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Winter Spanks - A Dom's Christmas - #WinterSpanks #Spanking #FreeShort

Welcome to Winter Spanks and A Writer's Naughty Thoughts, which seem to fit nicely together. We've got lots of great prizes to offer, in case you didn't know.  You can find them all listed at Saturday Spankings, or Spanking Romance Reviews.

Today, I'm offering readers a treat.  I've written a partial short story based on my characters from A Dom's Dilemma, which I'm calling "A Dom's Christmas " It actually occurs in January, after New Years, but the theme centers around Christmas decorations and their proper removal, and the title sort of has a nice ring to it, I think.

This short story is a belated holiday gift to my readers.  A Christmas present all its own with, of course, some spanking.  I'll give a brief set-up later.  For now I want to talk about the prize I'm offering for this hop and what you as a reader need to do to enter.

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And now for "A Dom's Christmas."  (You do not need to read this story to enter the hop, it's a gift.)

Brief set-up

Jim Evans and Kelly (Kellian Sarah Franklin) met in June and were married in October.  They just spent their first Christmas together while sharing time with some close friends, and now it's time to return to the "real world."

            Kelly marveled at how small crystal flakes turned their backyard into a winter wonderland.  She loved the way snow fell in lacy waves of white and pressed her forehead against the icy windowpane. Christmas was over, and the New Year had arrived with fireworks and church bells tolling the hour of midnight.  She always felt a little let down after the holidays.  Lonely.  Jim returned to the station this morning after a week off.  Though she'd loved having him with her those few days, Kelly knew how important police work was to him, so she did her best not to cling like a homesick child when he got dressed to leave.
            He'd given her a deep kiss with the promise of later, then telling her he should be home by six, he left the house around 8 AM.  She expected him to walk through the door at any moment when the phone rang.
            "Sorry, darlin', but looks like I won't get back until late.  Don't wait up.  You need your rest."
            She reflexively patted her gently rounded tummy, which had been noticeably growing since September. "I want to wait up for you," she insisted, certain as the words slipped past her lips she'd be out-voted.
            "No.  And that's your Dom talkin', not your husband.  Disobey me, and there will be consequences, my lovely."
            Her mouth curved in a half-smile.  Since the doctor advised them she was pregnant, Jim had been doubly protective of her. He wanted a boatload of kids, and wasn't about to take any chances with her health or well-being, especially when she carried one of his offspring.  The few spankings he'd administered since then had been painful, but brief. Just firm enough to make his point.  And their more playful, kinkier games had been sorely curtailed.
In some ways, he treated her like a fragile, little girl he expected to obey him without question. Even their lovemaking had taken on a vanilla flavor.  Kelly wanted more, but didn't know how to tell her dominant lover he was being too gentle with her. She liked slow and easy all right, except sometimes she longed for hard and fast.  However, whenever she'd attempted to communicate her desire, he'd pulled back, assumed a more aggressive, inflexible position and reminded her they had another to think of now.  True, but how about her needs?  They hadn't vanished the second she'd conceived.
            "What sort of consequences?" she asked, lowering her voice to a silky purr.
            He paused for a moment, then growled, "Painful ones."  The promise was delivered in a deeper register, which created a flutter in Kelly's lower region. "You haven't been sleeping well, so I want you in bed early tonight.  What're you plannin' for dinner?"
            Jim normally did the cooking for them, and Kelly didn't like eating alone, so she shrugged.  Realizing he wouldn't appreciate the gesture if he'd seen it, she added, "I don't have much of an appetite tonight, so maybe some tea and toast."
            "Tea and toast's not dinner, Kelly.  It's a snack.  We've got leftover chicken in the fridge.  Make yourself a sandwich at least."
            "After you've eaten, you may watch TV or listen to music, but I want you in bed.  Lights out no later than nine, young lady.  Hear me?"
            "Yes, Sir," she replied quietly.  Despite the small thrill his dominant stance aroused within her, his absence left an aching void.  And sometimes listening and obeying were two different things.
            "That's the response I wanted to hear.  I gotta go.  You sure you're all right, darlin'?  You're soundin' a bit off."
            "I'm fine.  I just miss you."
            "Miss you, too.  Now, fix yourself a sandwich, and get into bed.  That's an order."
            "Yes, Sir," she murmured with a smile.  He worried about her, but she was too restless to lie down.  She needed to do something.  Something productive.  Something Jim would appreciate after he gave it some thought, even if he didn't see the benefit short term.
            "Good girl.  Night."
            "Night," Kelly repeated.  As she hung up the phone, she looked around her.  Their Christmas tree decorations sparkled back at her with merry insouciance.  She could make a start by putting them away.  She was dressed for it at least.  The pink sweats she wore were hardly sexy, but her expanding waistline needed more room than her regular clothes provided.
            She sized up the task in her mind.  As pretty as they were, no seasonal decorations should stay out all year, and Jim would be busy for a while.  Six o'clock.  He didn't say she couldn't do other things before she went to bed.  Besides, as long as she was lying down when he got home; he wouldn't know the difference.  It's not like he had her monitored.  Uneasy with the thought, Kelly glanced about the room.  The man was a detective, so installing a hidden camera would be child's play for him, but such tactics reflected a lack of trust, and Jim trusted her.  Finally.  She'd almost lost that fragile bond with him when she'd lied a few months back, so she promised she'd always tell him the truth, even if the admission got her in trouble.  That meant she wouldn't lie, but she didn't intend to volunteer the information, either.  With a final glance at the wintry scene outside, she twisted her long blond hair into a braid and strode into the kitchen to fix her chicken sandwich.

