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Frisky Friday - A sneak peak into "A Dom's Dilemma" #BDSM

A Dom's Dilemma is due to be released today, October 5, and I'm really excited.  So, excited I thought I'd share a little of why I wrote this book, why I think my readers will like it, and offer a brief excerpt as a teaser for my visitors.

As supporting characters in Arrested by Love, my spanking romance, Kelly and Jim originally played a much larger role than appears in the published version.  Their story received an equal amount of airtime, or word count, as ABL's main characters, Kyle and Tiffany.  However, as I fleshed out Kelly and Jim's background, their story grew even larger until they started to take over the book that was never meant to be theirs.  In fact, the whole of A Dom's Dilemma occurs during six days of the six months unfolding in Arrested by Love, so there's even more of Kelly and Jim's story to tell, if readers want to hear it.

When Arrested by Love grew to be over 200,000 words, I knew something would have to go.  So, the majority of Kelly and Jim's story ended up in my cut scenes folder.  The only scenes I kept were the ones that directly involved either Kyle or Tiffany.

So, why do I think readers who enjoy BDSM stories will be interested in this particular book?  Because, A Dom's Dilemma could also be titled "The Reluctant Submissive."

Kelly has been in the lifestyle for nearly eight years, primarily because she sought the security and structure a dominant male could offer her.  However, after experiencing abuse from a Dom she thought she loved, Kelly developed a fear of fully submitting to another's control.  She says the words, and displays the proper image of a submissive, but she's terrified of being hurt again.  As a result, she tries to limit her submission by assuming control whenever she can get away with it.  Jim is unaware of Kelly's penchant for "topping from the bottom" when he agrees to top her.  He mistakenly believes she is seeking domination, and needs to feel the pain a Dom provides to be sexually fulfilled.  However, after a few minutes of working with her, Jim realizes Kelly fears pain, rather than desires it, so he alters his methods; unaware Kelly is keeping some serious secrets from her new Dom.

So, now that I've revealed why I wrote the story and why I hope readers will enjoy it, I will share a small excerpt with you.  This section occurs at the end of Chapter Three.  Jim has just finished putting Kelly though some obedience tests, to determine her responsiveness, when he finally lets her climax.  As she floats on a cloud of endorphins, Jim provides aftercare, knowing what he intends for her next will prove to be an even more difficult challenge for her.

             Once Jim had wrapped Kelly in a soft, pink, velour blanket, he carried her over to an unoccupied couch in one of the many resting stations, and stretched her out.  Aware just how rough he'd been, he wanted to ensure her extremities didn't cramp on her.  So, he began a slow, thorough massage, starting with her tiny feet, and following up those incredibly long legs and torso, all the way to her slender wrists.
            She moaned softly as he worked her muscles, but didn't come to full consciousness.  She wasn't insensible, merely flying high on endorphins.
            Jim knew from experience that after he'd examined Kelly and taken her through the bowel cleansing process he intended to administer, she would be far too drained for sex.  But his cock was so hard now, he doubted he'd be able to go the entire night without claiming her.  She'd probably be more than willing, submissive little thing that she was, but he didn't want to take unfair advantage of her.  If she wasn't too sore, maybe they could appease their appetites in other ways.  He'd have to see.  And it was his decision to make, not hers.
            In any case, he meant to keep her as long as she'd stay with him.  He planned to show and teach her things she never dreamed of before, while making sure she found all the pleasure and satisfaction he sought to provide.
            When he'd finished the massage, Jim picked Kelly up to cradle her on his lap.  While gently rocking her, he murmured inconsequential nothings into her ear until she fell asleep.
            As he watched her rest, he noticed a small furrow appear between her eyebrows the moment he stopped talking.  Testing a theory, he talked about how he enjoyed galloping on a horse through wide-open plains and her forehead smoothed out again.  She was listening to him, and wanted to hear him talk.  So, he obliged her with more inane chatter about clouds, swimming naked in rivers, and spying on girls swimming naked in the same rivers.  Seeing a soft smile curve her lips, he marveled again at how trusting she was of him to care for her when she was most vulnerable.
            Such trust was a rare gift, not often offered on the first day of a relationship.  At least not in his experience.  And knowing Kelly was unconditionally offering him hers filled Jim with a strong need to shelter and protect her.  Although his desire to keep her safe didn't alter his plans for the evening, it did make him hope he could get her through these next few hours without scaring or upsetting her too badly.
            After about a half-hour she blinked her eyes open and gazed up at him.  "Welcome back, sleepy head," he murmured with a smile.
            She blinked again then turned her face into his chest and stifled a yawn before gazing up at him with an apologetic expression.  "Did I really fall asleep on you?  I'm sorry."
            He shook his head.  "Don't be, darlin'.  I wanted you to rest, so I just kept talkin', figuirin' that would knock you out quicker than a shot of whiskey.
            She smiled, then frowned.  "Why did you want me to sleep?"
            "I am very pleased with you, Kelly, and decided you deserved a rest after what I put you through.  Besides that, you're a pretty little armful, and I like holdin' you."
            Her smile turned soft and sexy.  "Are those the only reasons I'm sitting on your lap now, Sir?"
            "No, darlin', but they're the best ones."
            "And what other purpose might you have for cuddling with a sub, Sir?"
            He chuckled and lightly pinched her chin.  "You are a curious little subbie, aren't you?"  At her smiling nod, he relented.  "Well, I'm not in the habit of explainin' myself, but you've been so good, I'll make an exception this time."  She gazed up at him with a guileless expression.  "Next, we're gonna be doin' some things which might be a bit difficult for you.  So, I wanted you rested beforehand."
            Her smile dimmed and her bright blue eyes took on a wary look, but she didn't attempt to pull away or even sit up on his lap.  "What sort of things, Sir?"

Kelly is definitely in for a rough night, but Jim knows what he's doing, so she'll eventually make it through, albeit a little worse for wear.

M/F, Sexy happenings in rural Connecticut.

A Dom's Dilemma is now available for sale at Blushing Books.  Should have my web site update with a longer preview on October 7.  Will provide links here when it's available.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview. Your comments are encouraged, so please don't be shy.

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  1. I'm truly excited for you today and keeping an eye on Blushing Books so I can be the first one to buy a copy. It's a great book and will certainly be popular. Best of luck!


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