Friday, January 20, 2012

Frisky Fridays - Naughty Playthings and Serious Punishments

Okay, for this Friday, I decided to include pictures of some toys I found at Adam and Eve.  Now, I'm not really a "toy" person, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy looking at some pictures and wondering.  (Hey, I'm a fiction writer, remember?  I'm allowed to wonder about such things.)

I also came across an article about DD (Domestic Discipline) that concerned "silent spankings."  Now, I'm far from being an expert on DD or even BDSM for that matter, but I'd never heard of these before.  So, in between the toys, I'll add the post I read about "silent spankings," which are spankings that need to be given when sounds of crying or swats aren't really an option.

Note: DD does not condone D/s (Dominance and Submission) although in my mind, the two can have a lot in common as long as there is mutual respect, trust and total consent involved between two adults.  Partners in DD may not agree with me.

Adam and Eve Sexy Slave Kit

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Silent Spankings

There are times when you can't spank the "traditional" way in the privacy of your own home.  Sometimes you're out of town, or sometimes you have guests at the house, or sometimes you just simply don't have the time if you need to be somewhere soon.  Silent spankings offer an alternative to the traditional way of spanking and, if done properly, can yield the results you're looking for.

There are two forms of silent spankings I'm comfortable with recommending.  The first one can be done very quickly.

Silent Spanking Option #1: Capsaicin Cream - This cream is actually intended for arthritis, but when applied the bare skin of the buttocks it creates a very intense burning sensation similar to the results of a spanking.  This is a powerful "spanking" alternative, so please be careful when using this cream.  Don't use too much.  It creates an extremely painful burning sensation.  

The husband applies a very small amount of this cream (about the size of a drop of water) to the bare skin of his wife's buttocks (on each cheek) and rubs it in thoroughly, similar to how one would rub lotion into one's skin.  The sting takes a minute or two to intensify, but the burning sensation will continue to intensify for the next 30 minutes or so.  It feels exactly like a rather serious spanking.  Rubbing the buttocks afterwards can intensify the stinging, and water (i.e. a shower) can make it worse as well.

The buttocks will turn red in approximately 30-45 minutes after applying the Capsaicin Cream.  The stinging can last for hours, depending on how much cream you apply.  This is a very intense burning sensation, so I recommend no more than the amount I've specified above on each cheek.  It will get you the results you're looking for, I promise.  It's very very intense.

The whole process of applying the cream takes 2-3 minutes.  Read all information on the label, and make sure your spouse is not allergic to any of the ingredients within the Capsaicin Cream before applying to the bare skin.

Bengay can also be used. 

Adam and Eve Frisky Feather Duster

Silent Spanking Option #2: Heating Pad - This option takes some time since the pad has to heat up in order to be effective.  That can take up to 10 minutes, depending on the heating pad.  How the husband (or head of the household) conducts this silent spanking is pretty straight forward - the wife sits down on this heating pad for a period of approximately 10-15 minutes.  I don't recommend any longer than 15 minutes as the buttocks may become numb, rendering it ineffective.  For a slightly more intense effect, the husband can spank the buttocks approximately 5 times before the wife sits on the heating pad. 

The heat from the pad will intensify the pain/stinging the longer the wife sits on it.  It's most effective if the wife sits on the heating pad bare-bottomed, but it can also be effective if she sits on it with a thin layer of clothing over her buttocks (pajamas, sweat pants, mesh shorts, etc.).  If she wears a thin layer of clothing, I would recommend increasing the time between 3-5 minutes.

Silent spankings can be effective for those times where you're in a hotel room, or traveling in the car, or when you have guests at your home, or when you're guests at someone else's home, or if you're just plain in a hurry...any situation where a traditional spanking just isn't possible.  They can be effective as a one-time punishment, or they can be used as a temporary punishment until you're able to conduct a traditional spanking in privacy.

Clint, the blogger of Learning DD, recommends anyone who has serious questions about the DD lifestyle to leave comments on his blog.  Click the Silent Spankings link above to access his above listed post. Oh, and though I could be wrong, I suspect if I were Clint's wife (I'm not), I'd probably be in serious trouble right now.  Sorry, Clint.

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