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#SatSpanks - 10/31/2020 - "Lessons in Love" - Just one more #DomesticDisicpline #OfficeRomance #Executive


She needed a job, he needed a personal assistant. It seemed like a match made in heaven until he laid out the rules he expected her to follow.

Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  

My submission for this week is a selection from my sixth spanking book, Lessons in Love.

"Lessons in Love" centers around a wealthy business owner who believes in helping his executive admins using politically incorrect, H.R.unapproved, and therefore clandestine, Domestic Discipline techniques.  Since DD isn't for everyone, he does tend to go through admins rather frequently.  However, he also makes sure if they choose not to work for him because of his unorthodox management style, that they are given another suitable position in his company if they wish to stay, or a handsome severance package if they choose to leave.

In her discussion meeting with Mr. Peterson, Pam lets it slip that Krista talked to her about Peterson's previous assistant.  His lips set in a firm line, Mr. Peterson promptly calls Krista into his office. When Pam immediately leaps to her friend's defense, her boss pulls a thin paddle from his desk's top drawer. This time Krista is the one to protest as she demands to know if Pam consented to follow Peterson's program. Terrified Krista will be fired for her slip, Pam she blurts out that she'll agree to Mr. Peterson's discipline. With a nod, he sends Krista home for the rest of the day and orders Pam to stand in the corner. After a few minutes, he asks her to tell him why she's being punished. She knows why. She'd been disrespectful by cutting him off and continuing to state her case even after he cautioned her to be silent. She knows he won't really hurt her, and he isn't trying to humiliate her, but the embarrassment is almost too much for her to bear. And despite all her efforts to do as he asked, this spanking hurt.

"Oww!" He didn't return to the stroking, which she missed. Soon the sharp sting mellowed to a warm tingle. Not entirely unpleasant, but tender nonetheless. Nothing more happened, then she recalled what she was supposed to do, except saying the word would only bring his hand down again. She clutched the tissue to her nose. Ridiculously, she wanted to cry. He hadn't hurt her, but she still wanted to cry. Finally, her breathing slowed, and she lowered her head again. Eyes closed, she murmured, "One."

The second strike seemed even harder than the first, and she kicked out with a sob.

"Ow. That hurts."

He said nothing, nor did he move until she tried to rub her throbbing butt. Capturing her wrist, he restrained it at the small of her back.

"No. Hands stay forward. You are not to reach behind you or touch your bottom in any way until I give you permission to do so."

"But it hurts."

"I realize that, but, while the sting dies down, think about how stinging your disobedience was to me as well."

"Not that bad," she countered.

"I refuse to argue the point. You have your instructions, and I expect you to follow them, even if you don't want to."

Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she scrubbed at them with her free hand. She had just one more to get through, and this punishment would be over. Except this was only the first of many yet to come if his warnings weren't exaggerated. Emotionally, she felt raw and exposed, while his silent presence shielded her from feeling abused and mistreated. Though his swats weren't gentle by any means, his voice and quiet remonstrance was.

Pam Weston has worked in Robert Peterson's company for nearly six months as a temp when she is reassigned to the President's office.  She has caught glimpses of Mr. Peterson when she temped on the executive floor, but she never expected she'd be summoned to work for him.  Pam has a criminal record and a murky past, which has made her practically unemployable, and yet now H.R. has assigned her to work for the president of their company, and after her first day she suspects working for Mr. Peterson will be a very different experience.


Pam Weston didn't have many choices as far as employment went. Her prison sentence saw to that. With limited secretarial skills, and an even more limited budget, she never considered herself executive material. So, when she was ordered to report to the CEO of her company as his new personal assistant, she fully expected to be checking out the "Help Wanted" section of the paper before the day was over.

Robert Peterson knew his management style was not HR approved, but he believed in using the stick as well as the carrot. Employing the tenets of domestic discipline, he helped mold his personal assistants into confident women who recognized their own self-worth. Even so, his unorthodox methods were only one of the reasons many considered the position of his assistant to be a revolving door. To Rob's mind, Pamela Weston was perfect for his purposes, though given her past he expected convincing her would be a challenge.

Lessons in Love (click to read first chapter)

M/F, DD on the executive floor.

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  1. Great snippet Kathryn, love the last paragraph!


  2. Excellent snippet, Kathryn! I love the action of a good spanking, but even more I like delving into the thoughts and feelings of the whole experience.


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