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Saturday Spankings - November 30 - Acting Lessons #SatSpanks #Spanking #Romance

Peter loved Kate with all his being, but that didn't mean he'd tolerate an ultimatum from her.

Reading this material at Work could get you spanked.

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.  This includes administering a spanking when she needs one.  

My submission for this week is from my third spanking romance titled, Acting Lessons
He was a strict and demanding college professor turned professional director who excelled at giving acting lessons.  She was his shy and uncertain former student who became a professional actress under his tutelage.  They fell in love, married, and won two Tony Awards before tragedy struck and a simple kiss ripped them apart.

After a six month separation, Peter Thorton decides to take matters into his own hands by making his famous wife, Kate, an offer she wouldn't refuse.  Plainly put, he wants her back and he intends to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal, even if it means giving his stubborn, willful leading lady a daily reminder over his knee that she promised to obey him.

Setup: early in the first chapter, Peter Thorton is attempting to convince his wife, Kate, to give their marriage a second chance by signing her to appear with him in a College Summer Stock production of "Kiss Me Kate."  Kate isn't sure she can trust Peter with her heart again, since she believes he's been unfaithful to her, but she's never stopped loving him.  And though Domestic Discipline originally played a part in their marriage, their last two years together had them living like polite strangers sharing the same house.  Peter realizes he made a mistake in letting Kate do as she pleased, so he's determined to rectify matters. Kate, however, believed he was bluffing, so to prove his point, Peter takes her over his knee in her agent's office.  Wisely, the man excused himself and let Peter handle Kate as he saw fit.  However, after a few swats Kate realizes if she wants to be released, she will need to play by his rules.  At least for awhile.

              "Better.  Now, I told you to be silent, and I meant it.  All you have to do is lie still for a moment and listen while I tell you how things are going to change between us."
            "My arms hurt," she complained, furious she couldn't suppress the tears of frustration and defeat spilling from her eyes.
            "Then stop struggling," he scolded, his words emerging like a gentle caress as he released her wrists and lightly rubbed her arms to return the circulation.  "You only tense up when you fight me, and you won't win, you know?"
            Kate refused to concede, but she wasn't foolish enough to rise simply because he'd freed her hands.  Though she did pull her arms forward once he'd finished his massage.

Kate's is not in an enviable position at this point, even though Peter desires her agreement to his plan.
M/F, DD and a staged production of Kiss Me, Kate.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Acting Lessons

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  1. Mmmm, gotta love a dominant man who lays down the law. Loved it!

  2. I wonder who will get their way in the end? Great snippet, she's not ready to go along, but he's not going to give up.

  3. She'll surrender, after all she is an actress and used to taking direction. lol

  4. It sounds like she better start behaving! He is not one to tolerate disobedience is he?

  5. It might not be an enviable position, but I envy her for being in it. ;) I love stubborn heroines who never learn the first time. I love the defiant often hilarious 'chase' that ends up over an equally stubborn hero's knee. This is really one of my favorites from you.

  6. I really enjoyed this book. Peter was not to be trifled with, and Kate should have remembered that!

  7. It's funny; just as you find Edmund's reserve troubling, I balk a little at Peter's flatly telling Kate she won't win. I need to ponder that. Thanks!

  8. Just lie there and be quiet. It seems like such an easy thing to do, but...

  9. She will win, but if she does win she won't like it. She'll realize she wanted what he offered all along. Ah, do we ever make sense? Nice. :)

  10. Love the dialogue between these two. They’re meant to be together :)

  11. I agree on the dialogue, this couple just clicks right from the start!

  12. Love a heroine who does not give in easily.

  13. I don't think she's quite over her pique, so this is going to be a battle of wills. This is a fine book, Kathryn. I truly enjoyed it.

  14. Love the spark between these two. Bossy director and willful actress, great dialogue--I'm sold and off to buy the book.

  15. Such wonderful simplicity he puts forward. The massage of her arms is so sweet.


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