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#WIPitUP - 11/2/16 - Learning to be Little - Still suspicious, Kelly takes what she can get #Ageplay

WIP: Work in progress.  WIP it up Wednesday is a hop where writers share portions of the project they're working on with readers.  I really like the idea because it allows me to share something that's still in the creative stage as well as work behind the scenes as a prompt to keep me writing.

The WIP I've chosen to share today is tentatively titled "Learning to be Little: Kelly's Story."  It is a story about Kelly Franklin's first immersion into BDSM with a Daddy Dom. It begins in the present directly after "A Dom's Dilemma" then slips into her past before returning to the present again. It's my first attempt at an age play story, but I hope it will provide a lot more insight into Kelly's character. Though the manuscript is still in edits at this point, I decided to begin sharing snippets.

The mock cover I used for Camp NaNo
I'm continuing where I left off last time. As an only child born to two only children, a young and precocious Kelly Franklin seeks out her Daddy whenever something frightens her. Unfortunately, her Daddy isn't available to soothe her and two strange men were hurting her mother. Scared, Kelly remains as quiet as a mouse in her parent's closet until the police pull her out. Twelve years later, Kelly still suffers nightmares from that time and finds herself walking the streets. Her spirit unbroken, Kelly greets her new "customer" with well-founded suspicion and a bit of an attitude that could earn her a swat if she isn't careful. But despite the gentleman's scowl, Kelly maintains her insouciant attitude.

"I dislike repeating myself, but I shall, just this once. Have you eaten dinner, yet?"
"Well, why didn't you just ask that earlier? No," she answered, unsure whether the man meant her or good or ill, and yet unable to walk away.
"No what?" he prompted.
She raised an eyebrow. "No. I haven't eaten dinner, yet."
Taking a deep breath, he regarded her through lowered eyebrows. "If you and I are to get along at all, my saucy, young miss, you will address me from now on as sir. Understand?"
Kelly might be naïve, but she wasn't stupid. "Yes…. Sir."
"Better. Now, I should like to take you some place where you can get warm while you consume a wholesome, nourishing meal and we can talk a little more privately. Would you be amenable to such an endeavor?"
"Depends. Are you planning to pay me for my time?"
He drew in a deep breath. "If a meal and conversation isn't sufficient, then I shall recompense you for any lost wages you feel you'd incur had you remained in this delightful spot for the entire evening, offering your body to strangers. Are my terms to your satisfaction now?"
Yeah, if the man was willing to pay her what she asked, get her out of the cold and feed her, who was she to argue? She gave an offhand shrug, but rather than indicate which direction he wanted to walk, he stood before her, still sheltering her with his body, as he glared down at her with that same frown on his face and waited.
"Yes, sir?" she replied, uncertain if that was what he wanted, but taking a guess it was.
"That is correct. Now, what is your standard rate?"
"Depends on what's wanted."
"Yes, I suppose it would. All right, what would you require for three hours of conversation?"
"That's it? You want to pay me to talk to you for three hours while you take me to dinner?"
She eyed him up and down. He looked like he could afford to pay a lot, so she upped her rate. "Three hundred."
"Really? Don't you think a hundred dollars an hour for food and a discussion is a bit exorbitant?"
"Maybe. But you asked."
"Fine." He took out his wallet, peeled off three one hundred dollar bills and handed them to her. She'd never seen a one hundred dollar bill before, but rather than show her ignorance Kelly quickly stuffed the money in a safe place and regarded him with a haughty look that drew a reluctant chuckle from his chest.
"You’re a cheeky little brat, aren't you?" When she grinned, he bent toward her. "Since we are to dine together, perhaps you should tell me your name now."

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  1. Great snippet Kathryn, she's staunch, but then again, you can't blame her.


  2. I'm loving these snippets. Kelly looks like she's pushing her luck with the one gentleman who just might help her... but he looks like he can take it all in his stride :)

  3. I do love a little attitude in a snippet! Always makes the banter more fun! Thanks for sharing, Kathryn! :)


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