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Guest Post - 6/30/15 - Owning His Bride by Sue Lyndon - #SciFi #Spanking #SARTG

Sue Lyndon is here to chat about her Science Fiction Spanking Romance (with a hint of BDSM) titled "Owning His Bride." Before we get into the details of this hot and sexy book, I asked Sue what her favorite scene was to write, and she said:

"Ohhh definitely the medical exam scene. Poor Becca couldn’t leave the prison without passing the required exam, so she was very reluctant to cooperate, and her reluctance and embarrassment made that scene quite enjoyable to write."

She did have a bit of the medical scene to share, but I don't want to spoil the suspense for anyone, so I'm sharing the excerpt where Becca explains how she ended up in the prison to start.


 “What was your crime, Becca?”
Her jaw clenched and she swallowed hard. “My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Terrina, the planet with the really tall trees. We were on our way through the Interstellar Port when a large stash of drugs was discovered in my carryon. They weren’t my drugs, in fact my boyfriend mockingly whispered in my ear that they belonged to him, but it didn’t matter to the authorities. It was my word against his, and he had a fancy lawyer. Now I’m here, and next month I’ll be God-knows-where with the warden.”
He believed that the drugs weren’t hers. She looked trusting and innocent, and that’s probably why her so-called boyfriend picked her as his vacation companion while he attempted to smuggle drugs. This sort of thing happened all the time, and the authorities showed no mercy. If the bags belonged to you, the contents inside also belonged to you. No matter what.
Hunter put a hand on her thigh, not to intimidate her, but to calm her sudden shaking. “My five-year service contract is up before the warden’s. I have seven days left. Perhaps I will claim you as my bride.”
She inhaled in a quick, shaky breath and regarded him with suspicion. “But, but you don’t know me.”
He laughed. “With the number of blocks and the frequent rotation of guards on each block, none of the guards really get to know the inmates. That’s the point of the rotations. It keeps the inmates well-behaved because they want to try to catch every single guard’s attention, and it keeps the guards from showing favor to any woman in particular, thus quelling any jealousy from starting up amongst the prisoners. You’re right, I don’t know you. But I know the warden, and I know he doesn’t have a kind cell in his body.”
She cast a wary glance at the camera.
“Don’t worry about the camera. I hope he’s watching right now.”
Her hands twisted in her lap around the handkerchief, and he longed to comb the tangles out of her hair with his fingers. Hell, he longed to wrap his arms around her and carry her straight to his bunk in the officers’ quarters.
Just one more week. He’d never felt a particular attachment to any of the females here, but the first time he’d laid eyes on Becca a week ago as she walked to her cell after recreation time, he’d felt a strange pull toward her. He’d kept an eye on her since then, from a distance.
“Please pick another inmate,” she whispered. Fear glimmered in her eyes. “Please don’t pick me.”


After enduring the first two years of a life sentence for a crime she didn’t commit, there is one thing Becca fears more than spending the rest of her days behind bars. When their five-year terms of service on the frozen prison planet of Kemmius are up, guards are allowed to choose a bride from among the prisoners, and the warden himself has set his sights on her.

Hunter has hated the warden from the moment he met him, and he’ll be damned if he is going to let the vile man have a sweet, beautiful girl like Becca. Not when his own term as a guard is almost up and he’ll have the chance to claim her first and make her his own.

Following a thorough, humiliating medical exam—standard procedure to ensure a potential bride’s suitability as a mate—Becca finds herself bound to Hunter forever as both his wife and his property. While her new husband quickly proves to be nothing like the cruel warden, he is still a man who expects to be obeyed, and she soon learns that defiance will be dealt with firmly.

Though she is left blushing each time Hunter bares her bottom for a sound spanking—and sometimes for other, more intimate punishments—what truly shames Becca is the way her body responds to his dominance. But even as her feelings for Hunter grow stronger and her future seems brighter than it has in many years, Becca cannot help wondering if she will ever truly be free of the chains of the past.

Publisher’s Note: Owning His Bride is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Sue Lyndon is a multi-published author of erotic BDSM romance and spanking romances. She enjoys a good book in any genre, loves Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and runs on coffee and chocolate. She also writes “vanilla” sci-fi romance under the name Sue Mercury.

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  1. I love the premise of this book Sue and really enjoyed the excerpt. I love Hunter's response when Becca points out that he doesn't know her.

    Thank you both for sharing :)


  2. Thanks for having me today, Kathryn! :)


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