoughts on Spankee Doodle Dandy - June 20-23 #Spanking #Excerpts #MFRWAuthor

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This Acting Lessons excerpt: (only available here for Spankee Doodle) begins near the end of Chapter Five.  Following a six month separation, Kate has spent her first night with Peter after she hurt her knee during a ballet exercise the previous day.  She's been to the emergency room, at Peter's insistence, and is scheduled to see her orthopedist that afternoon, also at Peter's insistence.  They are having breakfast together at a small table in what was once their bedroom when Peter brings up her obvious show of jealousy  toward another woman.  Kate starts to grow uneasy with the direction of their conversation, and when Peter shiftts his chair out into the center of the room in a very familiar move to Kate, her uneasiness takes a drastic turn for the worse.

KATHRYN R. BLAKE'S SPANKEE DOODLE DANDY STORY:  Kate learns disobedience has consequences.

            "Maybe we should wait until after I've seen the doctor for my knee?"
            Peter lowered his hand.  "If you insist, we'll wait.  However, I would prefer we get your punishment out of the way now.  I can think of many far more pleasurable things I would like to do with you, but until this issue is resolved, I refuse to go down that path."
            Despite her uneasiness, his words infused Kate with warmth, which had nothing to do with embarrassment, and she took another step closer.  "Do you have a number in mind?"
            "No, but because of your knee this punishment won't be as long or painful as it should be."  He extended his hand to her again.  "However, if you delay much longer, I may need to remind you your obedience to me isn't conditional."
            She shook her head.  "We're legally separated, so I no longer have to obey you."
            Straightening his shoulders, Peter frowned up at her. "I believe, my love, you just lied, so I will require another confession from you."
            Had she lied?  Did she still owe him her obedience?  He asked, no demanded, she submit to him.  With their divorce final in a few days, did he have the right to insist?  Did her promise to obey oblige her to bend to his wishes even now?
            Peter had dominated her from the first day they met.  He didn't physically punish her until he no longer taught at the school she attended, but he'd always commanded her respect and obedience.  Had their dynamics changed simply because they lived apart now?
            "I didn't lie," she insisted. "However, my wedding vows weren't what compelled me to obey you, which means my statement was incorrect."
            "Thank you for admitting the truth.  So, the choice, my love, is simple.  Do you wish to re-establish our relationship, or are these delaying tactics meant to convey an aversion to having me in your life again?"
            She scowled at him.  "That's not fair.  I just don't think we need to do--" She waved her hand indicating him and the chair.  "--this anymore. We've moved on."
            "What about yesterday, when I took you over my knee?  Were those tears you spilled merely an act?  Were you only pretending to submit to me?"
            Lowering her eyes, Kate shook her head.  "No, I…."
            "Tell me, Kate.  How did you feel bent over my lap knowing I could and would punish you for your shrewish attitude?"
            "Angry, uncertain."
            "Is that all?"
            She shook her head again.  "I felt as though you truly cared what I did, and my actions mattered to you."
            "They do.  Very much so.  They always have, I just bottled my disappointment inside, which was a mistake.  However, I learn from my errors, as I intend to prove right now.  Even so, the choice is still yours, Katie.  It always has been."
            She stood so close, her knee brushed up against his leg.  "I know."
            "Do you want to walk away, or prove to me you are willing to give our relationship another try, safe in the knowledge I will always take care of you?"
            She winced.  "I still don't want to do this," she admitted, clasping the hand he offered and letting him draw her over his knees and position her the way he wanted.
            "Perhaps not consciously," he said raising her nightgown and lowering her panties, which made her groan.  "But that doesn't change the fact you're not afraid of what I'm about to do, since any discomfort you experience will be more of the mind than the body.  However, afterward, I'll make certain you understand it is love, not anger or disapproval that prompts my actions."  He lightly ran his hand from the small of her back, over her buttocks to the tops of her thighs.  "Now, before we begin, I want you to repeat aloud to me what you did to earn this punishment."
            She slumped in her position.  She'd always hated this part.  The confession.  "Do I hav--"
            "Yes, you do.  This is a cleansing process.  So, to gain the most benefit, you need to state your errors, as well as the reason for the punishment."
            Kate found herself on familiar ground here.  Despite the humiliation of having her bottom bared and spanked, Peter's continued stroking centered and relaxed her.  She took in a deep breath and said, "I was jealous of the way Christine threw herself at you, and wanted to prove I was better than her."
            "Admitting to jealousy is a start, even though there has never been any question as to your capability or desirability.  Go on."
            "I chose to prove myself by dancing in a way that would make you notice me."
            "All right.  Perhaps that was the reason you stretched the way you did, but the workout alone wasn't what got you in trouble, was it?"
            "No," she answered, guilt bringing tears to her eyes.  "What I neglected to do was pay heed to my body's signals.  I should have pulled back rather than continue to push myself."
            "An excellent lesson, but you failed to do something else I requested, too.  Something that might have lessened if not prevented your injury.  Can you recall what it was?"
            "I didn't wrap my knee."
            "No, you didn't.  Tell me why."
            "Because I was angry."  Kate bit her lip.  Confessions were hard.  "I wanted to prove I could do things the way I wanted, rather than the way I should."
            "Excellent.  So the reason I am punishing you is…?"
            "Is because--" Kate let out a small sob.
            "Shh.  Katie.  You're safe here.  Now take a deep breath and relax.  I realize it's a difficult concept to accept, but I am not holding you over my lap to hurt you.  I'm doing this to show you my support and concern in a way that will put all your doubts to rest, calm your spirit and relieve your lingering guilt once it's over."
