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Guest Post - 2/7/17 - Serving Her Scientist by Jessica Brand #Contemporary #SpankingRomance

Playing unauthorized games has consequences


As tender as I was physically, there was another ache. A more ethereal ache. A longing. A neediness. Last night’s activities had barely left my conscious mind and telling Peta about it simply brought it all back, soaking my panties once again. The man responsible for that arousal was lounging in the living room and I wanted him. When did we last have sex two nights in a row? Last night I experienced hot, tough, animalistic Paul. Tonight I wanted, needed, Paul the lover. I wanted tender Paul. The Paul who would be sensitive and kind without going where he had the previous evening. 
I showered, shaved my legs and applied just a hint of makeup before heading into the bedroom. I had stopped off in my favorite lingerie store on the way home and bought a few things that I thought might get my husband's attention. There was, of course, a dual purpose to this because even if they failed to ignite the flame in him, most unlikely as it was, I still felt good when I wore them.
As I opened the package and looked at them, I wondered if the wine and my state of mind had led me to be a little more daring than usual. The corset I’d selected was white satin and lace and the saleswoman in the store had helped me adjust it. As she pulled the laces tight, every tug made me swoon and I thought of Renee and Paul looking at me, exposed and ready for a spanking. As the saleswoman was about to tie them off I asked her to put her knee in my back and give them one last tug.
I decided, wisely as it turned out, to put my stockings, panties and shoes on before I struggled into the corset. The sheer, white nylon felt heavenly cocooning my legs. The white satin panties hugged me gently and felt cool against my tender butt. Slipping into my highest heels, I stood up and took a few moments to get my balance before tackling the corset. 
It took longer than I expected to get it back on and I nearly gave in and loosened the laces but I was determined not to give up. I knew that I could squeeze myself into it without help and prayed that the clips down the front would withstand the strain. It took some serious effort, and a lot of grunting and groaning, but finally it was done and it felt every bit as good now as it did in the store. The practical reality of wearing it then hit me and I realized how restricted my movements would be. It was doing exactly what it was designed to do: hold my torso stiff, reduce my waist, flare my hips and enhance my breasts.
Taking time to admire myself in the full length bedroom mirror, I decided I was ready. A deep breath to suppress my nerves and I strode out into the living room, hopefully exuding the confidence that I didn’t feel inside. The tap of my heels initially startled Paul and he looked for the source of the sound. Pleased by his look of surprise, my confidence was building as he muted the television.
I stopped, my legs slightly spread, my hands on my hips trying to look as alluring as possible. “Paul, darling. I just wanted you to know that I’ve learned my lesson and that every time I move I’m reminded of last night.” My hands moved down to my butt and slid slowly over the smooth satin. “Every time I sat down or touched anything today, it reinforced the lesson I learned under your strong hands.” Cupping my breasts, I continued. “And as tender as these are, you did nothing more than give me what I deserved. Now I would like to give you what you deserve for helping me see the error of my ways,” I said as demurely as I could, twisting my body to one side as I looked down at him.


Paul and Donna are happily married. Maybe their marriage isn't the hot, pulsing sex romp it was when they first said their I dos on the beach so long ago, but it's safe, dependable. Boring. Donna, ever the bookish librarian, spends much of her spare time playing computer puzzle and word games in the internet. Paul's work as a rocket scientist in the military weapons industry requires that his computer remain safe and virus free. State secrets are at stake. That's why his lovely, but sometimes naughty wife is forbidden from playing her games on it.
Ignoring his instructions once too often, the inevitable happens and she infects his computer with an internet virus. Realizing the depth of her mistake, she is willing to do almost anything to atone for her sins and accepts that she will receive an old fashioned spanking as punishment. Much to her surprise, despite the pain, she finds the whole ritual exciting, awakening feelings that have lay dormant for years and arousing her to such a point that she craves more. She confides in her best friend, Peta, and is shocked by Peta’s in depth understanding of the benefits of erotic pain and punishment. Peta consults with Paul and then puts into motion a chain of events destined to change forever the tenor of Paul and Donna’s lives.S

DISCLAIMER: This story contains the spanking of adults, elements of bondage, discipline and power exchange. If these activities are not to your taste, you are advised not to buy this book.

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About the Author:

Jessica was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1958. Having lived in many parts of Australia and overseas, she now resides in Sydney and writes for fun.

With a lifelong interest in her subject matter she finally decided to put some of her experiences and fantasies into words, toning them down somewhat for public consumption. Her first book was released in mid 2014, using the pseudonym of R. R. Greaves. This was followed by a new release in Feb 2015 and there are a number of new stories in different stages of production.

With a particular interest in specific forms of erotica, the stories have a lot of explicit detail that comes from years of "hands on" experience. All have a strong element of power exchange between consenting parties. While most involve a key female character submitting to a powerful male, they have a mixture of dominant characters with women submitting to other women, men submitting to women and men submitting to other men.

A key part of the exchange of power between the characters involves the use of consensual physical and mental force, BDSM and spanking.
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