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#SciSpanks - Fatal Desire - 364 Days does not a Year Make #Vampires #Bloghop

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Now for my story.  I've chosen to use "Fatal Desire" again, because some of the characters in it are indeed "Out of this World."  "Fatal Desire" is my vampire romance sequel to "Mortal Illusions."  This scene happens fairly late in the second book.  Husband and wife for nine months, both the characters are vampires at this point, though Amanda is still in her first year as an immortal.  Any vampire less than one-year-old is considered an infant, and no vampire is permitted to take his/her blood until after the infant has passed its one-year mark to become a fledgling.  Unfortunately, Amanda wants Marcus badly, and she isn't above using some sneaky tactics to get him to nibble a little one day early.  Marcus is a former gladiator, and has the physique to match.  He is an honorable man who believes in living by strict rules that don't allow for much gray.  Let's see how Amanda fares in her efforts with her rigid, and dominant husband.

            Amanda slipped into a short, sexy nightgown with no panties and sought Marcus out in his private office.  He sat at his desk pouring over some designs for the haunted theme park he considered building.  Lost in concentration, he didn't glance up when she entered the room, which should have been a red flag.  Unfortunately, she was too horny to appreciate his more serious state of mind.
           Stepping behind his chair, she slid her fingers around the edges of his ears.  "Are you busy?" she asked in her sexiest voice.
           He spared her a look that questioned her intelligence, but said, "Yes, darling, I am.  Now go back upstairs and watch some TV or read while I finish this."
           "Then what?" she teased with a small pout.
           Putting down his papers, he gave her his full attention.  When he saw what she wore, he growled.  Literally.
           Taking the sound for the warning it was, Amanda raised her hands and backed up.  "It's only one day," she protested softly.  "We're on our honeymoon tomorrow.  Surely one day can't make that much difference."
           His face a stony mask, he said, "How long did I tell you we needed to wait?"
           "One year, but--"
           "Correct.  Is that year up today?"
           "No, but--"
           "Do you think I arbitrarily chose the time frame?"
           "No, but--"
           "Do you think you are the only one suffering?  No, you are not," he answered before she could. "And do you know why?  Because I have selflessly given you countless orgasms when you desired them, have I not?"
           "Yes, of course, but--"
           "But what?  I am denied the pleasure of finding my release in you as I wish.  I want nothing more than to sink my fangs in your sweet flesh, but I cannot.  Not until tomorrow night.  So, what is your purpose coming to me dressed as you are?  Do you wish to torture me?"
           Tears burned her eyes as she shook her head.
           "Then I suggest you go upstairs, before I demonstrate my current displeasure with you through more tangible means."
           "But, Marcus--"
           "No, Amanda!  And that is my final word on the subject.  Tempt me further tonight and you will be uncomfortable sitting on that plane tomorrow.  Do I make myself clear?"
           Despite the disappointment spearing through her, Amanda meekly answered, "Yes, Sir."
           "Then go."  The command was accompanied by his finger unnecessarily pointing the way to the door.
           Realizing he wouldn't relent, she turned and fled to their bedroom, then slammed the door.  Anger and frustration getting the best of her, she threw their wedding picture at the wall, but received no satisfaction when the glass shattered.  Less than a second later, he'd flashed to stand before her with his hands on his hips.  If he'd been angry before, he was livid now.
           "That tantrum, my love, has earned you five swats."  Sitting on the bed, he patted his knee.  "Take your position, please."
           "Go to Hell!" she shouted back, angry as well as scared he would carry out his threat, which was the exact opposite of what she'd wanted.
           "A simple no, would have earned you an extra swat," he advised, his tone and manner so frigid it gave her a chill.  "Swearing has earned you five more.  We're at ten now.  Care to go for fifteen?"
           She shook her head, struggling not to cry.  She didn't want a spanking; she wanted him to make love to her.  She swiped angrily at her tears, which fell despite her effort to hold them back, but his expression didn't change.
           "Take your position, please," he repeated firmly.
           "I'm sorry," she said in a near whisper.
           He regarded her for a moment, then shook his head. "Not good enough, I'm afraid."
           "Tomorrow is our anniversary and we're leaving for our honeymoon," she reminded him, clearly pointing out the obvious.
           "That is true, and you're undoubtedly going to be sore because of your childish actions."
           She winced.  "But I want us to have fun together, and I won't be able to if I'm hurting."
           "You should have considered that before you decided to tempt me beyond reason and throw a temper tantrum when I refused to cave in to your selfish whims."
           His tone sounded more disgruntled than angry, so she sidled closer to him.  When he showed no sign of reaching for her, she tentatively put her arm about his shoulders.  He didn't pull away, but his expression remained stern as he gazed up into her eyes.  Then she carefully lowered herself to sit on his lap.
           "Wrong way," he griped, but made no move to reposition her.
           Wrapping her arms about his neck, she leaned over to kiss his cheek.  "I love you," she said softly.
           His tone and expression softening, he said, "And I love you, but I am also very angry with you right now."
           "I know.  Can I do something else to make you less angry?  Something which won't be quite so painful for me?"
           "I'm hurting, too, Amanda.  More than you know.  I was willing to forgive your teasing, but I am not willing to overlook your infantile show of temper."
           "And if I refuse to comply?" she asked, more than a little afraid of his answer.
