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Wanton Wednesday - 7/16/14 - A Simple Misunderstanding - Jerry makes his point #SpankingRomance #CorbinsBend

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Today is the official release day for my new Corbin's Bend novel, A Simple Misunderstanding, but Blushing Books surprised me by releasing it one day early.  A winner has been selected on Maren's blog, and she's giving away another book in the CB series today.  So, to celebrate I'm sharing another excerpt, a sexy one in honor of Wanton Wednesday.

He came to her rescue when she needed him most, almost to lose her when she disobeyed him.

In this scene, which occurs near the end of the book, Eleanor Benson (Elly) has moved in with Gerald Douglas (Jerry) after she is released from the hospital, still recovering from injuries she received from her husband.  Unfortunately, she's already broken several of Jerry's rules, so he decides they should continue the punishment spanking he'd started a few hours earlier, after which he would pleasure her until she climaxed.  Since she isn't fully healed, he's using a flip-flop or thong rather than his hand.  The plastic shoe makes a great sound, but barely stings, so the punishment is more mental than physical.  He's asked her to repeat "I will be honest about my injuries," since she lied about some bruises she received, claiming they were "nothing."  We're in Elly's POV, and she's the first one to speak.  Let's see how they're doing

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. Honest. I thought I was making things better, not worse.”
“I realize your intentions weren’t purposeful, Elly, but lying never improves a situation, and it’s one of my cardinal rules. I won’t lie to you, so I expect you always to be honest with me. Understand?”
            “Yes, sir. Except I just broke your other rule about speaking without permission—twice.”
“True. I should add swats for such blatant disobedience, but if I do, you won’t tell me what you’re thinking, and I think openness is more important than following rules. So, no extra punishment for attempting to alleviate guilt. Now repeat your words.”
She did as he asked, and with every downward stroke he reminded her why he considered lying to be destructive. His method worked so well, each subsequent swat left her more abject than the previous one; until he reassured her once the punishment was over, the slate would be clean between them. Even so, the slight pain in her backside wasn’t what caused her tears to flow. Her heart ached when she realized how gentle and kind he’d been to her, and how awful she’d been to him in return. By the tenth stroke, she was sobbing again.
“Shh, sweetie. Those first ten are over, done with and forgotten. Now, let’s see what I can do about changing your sobs into gasps of pleasure.” Turning her so she sat on his lap, he pressed his lips to hers while his fingers slipped between her legs.
Her hips jerked as his rough finger pad began teasing tender, sensitive flesh.
With a gasp, Elly leaned against the rock hard shoulder supporting her as she clutched the firmly muscled arm stretched across her hip. Their tongues entwined, she panted into his mouth as her fingers found and wrapped around warm, freckled skin sprinkled with soft curling hairs, and her knees parted and lifted in wanton invitation. His touch remained light, as though seeking to coax her into a passionate frenzy. Elly didn’t need coaxing, she wanted to be taken, not courted, yet pleasure sparked inside her as she jerked again, desperate for more than his fingers, but eagerly accepting what he offered.
Their lips fused and her torso stretched, striving toward the ever-elusive pinnacle of fulfillment she desired so badly her entire body trembled with need. Want, desire, lust, need and love all struggled for dominance as her lover increased the pressure he applied ever so slightly. Then two fingers slid between her slick folds as his thumb continued to tease the tiny aching nub that wept for release.
Pumping her hips in rhythm with his strokes, she dug her nails into his arm and moaned into his mouth. He slid his fingers into her warm wetness and continued to stroke. “I need you,” she murmured against his lips.
“I’m here, Elly. Right beside you.”


Elly needs to learn that lying to Jerry will never be acceptable under any circumstance. However, lying to him about the state of her health or well-being will definitely earn her OTK time.

M/F Domestic Discipline in Colorado.


Though Arthur and Eleanor Benson have been practicing domestic discipline for three months since their wedding, he insists moving to Corbin's Bend, where domestic discipline is the norm rather than the exception, will revitalize their marriage. Elly has doubts, but since Arthur is the undisputed head of their household, they move. However, once Arthur becomes immersed in a community where spanking is not only permitted, but encouraged, his personality undergoes a dramatic change. Accusing his submissive wife of being lazy, disorganized and disobedient, he employs creative methods of pain and humiliation to mold Elly from the imperfect woman he married into the perfect woman he desires. And Elly finds herself a virtual prisoner in her own home, accountable only to the man who rules her life with a cane.

In his years as a vet, Jerry Douglas has seen what abuse does to animals, and he recognizes those same signs in Elly Benson during her daily escape to the dog park with her tiny poodle. Jerry steadfastly supports the tenets of domestic discipline and enjoys the freedom Corbin's Bend offers its residents, but he remains fiercely protective of anyone in need of a champion. And when he witnesses evidence of harsh handling, his instinct is to rush in and rescue. Problem is Elly Benson is a married and consenting adult who insists all her bruises and welts are nothing more than a simple misunderstanding between her and her husband, until the day Arthur Benson takes his authority and discipline one-step too far, endangering Elly's life.

A Simple Misunderstanding is available at the following locations.

Blushing Books
Barnes & Noble

I will also have a page on my web site where I will be offering a sample of the first three chapters.  A Simple Misunderstanding is currently the only novel in the Corbin's Bend line up, and it's receiving some excellent reviews on the Blushing site.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and have a very Wanton Wednesday of your own. 

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  1. Congratulations on the early release Kathryn! I'm so thrilled to have won a copy from Maren's blog. Thank you both so much, it made my day:)I love the premise an can't wait to start reading.



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