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#MFRWHooks - 2/3/16 - Arrested by Love - Just begun to dance #DD #SpankingRomance

Take one dominant police officer, add in a slightly spoiled socialite, toss together and savor the tangy result.

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MFRW Book Hooks!  If you've visited before, you know I'm making this is a regular Wednesday feature on A Writer's Naughty Thoughts. In this blog loop, we hope to provide you with teasers that will whet your appetite into wanting more.

My post for this Wednesday is from my 3rd book, Arrested by Love. A spicy spanking romance published by Blushing Books.

In this scene, Kyle takes his recently engaged fiancee, Tiffany, on a secluded picnic where he plans to give the woman he adores everything she'd been attempting to seduce out of him for the past three years.  Her inexperience is a great turn on for him, but it also means he needs to take things far more slowly than his body desires.  He wants her first time to be a pleasurable memory, not a painful one, so he does what he can to make sure she's fully aroused, using his lips and tongue, before he takes her. However, Tiffany is less than sure he'll fit inside her, and once she gets a glimpse of him unclothed she calls her safeword. Realizing Tiffany is serious, Kyle takes a step back to talk things through with his girl to reassure her, including whether or not he should use protection. When she decides she doesn't want him to use a condom, he begins the age-old dance of lovers. Aware that Tiffany is a virgin, he takes care to go slowly with her in an effort not to cause her more pain that is absolutely necessary. After Tiffany calls her "fruit word." the safeword Kyle gave her, because the discomfort was too much, she immediately assures him she doesn't want to stop, but it was hurting too much. He backs off, but she doesn't want that either. So, he assures her he'll be as gentle as he can, but he fears the act will still hurt her a little. Tiffany is uncertain, but this is something she's wanted for a long while.

            After nodding her agreement, Tiffany shut her eyes for a second before she met his gaze with clear understanding and love.  "I trust you, Kyle.  Please make love to me and make me yours."
            Leaning forward, Kyle kissed her, then lightly nipped each of her breasts to make her squirm and laugh before he put his mouth against the center of her again.  She was very responsive and it took less a minute for her to clutch his arms again and whisper, "More.  Please, Kyle.  I want you."
            He entered her slowly again until he reached the barrier.  Though he expected it wouldn't take much to get past it now, he also knew slow and gentle wasn't doing it for her.  So, he pulled back and entered her again with a thrust that got him all the way home.
            Tiffany let out a small cry of pain and tensed, so he held very still.  He could feel the strain of not moving actually make his arms tremble and his forehead break out in a sweat while he breathlessly waited for her signal.
            "It was a bit more than a pinch, Kyle," she informed him huskily.
            A part of Kyle wanted to laugh, except his need was too great for humor just then, so he just gritted his teeth and said, "Sorry."
            Then, feeling the muscles in her tight passage smooth out a little as she relaxed beneath him , he watched her take a deep breath and meet his gaze.  "Is that it?"
            Keeping a straight face, he shook his head.  "Oh, no, sweetheart.  We've only just begun this dance."

An innocent in every sense of the word, Tiffany has wanted Kyle to make love to her since she was a teenager.  In this case, however, size does matter and larger isn't necessarily better.

M/F, Sexy spankings in rural Connecticut.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Arrested by Love
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  1. Sweet snippet Kathryn, love how gentle Kyle is :)



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