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Guest Post - 9/15/15 - "Effie - The Marriage Market Book 3 by Stevie MacFarlane

Today, Stevie MacFarlane has dropped by to share information about her newest release "Effie: The Marriage Market" Book three, the latest in her Marriage Market book series.


Throwing back the covers, Effie jumped off the bed and poked her finger in his chest.
The white shirt she wore dangled over her hands and down past her knees. Shoving up the sleeves she held her ground when he stood to face her.
"Amelia did not ask us to rescue her," she hissed, tipping her head back to make eye contact. "She simply informed us of her dire situation. It was Grace and I who decided to come to Seattle and bring her home to Massachusetts. Horace Remington added fuel to the fire when he physically abused Grace while trying to force her into marriage, but we would have come anyway."
"How did you meet Jonah?" Sam asked.
"He was the Pinkerton agent hired to find Grace," Effie continued, shoving her wildly curling blonde hair over her shoulder. "Horace added five thousand dollars to the normal fee for Grace's return as an incentive, but as you can see, we made it here just fine."
"Hardly that, Miss Lane," he replied crisply. "You all but invaded my parents' home, threatened me with a pistol, managed to destroy a valuable family heirloom and got your fanny blistered for it. Then you insisted on returning to your hotel where you promptly shot a man."
"He was trying to kill me," Grace retorted. "It was self-defense."
"I happen to believe you, Miss Lane. Let's hope the Marshal agrees. In any case, you made the trip and put both you and Grace at great risk and all for nothing."
"It wasn't for nothing. We will see for ourselves if Amelia is happy and well-cared for. Grace has fallen in love and married Jonah Blackthorn and I've had a grand adventure."
"One that almost got you killed," he snorted angrily.
"Despite your beliefs, Mr. Jordon, women in the east are not hot house flowers. We are independent, self-sufficient and quite capable of taking care of our own affairs. I have no doubt Amelia would have managed even if your brother had turned out to be the scoundrel she believed him to be."
"Then why did you come?" he asked incredulously.
"Because I wanted to, and because she is like a sister to me, as is Grace," she informed him coolly.
"Well, now that you're assured of both Amelia's and Grace's wellbeing, I hope you will feel free to make a hasty departure, Miss Lane," he growled. "That is, of course, providing you don't find your sweet ass sitting in jail."
"I shall do as I please, Mr. Jordon. I doubt even a backward Marshal will arrest me for defending myself. I'm sure that will be a disappointment to you," she sighed, sadly shaking her head.


Euphemia Lane had a feeling from the get go that Samuel Jordon was going to give her trouble. In his rude letter, he threatened to spank and disarm her should she show up in Seattle with her pistols. However, his warning doesn’t deter Effie from her mission. Come hell or high water, she and Grace are determined to travel to Seattle to rescue their friend, Amelia. How was she to know that Amelia’s letter was a huge mistake or that Horace Remington would follow them and nearly kill her? And there was no way she could have anticipated what would happen once she and Grace arrive at the Jordon home.

Never would she have imagined that she would receive her very first spanking at the hands of her nemesis. It was galling to say the least, and to top it all off, he relieved her of her pistols after she destroyed a treasured family heirloom and shot Horace. Now she is in Sam’s protective custody until the Marshal determines she had acted in self-defense. The problem seems to be: who is going to protect her from Sam?

Samuel Jordon is so angry when Marshal Cole Hadley sticks him with Miss Lane that he sees stars. In his opinion, she is a sassy-mouthed witch hiding in a sweet little body. His determination to be firm yet detached lasts all of two days. Who knew one little drop of frosting on one luscious lip would change his life forever? What kind of young woman can turn a well-balanced, confirmed bachelor into a perverted fiend who can't keep his hands off her?

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About the Author:

Stevie MacFarlane lives in Upstate New York with her husband of many years.  Although she has been writing most of her life, she had her first novel published in 2012.

Since then, this best-selling author has published seventeen novels, including two very popular series, Sugar Babies, Inc. and The O’Malley’s.  The Marriage Market Series is well on its way to joining them as another reader favorite.   Check out Stevie’s author page on Amazon and click ‘Follow’ to receive an email when a new book goes out.

You can find Stevie on:
Or write to her at steviemacfarlane@aol.com

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