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Sneak Peek Sunday - June 16 - Mortal Illusions #SPeekSunday #Vampires #MFRWAuthor

For a vampire, love means watching someone you care about die.

Happy Father's Day to all.  Sneak Peek Sunday is a weekly excerpt hop where each author shares six paragraphs from a published work or a WIP (work in progress).

My submission for this week is from my 1st book, Mortal Illusions. A vampire romance published by New Concepts Publishing, Mortal Illusions is currently the first in a series of 3 books.  Its sequel, Fatal Desire, is currently under production.

In this excerpt, which is the beginning of the first chapter, Germaine St. Justine has sensed his former lover's pain and visits her in the hospital in an effort to ease her suffering.  Aware she wasn't asleep, though her body was turned away from him, he bent over to press a kiss against her temple.

             Although her eyes remained shut, her smile widened and he knew she was awake.
            “It can't be time to take my temperature again, John,” she murmured in a voice so husky it made him wonder if she enjoyed John's nightly visitations.
            Pressing his lips to her ear, Germaine whispered, “I fear you are to be sorely disappointed, madam, for I am not--John.”
            “Oh.”  She exhaled slowly, and Germaine could feel the effort it took for her to talk.  “Then it must be Michael, here for my nightly back rub.”
            “You mistake me, still,” he replied, smiling inwardly at her teasing even as he longed to bring her ease.  “I should be honored, however, to perform such a gallant service in that tardy gentleman's stead.”  His fingers sought the area between her shoulders and gently kneaded the muscles inclined to stiffen and cramp due to their enforced idleness.
            Her moan of pleasure was so sweet that Germaine felt his body respond with a piercing need.  It had been a long time since he'd been with a woman.  Nearly a quarter century, but he wasn't there to romance her.  Placing a firm restraint upon himself, he asked almost casually, “Tell me, who comes nightly to take a sample of your blood?”

A vampire's blood has many healing properties, and though Germaine can't cure Marguerite, he is able to smooth the pathway she must take for her final journey.

M/F, Contemporary vampire romance in a society based on D/s.

Read the first three chapters at: Mortal Illusions

Buy the book at NCPAmazonBarnes & Noble, or ARe

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