Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day - A Day for Giving Back with Love

Love books? What about FREE books? I've recently joined a FB event (going on now) where I will give away an eBook copy of one of my books. To join the event, see below.

In addition, I'm participating in the Heartbreaker Bloghop, which begins on February 8, where you can find over 300 authors giving away books, gift cards, etc. by going to:

Last, but definitely not least, Is K'Anne Meinel's celebration of the International Book Giving Day with her Fan Page Event FREE BOOKS. To check out the freebies there, go to:

So, if you're a reader who enjoys a vast selection of books, we urge you to come and join in the fun, because it's all being done for you.


  1. Thanks for being in the blog hop.


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