Thursday, February 4, 2016

Guest Post - 2/4/16 - Back in Charge by Dinah McLeod - Trying Again #DD #SpankingRomance

Dinah McLeod is dropping by today to talk about her newest release "Back in Charge," a marriage-in-trouble story where the heroine, Sadie, knows she needs her husband to take her in hand again…the only question is will she let him?


            “Spread your legs,” he commanded huskily.
            Oh, yes, she’d missed this. She missed the spanking, sure, but she’d missed this. Robert being all in-control and authoritative. She’d never seen him look so sexy.
            As soon as she’d obeyed, he slid a finger in to test her wetness. When he pulled his finger out, he held it up, showing her how shiny it was with her juices. “Naughty girl,” he tsked. “Now, is that for me, or because of that book you’ve been reading?”
            “I…um…” She stammered, flushing until her face felt like it might burst into flame.
            “Naughty girl,” he said again, this time grinning wolfishly. “It doesn’t matter. It’ll be my name you’re crying out. I’ll make sure of it.”
            She closed her eyes, caught up in the picture he painted, nearly trembling in eagerness. With firm, but gentle hands, he spread her thighs wider and then she felt his fingers trace the line of her clit, she shivered. When he slid two long digits inside, her eyes snapped open as she tensed, yelping in protest.
            “What? What is it?”
            “Nothing, just…when did your hands get so rough?”
            “My hands?” His brow furrowed. “I haven’t been doing anything differently. It’s been a little while. We’re just going to have to ease back into things and get reacquainted.”
            “Yeah.” She gave him a sheepish grin. “I guess you’re right.”
            “We’ll get there. Don’t worry.” Robert leaned over her and Sadie raised her mouth for his kiss. He bent down, but stopped short just before he met her lips. “Unless…”
            “Unless what?”
            “Unless you think my hands are rough because you’re used to different hands now?”
            Her flush went deeper still. “Don’t be silly, Honey, I—”
            He took her hand in his, brought it to his lips and kissed her fingers. “Maybe, for example, this hand?”
            There was nothing she could say. Well, she supposed she could remind him that she was right handed, but that was beside the point, and she knew it.
            “That’s it, isn’t it?” He sat back on his heels, a gleam in his eye. “Is that how you were getting yourself through those long, lonely nights?”


Sadie wonders exactly when her perfect life changed into chaos. She's just had a baby and everything feels out of whack. Her sanity, her life as a mother, and most importantly, her marriage.
When she meets Lexi at a local MOMs event, the two instantly click. It is wonderful to be able to talk with another adult who understands the whirlwind of playing many roles. As their friendship grows, Sadie shares her concern that her husband is hiding something. With Lexi's advice and encouragement, Sadie knows she has to do something. Fearing what she'll find, she plays detective and what she discovers has her world tipping even further off-balance.
Robert knows that his wife has not been herself. When her behavior spirals out of control, he believes there is but one solution. He needs to remind her of exactly how much he loves her. He knows that they were happiest when they practiced domestic discipline and begins to attempt to get their marriage back on track. They need to make a change and he believes 'boot camp' will do them both a world of good. The question is, can he get Sadie to give him her consent all over again? Will she agree that what she desperately needs is for him to be back in charge? 

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Dinah McLeod practices domestic discipline and makes baby steps into the wild, thrilling world of BDSM with her husband Jim when she isn’t being a mother of three and writing about her adventures!

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