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Six Sentence Sunday - January 15 - Deadly Enchantment

This material is Not Safe For Work. If you’re not over 18, please explore elsewhere.

Welcome to my 6SS, a regular Sunday feature that I will also be posting on the New Concepts Publishing blog. In this feature, I hope to provide you with tiny little tidbits of the most sexy and sensuous moments in my books. Just 6 sentences, that I intend to build from my Horny Hump Day 3 sentence feature. The books might be already published, works-in-progress, or even sentences from other sexy books I think you’ll like.  Of course, I will properly attribute all works, even mine

My current post for 6SS, is from my 2nd book, Deadly Enchantment. A shape-shifting wizard romance published by New Concepts Publishing, Deadly Enchantment concerns a young psychic woman facing off with the dark wizard of Ravenscroft, whom she is convinced has brutally slaughtered her sister in a fit of jealousy on their wedding night. In this segment, Serena Cunningham, disguised as the sister of her cousin, has been coerced into submitting to Dominic Wescroft's purity validation.  Although she expects him to validate her virginity, she never imagined she'd find pleasure when he delves into the dark recesses of her body and mind.

* * * * *

While slowly moving his finger in and out of her in a way that had Serena moaning like a cat in heat, Westcroft bent forward until his lips practically touched her ear.  “Give into the feeling, Serena.  I want you to take pleasure from my touch in the same way I take pleasure from touching you.”
Unable to stop, even if she’d wanted to, Serena arched her back while her body sapped every inch of will from her conscious mind.  Her hips met his deep, intimate stroking with an instinctive, wanton rhythm.  “Please,” she begged, uncertain what it was she wanted, but certain she would die if he stopped.

* * * * *

M/F, Shape shifting wizards in Victorian England.

Read the first three chapters at Deadly Enchantment

Buy the book at NCP, Amazon or Barnes & Noble (links are available at the above page).

I hope you enjoyed this nibble. Your comments are encouraged. Please stop by the NCP authors’ site to get a peek at some of their fine offerings for Six Sentence Sunday.

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