            The meal helped restore her energy and gave her focus.  Hands on her hips, she stared at their twinkling tree.  Christmas had been a magical time, but after the stroke of midnight even Cinderella had to return to sweeping the fireplace.  Unfortunately, Jim kept the storage boxes in the attic, which only had a small pull ladder as an access.  He'd refused to let her climb it when they were setting up the tree, telling her the flimsy rails weren't stable enough, and yet the wooden construction accepted his two-hundred pound, muscled frame without a creak or a groan.  Good lord.  She was pregnant, not feeble.
            Marching into the kitchen to fetch their step stool, she placed the plastic steps under the spring-hinged hatch, climbed up and grabbed the cord Jim had tucked away to keep it out of reach and temptation, and gave the rope-like string a yank.  The force of the door coming down almost knocked her off the small stepladder.  Carefully maneuvering the tricky contraption, Kelly stepped off the stool, and bent forward to move it out of the way, when the ladder leading into the attic slipped down its track and clipped her on the head, knocking her flat.
            Kelly lay sprawled on the floor as stars floated in an out of her vision.  She wasn't badly hurt, but suspected she'd have a sizeable lump to show for her efforts.  That's when the unmistakable jiggling of the front door lock being opened reached her ears.  Shit.

            She was starting to rise up on her elbows and knees, when two strong hands encircled her waist and pulled her upright.
            "What in the friggin' dickens do you think you're doin', Kellian Sarah?"  Jim punished her for swearing, so he did his best to keep his language 'cuss free' as well.
            "I thought I'd help put away the Christmas decorations," she murmured as she rubbed her sore head with a wince.
            "Help?"  His question held a measure of doubt.  "Put your hands down.  I wanna take a look at the damage."  She obeyed and stood still under his inspection.
            "You gotta a lump that's swellin' nicely.  You hurt anyplace else?"
            "No.  Only my pride."
            "Hmm.  Darlin', your pride ain't the only thing that's gonna be hurtin' in a few minutes.  First, though, I want to put an ice pack on that thick skull of yours to get some of the swellin' down.  Easy now," he urged, his hands steadying her when she wobbled.  "Dizzy?"
            "A little."
            He accepted her response without comment as he guided her into the kitchen and directed her to sit at the table while he dumped some ice into a baggie and wrapped it in a towel.  "Hold this in place," he ordered, placing the bag on her head.  "I'm gonna put that ladder back up."
            His footsteps were firmer than usual as he strode toward the hall.  Kelly knew from experience that heavy steps meant a heavy hand would soon follow, and she squirmed in her chair.
            "You said you wouldn't be back for hours," she called out after him.  "What brought you home early?"
            When he didn't answer, she suspected he was swearing at her beneath his breath.  Her backside tingled.
            On his return to the kitchen, he remained in the door-frame with his hands on his slim, jean-covered hips.  "I didn't like the sound of your voice on the phone, so I came to check on you.  Right good thing I did, too."
            "I thought I could manage it," she whispered lamely.
            "Uh uh."
            She tilted her head up to find him scowling at her.  "Well, I did."
            He strode across the room to tower over her seated form.  Nothing like a lean, angry Texas Dom to make a sub feel smaller than dirt.  "Not the point, darlin'.  What did I say about the attic ladder?"
            Kelly knew exactly where this conversation would take them, but she didn't hesitate to answer with the truth.  "You said it wasn't safe for me to climb."
            "Right.  So, why did you suppose I tucked the cord to it out of your reach?"
