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Sneak Peek Sunday - November 24 - Arrested by Love #SPeekSunday #Spanking #Romance

He caught her speeding in a school zone and decided she needed to learn even civil disobedience could have very painful consequences.

Welcome to the first Sneak Peek Sunday of June.  For Sneak Peek Sunday we share six paragraphs from a published work or a WIP (work in progress).

My submission for this week is from my 3rd book, Arrested by Love.  A handsome, but strict, police officer  decides a spoiled socialite needs a special lesson in obeying the law.

Tiffany Morgan has been in love with Kyle Sinclair since she was ten years old, when he'd turned her over his knee for attempting to swim in a raging white water river. Though she'd been furious with him at the time, Tiffany never told her family what Kyle did. Instead, she began trailing after him like an annoying younger sister as she tried to gain his attention.

Now, eleven years later, Kyle, a patrol officer, is finding it much more difficult to maintain his distance from the irresistible and vivacious redhead who continues to invent ingenious ways to attract his interest. Though he dismissed her initial attraction to him as infatuation, as she grew-up, his own feelings of desire and protectiveness deepened. So, despite his constant struggle to resist the spirited little minx's lures, Kyle finally has to admit that he is losing the battle--badly.

In this excerpt from Chapter One, Tiffany Morgan deliberately breaks the law in order to get Kyle Sinclair's attention.  This isn't the first time she's gone out of her way to bait the police officer, so she is familiar with the routine.  Unfortunately, she's just admitted she knew she was speeding, which he considers to be a rash, reckless and punishable offense.  He is the process of writing her a ticket along with a recommendation she attend mandatory driver's training, when Tiffany gathers up her courage and propositions him.  Though she is obviously playing the flirt, rather than see the humor in her teasing, Kyle informs her she's overstepped her bounds, slaps handcuffs on her and escorts her to the back of his cruiser.  Leaving her to sit and think about what she did, he recalls the other times he'd had to come to the reckless young woman's rescue.

             After Kyle knocked out the moron who'd been mauling Tiffany, he picked her up in his arms to cuddle and reassure her, despite his deep anger over her complete lack of judgment in the guys she dated.  He'd discovered pretty quickly that she'd filled out quite nicely over the years, and he was attracted to her in a way that made it difficult for him to keep his distance, even though he was determined to try.
            So, when she'd finally settled, he first made sure the cretin hadn't hurt her, then he spent time talking to her.  Okay, maybe he'd been lecturing more than talking, but she'd needed a good scare in his opinion.  She could have been badly hurt if he hadn't "happened along."  And that thought alone made him madder than a wasp with an agenda, as well as supremely protective.
            Had she remained scared and tearful, he probably would have just escorted her home after he'd finished giving her a sternly worded warning on the perils of dating guys who had more body ink than brains.  However, Tiffany took extreme umbrage over his well-intentioned reprimand and began to tell him off for daring to lecture her.  Then she, in a very unwise move on her part, started shouting some of the same filthy epithets the dickwad he'd just cold-cocked had dared to spout earlier.
            Carefully governing his temper, and showing remarkable restraint, he'd warned her three times that she was treading water in dangerous places.  And when she topped things off by hitting him in the chest and calling him a sanctimonious bastard, he growled that he had run out of patience with her.  And without warning, he flipped her over, so she lay stomach down on his lap, pushed her panties down and administered fifteen good whacks on her bare bottom for insulting a police officer.  He only stopped when she tearfully pleaded out an apology and promised to do whatever he said in the future.
            After the punishment was over, he made her stay in position while he spread a medicinal lotion over her bright pink posterior.  She was a very fair green-eyed redhead who bruised far too easily, in his opinion.  Though the peppermint-scented emollient served to soothe and protect fair skin, it stung like the very devil when first applied to firmly paddled bottoms.  God, you'd have thought he was killing her with the way she'd struggled, screamed, begged and cried.  She carried on far worse while he was spreading the creamy liquid over her curvy backside than she had when he'd originally punished her, except his grip was unbreakable.
            When the lotion's anesthetic properties finally kicked in, she calmed down and let him finish tending her, occasionally expressing her approval by giving soft little moans of pleasure.  Unfortunately, he couldn't help but admire her round and now rosy pink buttocks as he continued to stroke her, and really didn't want to stop.  When his erection grew too painful to ignore, he helped her turn back over so she could sit up, but he didn't let her go.  He couldn't.  She was simply far too delicious for him to release, and she wanted to be kissed.

Kyle should have realized then that he'd been fighting a lost cause, but Tiffany was used to an extravagant lifestyle and he was merely a cop, which made a relationship between them nearly impossible. So, even though he was determined to keep his distance from the lady, he wasn't above teaching her a lesson she wouldn't forget for a long time to come.

M/F, DD and sexy spankings in rural Connecticut.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Arrested by Love

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