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#6BestHop - 2/14/16 - Lessons in Love - Escorted home for a nap #DD #SpankingRomance

Happy Valentine's Day Book Lovers

She needed a job, he needed a personal assistant. What could go wrong?

Welcome to Sunday's Six of the Best Blog Hop, where we share six paragraphs from a published novel or a work in progress.  My stories are all M/f with the dominant male determined to protect the woman he cares for and loves, or grows to love, by doing whatever it takes to ensure her safety and continued health.

My submission for this week is from my sixth novel, Lessons in Love, published by Blushing Books.

This excerpt occurs after Pam has spent a somewhat restless night in Mr. Peterson's office. When she loses her cool and snaps back at him over the phone, Pam blames her surliness on being tired when in truth she feels inadequate. After the clothes he bought her are altered and ready for delivery, Pam needs to tell the dress shop to have the boxes delivered to her apartment, except she's certain they'll want confirmation from him. When his assurances that the shop attendants will do as she asks this time don't offer Pam any consolation he expects, he orders his driver to take her home early. However, his high-handedness just pisses Pam off. She feels like a child being sent to her room for a nap rather than a useful, productive employee. Refusing to be a strain on the other workers, she sneaks home work, knowing if her actions are discovered she will be in severely hot water with her boss.

When they arrived at her apartment, Pam led the way, only to stop in the hallway. Packages lined the walls from floor to ceiling, leaving a small pathway to her door. Firmly refusing to let her help, Paul carried them into her bedroom. By the time he was finished, the shiny white boxes stood stacked in several shoulder-high rows between her closet and dresser, giving her just enough room to move about so she wouldn't feel claustrophobic while putting everything away.
"Would you like help unpacking, miss?"
"No, thank you." She reached for her purse, but he placed a hand over hers.
"This was my pleasure, Miss Weston, so I certainly hope you weren't thinking of reaching for your wallet."
She swallowed and smiled. "I feel like I owe you something."
"You don't. I'll be here tomorrow at ten."
Giving him a nod and her thanks, she saw him out.

Though Rob recognizes the reason for Pam's uneasiness, he's not about to let her wear herself out with worry. He needs and wants her to take care of herself.

M/F, DD on the executive floor.

If you're 18 or older, you can read the first three chapters at Lessons in Love 

Buy the book directly from Blushing Books, or Amazon

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed this brief excerpt and want more. Please click the link below to continue your hop Sunday's Six of the BestWishing you a wonderful journey.

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