            "So, I wouldn't be tempted to disobey you."
            "Correct again.  So, you ain't stupid, just stubborn, and that's gonna cost you."
            "Are you angry with me?"
            "What do you think?"
            "That my ass is grass."
            A small grin teased at the corner of his lips.  So, he wasn't furious enough she couldn't make him smile, but she didn't imagine even a laugh right now would save her butt.
            "I'm sorry?" she attempted.
            "Uh uh."
            "Not good enough?"
            "Not by a long shot."  He stepped forward to check her head.  "Swellin's gone down a bit, I think.  Can you stand?"
            She regarded him through lowered lashes.  "What if I say no?"
            He shrugged.  "I'll carry you into the bedroom and lay you down on the bed."
            "And then?"
            "And then I'll roll you onto a pillow and take my belt to your disobedient backside."
            She winced.  "And if I say I can walk?"
            "We'll walk to the bedroom together and I'll give you a choice.  Lap or bed.  Hairbrush or belt."
            She curled her fingers around his long, blunt-tipped ones, relieved when he didn't pull away.  "What about using your hand instead?" she ventured
            "You tryin' to negotiate a lighter sentence with me?"
            Lifting her head, she gazed into his dark, coffee-brown eyes.  "Yes, Sir."
            "You think that's wise given how I feel about toppin' from the bottom?"
            "No, Sir.  But I can't help at least asking the question."
            "Yeah?  Well, I doubt my hand is up to the task I've got in mind for your impertinent posterior.  Now, which will it be?  Walk or carry?"
            Kelly winced again.  "Walk with assistance?"
            "Fine."  He removed the ice pack from her head and placed a hand under her elbow to help her to her feet, then with one arm wrapped firmly about her waist he escorted her into the bedroom.  "Time to pick your position, darlin'.  Which'll it be?  Lap or bed?"
            Though she preferred the intimacy of his lap, the angle would be more uncomfortable and she hated the hairbrush.  However, she was no great fan of the belt, either.  At least she could hold on to him if she lay across his knees.  Taking a deep breath, she made her choice.  "Lap."
            He regarded her for a long moment.  "You feelin' dizzy at all right now?"
            A wash of guilt flowed through her for causing him unneeded concern and worry, despite the nobleness of her intentions, so she tried to reassure him.  "No.  My head doesn't even hurt anymore.  It was a stupid accident."
            "You won't get any argument from me on the stupid part, but the accident would have been avoided if you'd obeyed me, which means I need to teach you a harsh lesson on the folly of disobedience.  Now strip while I get things ready."
            Only too well-acquainted with the routine, Kelly slowly removed her comfy sweatpants, panties and top while he snatched a pillow from the bed, then picked up the dreaded hairbrush from his dresser before he strode back to her.  "Chair," he indicated with the brush.
            She reluctantly took her position on the right, and lay across his pillow-covered knees when he gave the signal.  Though she wasn't looking forward to this punishment, she accepted her actions were deserving of his disapproval.  His left arm curled about her waist, pinning her in close to the hard plane of his stomach.
            "We'll do this until I'm convinced you've learned your lesson.  With each swat, I want you to call out the number and say 'I'm sorry I disobeyed you.'  Call out 'pear' if you need a break, and I'll stop long enough for us to have a chat.  You clear on your part?"
            "Yes, Sir," Kelly replied with a sniff.  His disappointment was palpable, and that alone brought tears to her eyes.  Jim's punishments were painful, but not unbearable.  What she found unbearable was the knowledge she'd angered him.  "I only wanted to help," she added pitifully.