           "Then I hope you have fun in England alone, because I won't be going with you."
           She surged up off his lap.  "You can't possibly be serious.  Are you saying you won't go on our honeymoon if I refuse to let you spank me?"
           "Yes.  I'd say that's about it," he answered, crossing his arms over his chest.
           In an unconscious mimicry of his stance, she wrapped her arms about herself.  "I think I hate you right now."
           "The evening is early, yet.  I shouldn't have any difficulty turning that into a definitive statement by midnight."
           "Fine!"  Arms slapped to her sides, she glowered at him.  "I'll go by myself," she threatened, storming into the bathroom and slamming the door.
           "Congratulations.  You just made it to fifteen, darling," he called back.
           She flung herself down on the toilet neither of them used and gave vent to her anger by stomping her feet and hitting her thighs with her fists while taking care not to make a sound.
           "Throwing a tantrum in there is not acceptable either.  You're now up to twenty."
           "Argh!" she yelled back, lifting her fist in a gesture, which was far from polite. "What?  Am I forbidden from displaying any form of anger now?"
           "At the moment, yes.  And for every minute you delay this reckoning, I'm going to add a swat."
           She marched back into the room with her hands on her hips and called, "Pink"
           "An improper use of your safe word given I haven't touched you.  Let's see, for that I think--"
           "No more.  Please," she begged, her shoulders drooping with defeat.  Her every step filled with regret, she returned to him with tears welling in her eyes.  "I'll do it.  Okay?"
           He set his hands back on the bed so they were out of her way.  With a swallow and a groan of deep reluctance, she lowered herself across his knees and tensed as his left hand settled between her shoulders.  Then his right hand stroked her buttocks.  He often did that to get her to relax, since he claimed the spanking would hurt less if she didn't tense.  The irony of the action was not lost on her.
           He continued to stroke her.  "Should I make you count," he asked almost conversationally, and she clamped her jaws.  "No, don't tense.  I'm not hurting you, so there is no cause for you to tighten yourself."
           "I think the point is you intend to hurt me, and this delay is making me nervous," she complained.
           He smacked her, then.  Enough to make her nerves tingle, but not hard enough to hurt.
           "One," he announced, stroking her again.  She loosened her grip on his leg a little and released her breath.  Perhaps he would take pity on her after all.  The second swat was a tiny bit harder and she jerked in reaction, but even that one hadn't hurt, and his stroking soothed her before she could react to it.
           Finding pleasure in his touch, despite her position, Amanda closed her eyes and relaxed by letting her head and arms drop in surrender.
           "Three," he said still stroking her, then his hand slipped between her legs and conducted a teasing exploration.  Despite her body no longer making the same the lubrication it had when she was mortal, blood still pooled in her genitals when she was aroused, making her swell with need.
           "Four," he said as she arched and moaned at the pleasure he drew out of her during his exquisite torture.  His finger circled and stroked all around the tiny nubbin that throbbed for his caress as he studiously avoided it.  This, no doubt, served as a more subtle punishment.  Reminding her, he ached and desired as well and yet was denied.  Impatient and hungry, she whimpered and wiggled her bottom to signal him of her growing need.
           "Did you wish to tell me something, darling?" he asked as his finger skated ever so slightly over her pulsing flesh.
           Amanda tried pushing back against his fingers, but he held her too firmly.
           "No moving," he reminded with a light pat on her backside before he removed his hand.
           "Marcus!" she cried out in protest.  "Please.... I need you to--"
           Her words were cut off the moment his finger located and stroked the nose of her gazelle.  Tiny tingles coursed through her, and she whined.  She was so close.  Despite guiltily enjoying the attention he paid her, Amanda wanted and needed more.  And though she refused to complain about this new punishment, she was desperate to come.  Now.  Another stroke and she instinctively parted her legs to give him better access.  His finger unerringly sought and caressed exactly where she needed it and she arched into his palm as her orgasm started to build when he drew his hand back and gave her another swat.  A painful one.
           "Ow!" she protested, turning to glare at him.
           "Five," he said, stroking her backside again.  Though he didn't appear angry, he did look resolved.
           He hadn't let her come, but the swat managed to squelch her need for the moment.  Worried he was about to get serious, she gripped his leg again and heard him chuckle softly.  Wanting to growl and bite him, she gritted her teeth.  He was enjoying this far too much for her peace of mind.
           "Since you feel it's time I put a little more sting into this punishment of yours, for the next five you have my permission to cry out, if you wish, but I do not want you to rise from my lap.  Understand?"
           At her nod, the five stinging swats were delivered so quickly, she almost couldn't tell them apart.  Those hurt enough to bring tears to her eyes, but she remained in place and kept her lips clamped.  She hissed out her discomfort when he went back to stroking, but he ignored her complaint.  Instead, with each caress that traveled from the small of her back to the fleshy tops of her thighs, he counted out the next five numbers, to fifteen.
           Relaxed again, she closed her eyes.  He'd never mixed pain and pleasure before, and she wasn't sure she liked the combination.  Her backside felt warm and tight, but the tingles weren't unpleasant, which surprised and confused her.  Though she still wanted to come, she let her body go completely limp as he tenderly stroked away any lingering discomfort
           "Five more to go, and your punishment will be complete," he announced, his hand rubbing with purpose now.
           She gave a small moan.

