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HornyHDay - 3/12/14 - Mortal Illusions - Vampires seduce the mind as well as the body #HornyHDay #Vampires #Paranormal

Most vampires drink blood, but not all of them go for the neck.

This material is Not Safe For Work. If you’re not over 18, please explore elsewhere.

Welcome to Horny Hump Day, a regular Wednesday feature! In this blog loop, we hope to provide you with tiny little tidbits of the most sexy and sensuous moments in our books. Just 3 sentences. The books might be already published, works-in-progress, or even classic literature we think you’ll like.  (Note: sentence-wise I'm over today, but I didn't want to combine Germaine's three to make them one sentence, and I needed to finish his thought.  Sorry.)

This post for HHD is from my 1st book, Mortal Illusions. A vampire romance published by New Concepts Publishing, Mortal Illusions is currently the first in a series of 3 books.  Its sequel, Fatal Desire, is currently under production.


This snippet occurs about a third way into the book after Claire Daniels has finally convinced Germaine St. Justine, the two hundred year-old vampire she hopes will ultimately save her brother's life, to make love. Claire's convinced herself she knows what she's getting into, but she's quickly learning her preconceived notions are wrong.  Possibly dead wrong, because not only can making love to a vampire be fatally addictive, they are able to read thoughts and feelings...

            Seeking reassurance for an experience that was as alien to her as it was wondrous, Claire gazed at him with uncertainty.  “Was it as pleasurable for you as it was for me?”
            "More so.  Linked as we are, my pleasure is doubled through yours.  Your feelings are extended to me directly through your thoughts and body.”

Though a vampire's bite can be painful, the pleasure it ultimately brings is pure ecstasy, but as is the issue with anything that offers absolute pleasure, you always want more.

M/F, Contemporary vampire romance in a society based on D/s.

Read the first three chapters at: Mortal Illusions

Buy the book at NCPAmazonBarnes & Noble or ARe.

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  1. Now that is what I call a sensual connection!

  2. Such an intimate connection! XX

  3. Double your pleasure, double your fun indeed! Sensual snippet!

  4. Very sensual, Kathryn;)

  5. Almost too much to bear with it's doubled like that. I love their intimacy.


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