            "Finding you on all fours beneath a ladder is not helpful.  I swear you took two years off my life when I spotted you sprawled on the floor."  The moment those words were out of his mouth, the wooden brush descended with enough force to push a cry through Kelly's throat.
            "One.  I'm sorry I disobeyed you, Sir," she dutifully repeated.
            "I am, too," he replied as the brush landed again.
            "Ow!  Two.  I'm sorry I disobeyed you, Sir."
            "You could have been seriously hurt," he answered along with another swat.  Kelly repeated her words with each stroke while he provided her with the reasons he considered this punishment long overdue.
            By the fifth smack, Kelly's butt burned and tears were flowing non-stop.  By the tenth, she was gripping his leg, kicking and crying heavily.  Her bottom had grown a lot more sensitive over the past few months, and he wasn't cutting her any slack.  When the fifteenth stroke fell she sobbed out, "Oh, God, Jim.  I'm so sorry.  I won't try to climb that lousy ladder again.  I promise.  Please stop!"
            "Count," he prompted, though it sounded like he spoke through gritted teeth.
            "I didn't mean to upset you.  I was hoping you'd be pleased to find the chore taken care of."
            The brush fell with another quick volley of five, which didn't give her enough time to breathe, let alone say the words he required.  "Give me the count.  Now, Kelly."
            "Twenty!" she cried out in a near scream.  "Pear.  Please, stop.
            He tucked the brush under his thigh and lightly rubbed her sore hindquarters.  "I swear, woman.  Sometimes you tick me off faster than a polltaker with a clipboard.  You are far more important to me than a living room cleared of holiday decorations.  Whatever would make you think I'd approve of you doin' this even if you hadn't been hurt?"
            "You work so hard," she managed between sobs. "I thought you'd be relieved to find the job already done."  Kelly started bawling once she realized how badly she'd messed things up.
            Jim continued his light stroking to ease her.  "Hush now.  I'm not pleased you disobeyed me, but I'm not angry, either.  Your heart may have been in the right place, but your brain took a vacation."
            She snorted at that, then gave a soft murmur of pleasure.  His gentle caresses eased some of the soreness, which created a different need within Kelly.  She lifted her backside into his palm, earning herself another smack.  A light one with his hand this time.  "Ow."
            "Pushin' your butt upwards is a signal you want more, not less."
            "I do want more, but not swats."
            "Yeah?  Well, I'm thinkin' you should sleep in the guest bedroom tonight as further punishment for your thoughtlessness.  Maybe next time you'll use your God-given intelligence first."
            "No!"  Kelly instantly protested and tried to rise, but Jim's arm kept her locked in position.  "Please.  I'm truly sorry for worrying you, and I realize I should have heeded your advice, but please don't shut me out of our bed.  I don't sleep well when we're apart."
            "Yeah, I know, and it's the only reason I'll relent.  You need a minimum of eight hours rest."  His hand hadn't ceased running along her back and thighs, but he had yet to touch her where she ached for the press of his fingers.
            When she spread her legs wider in invitation, he gave her another light smack.  So, he knew what she wanted, but chose to deny her.  With a sigh of disappointment, Kelly lowered her head and did her best to submit to his will.
            "Good girl," he murmured, continuing his stroking.  "Now, tell me what you've learned."
            "That you can be a real hardass when--  Ow!"
            After the single hard swat, the brush played a warning tap on her thighs before it stroked the lower curve of her bottom."  Kelly drew air between her teeth as the nerves of her already sore backside started prickling again.
