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#SatSpanks - 5/3/14 - A Dom's Dilemma - Kelly gets a rectal exam #BDSM #Spanking

She needed his protection, except he insisted on her honest submission first.

Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  

My submission for this week is from my first BDSM novel, A Dom's Dilemma, published by Blushing Books.  I'm picking up exactly where we left off last time.

In this scene, Jim, a former Texan who works as a police detective by day and lives and plays as a Dom by night, is in the Velvet Chains BDSM medical station working with his new submissive, Kelly Franklin.  When Kelly balks, Jim suspects fear, rather than brattiness, is responsible for her reaction.  After giving her repeated opportunities to tell him what's bothering her, he decides to continue with his original agenda.  However, when Kelly discovers he intends to give her an enema, her fear increases exponentially, which validates his suspicions, but doesn't address Kelly's lack of trust or stubborn refusal to obey.  So, after reminding his reluctant sub what BDSM is about, Jim gives her an ultimatum.  Say her safe word or submit.  Kelly agrees to do as he wants, though a persistent inner voice urges her to run away.  Jim assures her the procedure will be over before she knows it.

(Note: excerpt is a little longer this week, but some of the sentences are short.)

            Kelly doubted his reassuring words, but didn't argue.  After Masters James and George secured her to the table, the way they had earlier, Master James gave her another kiss.  Straightening, he motioned Master George to take a position near her head as he moved to stand between her legs and put on a new pair of gloves.
            "All right, Kelly.  I need you to bear down, darlin'.  Can you do that for me?"
            With a tearful nod, Kelly squinted and obeyed.  She heard his softly spoken praise as his well-lubed finger slid into her.  She didn't mean to jerk, but even that gentle intrusion caused every muscle in her body to tense.
            "Easy, Kelly," he cautioned, pressing down on her tummy to feel the position of her uterus and other organs.  Though he professed not to be a doctor, he certainly displayed the expertise of one.
            She didn't like what he was doing, but he wasn't hurting her.  If anything, he examined her more gently than her 'real' doctor did, which she didn't enjoy either, but managed to work up enough courage to endure every year.

Withholding valuable information from a Dom is not a wise course of action for a sub to take.

M/F, Kinky happenings in rural Connecticut.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at A Dom's Dilemma 

Buy the book directly from Blushing BooksAmazonARE

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  1. Very brave of her! I love the care he took with this.


  2. It's nice that he's gentle, but she's still obviously not having a good time. I'm hoping things will look up for her


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