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Guest Post - 3/10/16 - Revenge Best Served Hot by Ja Dena #BDSM #Menage #EroticRomance

Today, Ja Dena has dropped by to share a tantalizing excerpt from her brand new release, "Revenge Best Served Hot," an erotic romance brimming with BDSM that includes a menage

Book One of the Revenge Best Served Series

          His gaze slid down and rested on her chest, stayed there until her nipples hardened beneath the tank top. Why did they always do that when a man looked at them? Willow cleared her throat. “Lane thinks I’m a prude. He’s also pretty pissed, so I doubt he’ll want another shot at kinky sex.”
          “Are you a prude?”
          “Didn’t you say I was?” Willow cringed at the annoyance infused in her tone.
          “I want to hear it from you.”
          The sparkle in his eyes melted her like warm butter. There was something about Denver she liked. A lot. Maybe she was into nice guys after all. “I don’t know. Maybe.”
          He jerked his chin. “Show me your tits.”
          Her jaw dropped. “Excuse me?”
          He laughed out loud. “Definitely a prude.”
          She also laughed, picked up a half-eaten pack of gum, and threw it at him. “Nice guys don’t go around asking girls to show their tits.”
          “And who said I was a nice guy?”
          “You did!”
          “No, you did.”
          With a frustrated huff, Willow turned back toward her window. She could feel him still laughing at her, albeit quietly. A sudden, childish urge compelled her to grab the hem of her top. The fabric twisted in her hands for a moment…
          Oh, why not? In the span of a split second, she turned toward him and lifted her top and bra up to her chin. The cool air conditioning blew on her bared nipples, springing them to full attention.
          His double take nearly ran them off the road. Willow pulled it all back down, nestling her perky breasts back into her B-cups with a satisfied smirk. That felt good…but not good enough. Her nipples suddenly needed more than just cold air. They needed to be touched.
          “Show me again.” Denver’s request came out husky this time.
          “You had your shot,” she said with her nose back to the glass. “Not my fault if you missed it.”
          “Show me again.”
          But she wasn’t the type to bare all to strangers, so Willow bit her lip and ignored him.
          He pulled onto the shoulder and put the truck in park. It quietly idled on the side of the highway as he challenged her with his eyes.
          Willow’s heart raced with anticipation, but she wasn’t afraid. She didn’t move, either. He reached over, traced the edge of her tank top with a single finger. Shock waves arced straight down to her groin, stirring more urges she’d never felt before. When she didn’t flinch or draw away, he slowly pulled her top down until her left breast was fully exposed.
          “There we go,” he murmured. “Now was that so hard?”
          “Lane wouldn’t like you touching me,” she murmured back.
          His gaze slid up to hers and held there. “Do you care what Lane thinks?”
          Not at the moment. She felt naughty. Rebellious. Like she was sticking it to her ex by throwing a stranger this one small bone. But when Denver leaned in to kiss her, Willow backed away before their lips could touch.
          “Is that why you offered me a ride?” she challenged when she found her breath. “To see if you could get into my panties after all?”
          His eyelids lowered with a smoldering look. “Not at first,” he answered huskily. “But you’re one hell of a temptation, Willow Burgess. And it’s that soft sigh of yours that makes me think I have a fair shot at your panties.”


Willow’s attempt to escape her toxic relationship with Lane ends the moment her car is stolen—with all her worldly belongings inside it. In a desperate attempt to get her stuff back, she accepts help from a handsome motorist, Denver, who offers to take her back to Vegas. On the way, Willow discovers Denver has a knack for sexual persuasion and finds herself bending to his will, his command, and his passion for anal sex. But her first round of uninhibited play turns into her worst nightmare when it’s revealed that Denver is actually a member of Lane’s dangerous outlaw brotherhood.

When Willow is returned to Lane, he gives her a choice: take her punishment or be sold into a world of sex, drugs and slavery. Vowing to walk away in the end, Willow accepts her punishment in the form of a threesome and discovers that the dark side of sex has its perks, making it difficult to deny them when they ask her to stay. But can sex forever mask the dangers she is bound to face when Lane and his brotherhood continue their outlaw ways? Or will she be pulled into that world of slavery after all?

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About the Author:
Ja Dena is an award-winning author from southern Florida. She now lives in a small Kansas town with her husband and children, balancing her schedule as a professional woman by day and a creator of all things sinful by night. Her passions are her family, penning hot romances and roaring down country roads on her Victory Vegas Jackpot. With ten books under her belt, Ja is looking forward to a long career as a fulltime writer and tackling new challenges along the way.

Her stories run on the dark side with a balance of humor and grit. Her men are tough, hot, and struggle with the beast inside while her women give as good as they get. Ja likes her conflict without the violins yet won’t promise a tissue-free experience.

Twitter: @JaDena_Author

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