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SPeekSunday - 3/2/14 - Deadly Enchantment - Serena reveals herself #SPeekSunday #Shapeshifters #ParanormalRomance

An unhappy shape shifter can be a dangerous companion....

For Sneak Peek Sunday authors share six paragraphs from a published work or a WIP (work in progress).

My excerpt for this week is from my 2nd book, Deadly Enchantment.  A shapeshifting wizard romance set in Victorian England published by New Concepts Publishing, 

In this snippet, which occurs near the end of the first Chapter, Dominic Westcroft has returned from London to discover his sister has invited several young women to his home, so he can select a new bride.  Except, Dominic has no intention of ever marrying again.  However, when he suspects one of their guests possesses magical abilities she's trying to keep hidden, he decides to have the ladies join him for dinner, so he can rout her out.  Once his guests have recovered from the walking soup tureen,  the carving utensils begin hacking away at their entree.  The golden-brown goose rose on its sturdy hind legs and began flapping its crispy little wings as it attempted to escape being carved into serving bits, causing a few of the women to cry out in dismay at the carnage.  Realizing Westcroft's intent, Serena called an end to the charade by announcing herself.

            The chaos came to an abrupt end.  The bird returned to its serving platter, the cutlery fell harmlessly to the table and the vegetables lay inert as normal vegetables were wont to do.
            Dominic Westcroft rose.  “So, our little sorceress reveals herself at last.  I wondered what it would take to get you to step forward.”
            “You’re mad,” Serena countered, knowing it wasn’t wise to rile a person who’d lost all semblance of reason, but unable to think of anything else to say in response to his accusation.
            “Not quite yet, my dear.  Though I’ve been assured that the journey isn’t a long one for me.”  Then he raised his hands and shot a bolt of energy that knocked Serena back into her chair and momentarily robbed her of breath.  The sensation was similar to a hard shove.  Not painful exactly, but by no means gentle either.
            The women, who had remained conscious, including Katherine, all scrambled to get away from him.  They collectively ran to the doors leading to the hallway only to discover the wooden portals were locked.  Like Serena, they were trapped in the room with the Wizard of the West.
            “What, no response?” he queried Serena mockingly.  “Surely you can do better than hiss at me like an enraged kitten.”

Dominic Westcroft has caught the mouse with his trap, now he intends to expose her for the deceitful liar he takes her to be.
M/F, Shape shifting  wizards in Victorian England.

Read the first three chapters at: Deadly Enchantment

Available at NCPAmazonBarnes & Noble or ARe

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  1. Nice! I like the way he thinks. Good peek.

  2. When my sons where still home and they'd gotten on my last nerve, I'd tell them they were driving me crazy. The oldest would quip, "Well, Mom, in your case, it'll be a short trip." So your hero's remark made me chuckle as it brought forth that memory. You have great vivid writing.

  3. Oh- this is going to be a volatile relationship. Nicely done.

  4. This reminds me of Eraserhead!


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