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Hot Days and Hotter Nights - #Bloghop #FreeExcerpt #Prizes

It's August, so if you live in the northern hemisphere you know it's hot.  But the heat we're talking about here has more to do with body temperature than the weather.  In this hop, we want you to get hot and bothered, and we aim to do everything we can to make you that way.  Why?  Because we write the spicy novels that leave you panting for more.  At least that's our intent.

For my part to help increase your body temperature, I'm offering a reader's choice from any one of my eBooks.

You can read blurbs, excerpts, reviews etc. for each book by visiting my website at: and clicking on the banners listed on the home page.

And to help whet your appetite, I'll offer an excerpt from my latest novel, A Simple Misunderstanding.

Jerry has just returned from the dog park after Elly returned his jacket.  He's even more certain now that her husband is mistreating her, so he's decided to call the man who serves as the head of Corbin's Bend housing committee as well as Jerry's friend and mentor.

After Jerry got Jack fed and settled, he called Brent’s office.
“Carmichael.” That was Brent. All business and direct when events required quick results.
“Brent, it’s Jerry.”
“Hi, Jerry.” Jerry imagined his mentor tilting back in his chair. “What can I do for you?”
“I’d like to talk to you about Mr. and Mrs. Benson. Mrs. Benson, actually.”
“What about her?”
“I’ve gotten her to loosen up a little, and though I don’t have any proof, I think her husband might be abusing her. Yesterday, she sported some serious bruises on her wrists, and today she had difficulty walking. I fear I’m responsible. I tried to keep her talking to me, which made her late, and since she appeared cold, I lent her my coat. I believe Mr. Benson took exception to both those unusual developments.”
“Did she say so?”
“Not directly, but she did admit she got punished for not dressing properly for the weather.”
“I know. I would have spanked her for going outside with only a sweater on, too, if she’d been mine to take care of, but I wouldn’t have made her so sore she couldn’t walk.”
Brent Carmichael paused, and Jerry suspected his friend was struggling to be tactful. Brent was naturally protective of the people in Corbin’s Bend. No doubt the thought of one of theirs being abused stuck in his craw as well. After a moment, he spoke. “I understand how you feel, but some husbands are stricter than others, and—”
“Brent, please, I don’t need the lecture. Okay? What I want is someone to follow up with her and Arthur to make sure he’s not harming her, even if it’s unintentional.”
The only sound Jerry heard was Brent’s breathing. Finally, the other man said, “All right. I’ll suggest Kelli broach the subject with her. As Elly’s mentor, I think she’s the best choice, but Jerry, you and I need to sit down and discuss the appropriateness of your fixation with Mrs. Benson. I realize you view Eleanor Benson as a wounded animal and want to shelter her under your protective wing. However, Mrs. Benson is neither yours to protect, nor care for, and I suspect your feelings may be interfering with your objectivity.”
“Fine, I’ll set up an appointment to talk with you next week, but let me say this. When I asked Mrs. Benson how her wrists came to be so bruised and swollen, she said it was just a simple misunderstanding between her and Arthur. And Brent, putting my feelings aside, what happened to that woman was neither a misunderstanding, nor simple.” At that, Jerry hung up. A part of him longed to tell his mentor off, but his rational mind knew the older man was right. If Elly wouldn’t speak up for herself, and admit she and Benson had a problem, they could do nothing to help her. And, though his growing feelings for Mrs. Benson might be inappropriate, they weren’t interfering with his objectivity. They had practically eclipsed it.

To be entered in my drawing, leave a comment with your name and e-mail address and tell me what it was specifically Jerry observed about Elly Benson that had him suspecting her husband abused her.

Once you've done that, go on and see what goodies the other authors are offering, but before you go, don't forget to fill out the Rafflecopter form to be entered for one of the main prizes.  Have fun!

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  1. I can't wait to start reading this Kathryn! I was lucky enough to win a copy from Maren :) It was Elly's bruised wrists and difficulty walking that made Jerry suspicious of abuse.


  2. I really enjoyed this book, you handled a very difficult subject very well.

  3. Bruised wrists and difficulty walking. Not safe, sane and consensual!

  4. Her bruised wrists and she had difficulty walking.

  5. First he noticed bruises on her wrist and then the next day difficulty walking. I just finished reading this powerful story yesterday! It was so well told for such a difficult subject. It totally violated the sane, SAFE and consensual principle of DD. My heart broke for Elly and I applauded her hero Jerry.

  6. Oh!Oh! I know this one... her bruised wrists and difficulty walking. This is still my favorite of this series. Thanks.

  7. Jerry first noticed that Elly's wrists were bruised. Then he noticed that she couldn't walk correctly.

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  8. serious bruises on her wrists, difficulty walking, borrowing Jerry's coat

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  9. bruised wrists, and difficulty walking.
    very powerful scenes in this book!


  10. He observed bruises on her wrists and noticed she had trouble walking. My email thank you

  11. She had serious bruises on her wrists, & difficulty walking.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Take care, & I hope you have a great day! =)
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  12. He noticed her bruised wrists and difficulty walking.
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  13. he noticed her Bruised wrist and her Difficulty walking.
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  14. Bruised wrists and difficulty walking

  15. bruised wrists and difficulty walking

  16. Jerry noticed that her wrist were bruised and that she had difficulty walking.
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  17. Thanks to all who stopped by and entered. I will be selecting a winner from those who left an e-mail address for me to contact, and announcing the winner on Wednesday, August 20.

  18. The Grand Prize winners for the hop have been announced.

    Ashley F has won a Kindle Fire
    Michele B has won a $100 Gift Certificate
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    Pam R has one a $25 Gift Certificate

    The winner I randomly selected was Brandi L. Brandi, I'll be e-mailing you to discuss your prize.


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