            "I'm beginnin' to think I've been too easy on your butt, if you're eager to sass me like that while you're still draped over my knees for punishment.  Perhaps I should concentrate on areas a bit more sensitive."
            Oops!  Stupid runaway tongue.  "I'm sorry.  It's just…."
            "Go on.  I'm listenin'."
            "Could I sit up while we have this conversation?"
            "No.  I like you where you are.  So, say your piece."
            Kelly sighed.  This would either be a huge mistake on her part, or create a better understanding between them.  "Sometimes, I don't want you to be so gentle with me."
            "You think I was bein' gentle?"  She could hear the incredulous note in his question, and was tempted to laugh.
            "No, not the spanking.  I understand what I did wrong, and why you punished me, but when we make love….  Sometimes I want you to take me like you can't bear to be anywhere else but inside me.  Like you need to claim me and my pleasure in a way that leaves no doubt I belong to you."
            "You got any doubts now?"
            "No....  I'm not saying this right.  I want you to pound into me until I scream out in pleasure.  I want to experience pure animalistic, no holds barred, sex.  I won't break, Jim.  I promise."
            "You sayin' I've been leavin' you wantin'?"
            She tried to rise again, and this time he let her up, though he kept a protective hand at her waist, so she shifted to sit on his lap.  Ouch.  Even a soft, feather pillow didn't offer her well-heated posterior much comfort at this point, but she had no wish to be anywhere else.  Placing a kiss against his cheek, she murmured, "No.  You've never left me unsatisfied in any way.  But sometimes I want to feel as though your desire for me makes you lose control.  That you want me so much you can't help yourself."  She knew her request wouldn't be easy for him, since Jim was a man who prided himself on self-control.
            He regarded her for a long moment, then cupping her cheeks in his palms; he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers.  Her fingers clutching his shoulders, Kelly met his kiss with enthusiasm.  She loved this man with all her heart, and wanted him to know it.  In fact, she was determined to prove how much right now, despite the way he'd warmed her bottom on this cold winter's night, or perhaps even because of it.


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    Yes I enjoy being spanked. It turns me on.

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  56. What a fun story! I loved the intimacy and how protective Jim is of Kelly during her sweet. And I do like spanking - in all its fabulous forms!

  57. Aww! What a great couple! Definitely liking them! Cant wait to read more about em! Thank you for sharing! In life, ive never really been spanked, i dont think i would like it. Its on the list to try tho. lol In stories, i cant get enough! lol Thanks!

  58. Thanks so much to all who commented. Kelly and Jim are two of my favorite characters, and ones I'm most likely to write another book about. Kelly gets into a lot of trouble, and though she has issues, she has a good sense of humor along with a slightly wicked tongue. Jim is a patient, understanding Dom, but he'll only take so much before Kelly earns "lap time." All the same, he gives her a lot more leeway than most Doms give their subs, and he lets her know that as well.

    I'm in the process of picking a winner, and will post the name here when I have. In the meantime, check out Saturday Spankings for the list of grand prize winners.

  59. The winner on my blog who gets to chose from a list of my books is Chelle Author. Congratulations Chelle, I'll be contacting you by e-mail. And thanks to everyone who entered. My selection was randomly generated from my commenters by Random.Org. Hope to see you all next year, as well as some new faces.


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