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She tried picking up the pieces of her shattered heart, but couldn't do it alone.

He was a strict and demanding college professor who excelled at giving acting lessons.  She was his shy and uncertain former student who became a professional actress under his tutelage.  They fell in love, married, and won two Tony Awards before tragedy struck and a simple kiss ripped them apart.

Six months later, Peter Thorton decides to make his famous wife, Kate, an offer he knew she wouldn't refuse.  Plainly put, he wants her back and he intends to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal, even if it means giving his stubborn, willful leading lady a daily reminder over his knee that she had promised to obey him.

Although Kate agrees to meet Peter at her agent's New York office, she is far from ready to trust him. However, instead of the polite, distant stranger who'd let her spend the last two years of their marriage doing just as she pleased, she faced the resolute, dominant man she'd married.  The Peter Thorton who had insisted she get enough sleep, eat properly and cease her destructive habits, or pay the consequences for disobedience.

Hurt and angry, Kate is torn between tossing Peter's offer back in his face, and risking all by placing her shattered heart back under his tender, yet dominant care. Though she'd never admit it, Kate had gone terribly adrift without Peter's steady guidance. She'd felt anchored and protected within his safety net of limits and rules, and reassured by the loving discipline he offered. But another failure would destroy her.~


            He sighed, then firming his hold; he brought his hand down again for the seventh time.

            "What was that for?" she yelped as she arched back in protest.

            "Do you think I can't tell when you are only pretending to agree in order to placate me?"  When she didn't answer, he said, "I can keep this up all afternoon, Kate.  So, you'd best decide how long it's going to take before you'll accept I'm serious."

            She ground her teeth together.  Admittedly, she had goaded him with her jabs, but then she hadn't believed he'd carry out his threat.  He certainly hadn't followed through during the last years of their marriage, and yet he seemed different today.  More adamant, but concerned, too.  And, even though his arms restrained her, the firm touch of his hand sliding along her backside and thighs soothed her.  So, despite the precariousness of her position, she perversely enjoyed the attention.  She felt secure--and she hadn't been this content in a man's arms for a long time.

            None of that changed the fact she was still inwardly furious with him for spanking her in front of another person, but she had difficulty reconciling her righteous anger with the part of her that was purring in response to his dominant and possessive posture.  Her emotions were so jumbled and opposite each other, she was no longer sure what she wanted.

            Unwilling to fall into the trap of mistaking comfort for love, she turned her attention to gaining her release without the total loss of her pride.  Not an easy task by far.


            He expected a verbal reply to his question, but she didn't remember what he'd asked, so she posed a query of her own.  "Why are you doing this, Peter?"

            "Because I want you to hear me out, and your head was too full of arguments to listen.  I get your attention far more quickly when you're positioned this way."

            "I'll listen now," she answered on a sigh.

            "Yes, you will.  Because you understand the consequences if you don't.  But I'm still not letting you up."

            Fighting against tears and her own desire to be loved by this man again, Kate asked coolly, "So, what must I do to get you to let me go?"

            "Has it really been that long, Katie?"





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Kate and Peter were wealthy, famous and in love.  Then, tragedy struck and she demanded a divorce.  Now, he's offering her the lead in his production of Kiss Me Kate.  Except Peter's spankings won't just be for show.

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