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Lynda Bailey's on the couch talking "Battle Born Love"

Lynda Bailey is here to talk about her writing and her newest novel "Battle Born Love."  We both love company, so leave a comment with any questions or thoughts you might have.


I’d like to thank Kathryn for letting me hang out today at Writer’s Naughty Thoughts!

I’ve pondered this question of why I wrote BATTLE-BORN LOVE for quite some time. I’m usually not blessed with a singular moment or inspiration which demands I write a particular story. Rather, an idea takes hold then blossoms into a series of “what ifs.” It’s through those “what ifs” that the plotline begins to develop.

In the case of BATTLE-BORN LOVE, the “idea” sprouted when I heard about a repo business that was once called Accounts Retrievable. My first reaction was what a cool name! Since men are usually the owners/operators of repo businesses, I thought “what if” a woman (Rory Dawson) owns the business instead? (I love giving my heroines atypical jobs. J) Then “what if” the hero (Kane Williams) is a total white collar guy, say a banker? How do these two first meet? The obvious answer is because something of Kane’s gets repoed by Rory. From there, I massaged the plot points, gave both Rory and Kane personal demons to overcome and soon the outline of BATTLE-BORN LOVE came to life.

But that doesn’t really answer the “Why I wrote BATTLE-BORN LOVE” question, does it?
The sad fact is I wrote this story because I heard an interesting name of a repo business and my muse hung onto the idea of a woman repo owner like a dog with a bone.

Kinda pathetic, I know. Nonetheless, it’s the truth.

Thanks again, Kathryn, for hosting me today!


Her eyes slammed shut and she banged her head against the wall. “Damn it.” She looked at him, her expression guilty instead of angry. “I was so nervous about tonight and meeting your friends, I didn’t pay attention to anything you said.” Her wide eyes knocked down most of his ire. She bit the corner of her lip. “Sorry.”
Kane straightened, his gaze fastened to her mouth as her teeth released the fleshy lower lip. He suppressed his growl on a cough. “It doesn’t matter. We should leave. It was wrong to put you in this situation tonight after everything you’ve gone through in the past twenty-four hours.” From the corner of his eye, he saw two assistant managers from the downtown office pass by, staring. He edged Rory closer to the wall to shield her. “We’ll say you’re not feeling well and go.”
She placed a hand on his arm. “How will that work? Both Morgan and Bridget know I’m feeling just fine.”
Damn it. She was right. He massaged the tight muscles in his neck, trying to figure a way out of the evening.
Her hand squeezed. “We’ll stay. I promise to stay by your side and be the best fake girlfriend ever. No one will suspect anything. In fact…” Her gaze slid over to the managers who were still ogling them. “I think it’s show time.”
Before he could react, Rory wrapped both hands around his neck and pulled him to her waiting lips. Her tongue made an immediate foray into his mouth and his world zeroed down to nothing. No restaurant. No bank people. Nothing.
Just Rory.
He tilted her head up with his knuckle while his thumb stroked her cheek, his tongue sparring with hers. He needed his other hand propped on the wall for support.
To a casual observer, the kiss probably didn’t seem all that intense. What a lie.
Small sounds, only he could hear, emanated from deep in her throat as her body quivered close to his. He thought again about leaving, now for a very different reason.
She broke the kiss and her eyes, bright and iridescent skewed him. “We should get back to your friends.”
In reluctant moves, he shifted back to give her room to move. Her hand squeezed his arm. “If you want to continue this later, you’ll know where I’ll be. In your bedroom.”
            His thoughts on that, he followed behind her to the group.

Lynda Bailey Spotlight

How long did you write before you were published?  I guess I’ve been writing for about twenty years before making the jump into independent publishing. Our son was three when I wrote my first “story” as an adult. He’ll be twenty-four in June.

 What genres do you write besides contemporary romance?
 I also write erotic and historical romance.

When do you write, morning or night? I tend to write more in the mornings, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. If the house is quiet (ie my hubby isn’t home J) I’ve been known to bang out pages in the evenings as well.