            "I know, and you're right," she said on another sob.  "I'm sorry."
            "Easy, sweetheart."  His stroking grew a little firmer as he worked some of the tension out of her back.  He wanted her to know he was using this method to reinforce his point and work through her issues, not cause her pain and injury.  Intellectually, she knew this spanking would help her, it was accepting the punishment on an emotional level that gave her difficulty.
            "Now tell me why I'm punishing you."
            She closed her eyes, took three deep breaths, and forced herself to relax.  "Because in order to prove I was worthy of your attention, I deliberately defied your instructions, and ended up hurting myself."
            "Good girl.  That was perfect.  Now, clutch the bottom rung of the chair so you don't fling your hands back where they don't belong.  You may wail and cry as loud as you want.  No one will mind."
            Realizing what his words meant, Kate groaned again as she wrapped her fingers around the smooth, wooden rung.  "Are William and Consuelo aware you're planning to do this?"
            "Yes.  They know.  I will count.  Your job is to accept, submit, and learn.  All right?"
            "Yes, sir," she answered with a sniff.
            "I do love hearing you call me, sir, even though you only resort to such deference when you're in trouble."
            Too true.  She may hate his spankings, but she adored the man who gave them to her.  Accepting her fate, she lowered her head and did her best to submit.  "Yes, sir."
            "I'm proud of you, Katie.  Now try not to tense, and we'll begin."
            Although Kate did her best to stay relaxed, Peter's first smack had her gasping from the pain and her body tightening against the assault.
            "Relax, Kate," he reminded before calling, "One."
            Though she willed herself to obey, her fingers tightened on the chair rung as she waited for the next strike.
            "You're not listening to me, Katie," he warned.  "That's going to make this punishment more painful than it needs to be.  Two."
            "I'm trying!" Kate protested through her tears.
            "Not hard enough," he countered, calling, "Three."
            Kate had been softly crying before they'd started, so by the time Peter reached five she was close to sobbing, even though the spanking wasn't what caused her unhappiness.  Oh, Peter's swats hurt, but only enough for her to recognize he punished her for being rash and foolish.  No, her doubts and inadequacies were what ripped her apart inside.  And, inadequacy was something Peter refused to let Kate feel.
            He remained so adamant Kate recognize her own worth, she'd received more swats for believing she was incompetent than for deliberately provoking him.  Even now, he wanted her to know and understand she was in no way inferior to Christine, so her actions to prove her competence were as unwarranted as they were punishable.
            As tears continued to stream from her eyes, she repeated her apology for not listening to him.
            When Peter called ten the pain started her kicking in protest, though she did not attempt to rise off his lap.  However, kicking wasn't allowed, so eleven was firmer yet as Peter clamped his arm on her thighs, and gave a sharp reprimand.  "No!  Legs still."
            "I can't," Kate wailed, confident her bottom glowed a bright pink, though it burned as if it blazed red.  "Please, no more.  I realize I was wrong not to obey you, and I regret acting out like a child.  I'm sorry."
            "Yes, Katykins, I know you are, but I want you to accept how serious I am about this."
            "I believe you."
            "Do you?" he murmured as she continued to weep.
            The swats hurt, as he'd intended, however, Kate's tears were an emotional release.  And as much as she hated Peter's punishments, a part of her had perversely missed them.  Battling feelings of resentment and neglect, she'd turned into a demanding harpy she didn't like and couldn't stand.  Kate had struggled so hard to appear strong and independent; she'd neglected her health and altered her personality, alienating her family and most of her friends.  Peter's insistence she stop her destructive behavior by backing up his words with physical action served to shatter the persona she'd created.  The process was painful, and yet she found comfort and reassurance in the cleansing ritual.
            Normally, he continued spanking even after she'd begged him to stop.  He maintained he needed to be the one to decide the length and severity of her punishment, not she.  This time, however, Peter returned to light stroking as she sobbed out her apologies.  When Kate calmed enough to cease her incoherent babbling, he lifted her up, and held her close.  His gentleness brought on another spate of tears as she clung to his shoulders while he whispered gentle reassurances in her ear, reminding her how much he loved and cherished her.
            When Kate's crying lessened to shuddering sighs, Peter handed her a tissue and asked, "Are you ready to admit you're not inferior to anyone else, and you don't need to act out to gain my attention?"
            "Yes, sir," she replied, turning her face away as she blew her nose.  She undoubtedly looked a sight with her swollen red eyes, runny nose and tear-stained cheeks.
            He crooked a finger under her chin.  "Look at me, Kate."  She obeyed with a catch in her breath.  "I've let you off lightly this time.  Perhaps too lightly.  Have I convinced you to start paying closer heed to my warnings, and obey me?"
            Lowering her hands to her lap, she gazed into his dark brown eyes.  "Yes, sir."
            "Good.  I am satisfied you have learned your lesson."  At her obvious sigh of relief, he added, "Now, will you let me make love to you?"

 I hope you enjoyed Kate and Peter's interaction, now tell me why Kate received this punishment spanking and return to Spankee Doodle Dandy's main page for more reader fun.  Spankee Doodle Dandy Main Page And don't forget to leave your e-mail address if you want to be entered to win one of my books.


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  48. Thanks to everyone who replied and said they enjoyed my excerpt. I'm in the process of selecting a winner now, and will update with the winner's name here. I hope everyone had fun, I know I certainly enjoyed reading all the entries.

  49. My winner for the Spankee Doodle Dandy Event is Erzabet Bishop. Erzabet, I'll send you an e-mail under separate cover so you can choose your book.

    Thanks to all who entered. Unfortunately, I had to disqualify anyone who didn't leave an e-mail address because I have no way to contact you.

    Hope you all have a wonderful summer or winter, depending where in the world you are.


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