Now for my prize!

My latest book, a Corbin's Bend novel, is due out from Blushing Books on July 16.  So, I will be offering an eBook copy of any one of my books, including an ARC of A Simple Misunderstanding, to the winner I select who can answer the following question(s):

Marcus slowly adds to the count he intends to give Amanda until she caves and accepts his punishment.  How high does the count get before Amanda agrees to let Marcus spank her, and do you think he's being too inflexible with Amanda?

Leave a comment below with the answer along with your e-mail address.  We'll be announcing the winners of the grand prizes as well as the winners of our own blogs on July 2nd.  Happy hunting!  I now return you to continue your visits by going back to Governing Ana.


  1. He reaches four swats and she caves. Although I don't think he's being to nice to her, personally I would have added to the torture some *ewg* by tweeking a nipple while talking or something similar! Heather Fortman "W"

  2. Great excerpt, Kathryn. I so enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading the whole story. Wish Dan would go slow like this when I get spanked. Sometimes he makes me feel like a drum! The mix of pain and pleasure is just right though - makes me feel hot just reading it.


  3. Good excerpt. I look forward to reading this.

  4. Pain and pleasure, a great mix, you can't go wrong with it ;) Love your vamps!

    1. And missed the question, sorry! I think she caves before the very first swat. He is being rigid but I quite like it, adds to thrill of her challenging him.

  5. Cute story that ends very sexy...20 swats if you mean when does she cave and accept that she will be spanked!

  6. I believe 15 is the correct number as that is when Amanda goes completely limp. Marcus was definitely not too inflexible on Amanda at all. Thanks for participating in the Hop. VIP

  7. Really enjoyed your story...would love to be along on the honeymoon. ;) He was up to 20 swats and heading for more when she finally decided to accept her punishment. I really don't think he's being overly rigid for all her temper tantrums. ;) Thanks for sharing.

    Cat VIP AMB
    catsbrighteyes (at) gmail dot com

  8. He reached 20 before she accepted the punishment. I did not think he was being inflexible on her... she threw a temper tantrum... Once she submitted he stopped even though he could have added more for using her safe word. Thanks. I will need to add your books to my tbr list, this was fabulous.

  9. Hello,
    What a delightful story! Marcus was up to 20 swats before Amanda gave in. She was given several warnings....(Ameliah Faith W AMB)

  10. Wow! I really loved that!! Well, it was fifteen completed and then another five as you ended maybe 15 and five more coming? I might be over thinking the question.. haha Thank you so much for participating!
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  11. He reached a count of 20 before she submitted to being punished, and I don't think he was being inflexible with her. Rather, she was being selfish and bratty.

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    Thank you for all the work you do for Sci Spanks!

  20. He reached 20 swats before she agreed because she didn't want him to add any more. I don't know about him being too inflexible. In my mind a good dominate man is one that is pretty strict. He knows when to bend and when not to.

  21. A great story! Marcus gets up to 20 and is threatening more before she finally caves. I don't think he's too hard on her if this kind of relationship has already been established between them.

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  28. See, this is tricky. I want to say Amanda caved with the "I'm sorry" before Marcus even started counting, but I'm thinking the answer is probably 20. It's too hard to judge inflexibility without seeing more of this relationship, but from what's here, it seems like the rules have long been established and Marcus is the boss. Amanda probably should have quit long before she even thought of putting on her secy little something. ;)

    A wonderful snippet, Kathryn. I kind of wanted to whack Marcus and climb into his lap at the same time. Thanks for the great read!

  29. In all honesty I think he was right. If she is going to act like a child she should take the punishment. He reminded her she was a woman in doing so as well. He got to 20 before she agreed

  30. What a tease! I feel that this punishment is a lot more challenging in that it is so much more frustrating than a regular spanking. I believe he reached 20 before she decided to accept her punishment. And no, I don't think he was being inflexible with her because she was certainly pushing his patience.

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  35. He reached 20 swats before she finally accepted, and I dont think he was she was obviously pushing his buttons and getting worse so I believe he was in the right! Thanks for excerpt loved it!

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  36. 20

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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  39. She reached 20 before she finally caved. :) "the nose of her gazelle"? LOL

  40. Thanks to everyone who read and commented. I'll be publishing a Prize Winner's post on Thursday, since I have a post already scheduled for Wednesday (today). However, I will say that Renee M. is my personal winner. She'll get a reader's choice of my books. I also want to say that with only one day left, I thought Marcus was being a bit inflexible, but he's that sort of guy. Black and white, no gray, 50 shades or otherwise.


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