What are you currently reading? I’m usually reading a couple of books at one time – one in print and one digital. On my tablet, I’m enjoying Lily Rede’s anthology, The Kringle Girls and in print, Run the Risk, by Lori Foster.

How did you come up with your title? Battle-Born Love was first titled Accounts Retrievable because my heroine, Rory, owns a repo business. (I’d heard about a repo place named Accounts Retrievable. Catchy, huh?) But when I realized some of the secondary characters also had a story to tell, I knew I needed a title which could be “tweaked” for subsequent books. That’s when I came up with Battle-Born Love, which is the first in my Battle for Love series. (It also helped that the story is set in Nevada – The Battle Born State. J)

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? Lily Rede, Qwillia Rain and Delilah Devlin, though I don’t know how “new” Delilah Devlin is—she’s just new to me.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? I’ve got two releases coming up. Naughty Neighborhood, which is an anthology with three short stories and one novella, and a very spicy read btw. And the second novella in my On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful series, another fiery read.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging about writing? Only everything! LOL Seriously, if I don’t get the characters and their motivations right, I end up spinning my wheels (and spinning in circles) until I figure out exactly what it is that they want and why they want it.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about her work? Lorraine Heath is my all-time favorite author. If she wrote a grocery list, I’d pay money to read it. She has an almost super-human ability to bring her characters to life.

Who designed your cover? The fabulous team at The Killion Group, also known as Hot Damn Designs.

Do you have any advice for other writers? No matter what, never give up.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? I’m truly honored and grateful that you allowed me into your head (and hopefully heart) by reading my book. Thanks for your support!

Thanks for visiting Lynda, I'm sure my readers enjoyed journeying with you.  Readers, if you want to know more about Lynda, or her books, please check out her tour with CLP by clicking the following: http://www.clpblogtours.com/2012/11/battle-born-love-by-lynda-bailey.html

Lynda Bailey was a 2010 finalist for the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® award. She lives in Reno with her hubby of thirty years and two high-need pooches. She's been making up stories ever since she was a little girl.

For Lynda, writing is the best thing next to red wine and dark chocolate. She especially loves writing romance because no matter the odds, the good guys always win at the end! Visit her at www.lyndabailey.net.


  1. Thank you for being in the tour- this is a great book!

    1. Thanks Samantha! This is fun - still kinda scary, but also a lot of fun. ;)

  2. Sometimes Lynda, there is no real "why" a story needs to be written. I personally loved how your story came to be - out of something as simple as a repo service name - and how your muse took control of the wheel and directed you on a path you didn't expect to go. That's what makes writing fun!

    I absolutely loved this interview and getting to know you. Hope you have a wonderful blog tour and good luck with all your upcoming releases!

    1. Thanks Renee/Gracie Lee for stopping by today.

      Yes, having one's muse take "control of the wheel" and be fun - and frustrating! Sometimes I just don't wanna go THAT way. Ha.

      Hope you have a great day!

  3. Good luck on the 2nd day of your tour.

  4. I love the premise for this book. A heroine with an unusual job makes a reader sit up and take notice. Same with a great business name. Best of luck with sales!

    1. Jannine~

      Thanks for the well-wishes! Have a super Tuesday!

  5. I love the name of that business (although probably wouldn't if they were after me, lol).

  6. LOL is right! I've never had anything repoed, which is a blessing for sure. Just talked with folks who did the repoing.

    Thanks for popping in!

  7. Lynda, for some reason not all the comments are showing up on Blogger. You asked if I am a member of ERA, and yes, I am. I don't post much, but I read a lot. I'll check and see if any readers have left comments I'm not seeing here. I think it's just my comment, and your response, but if I see anything else in my comment section that I'm not seeing here, I'll add it.

  8. So late, so late, so late. But I love how this book was born. Off to buy... it sounds sooo delicious! Thanks Kathryn for hosting Linda!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Donnell. Late or not, I'll take ya! hugs.

  9. Lynda,
    Love the inspiration for your book! Great interview ladies!


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