Sunday, July 14, 2013

Come to Erzabet's Enchantments for a Spanking Good Time with Kathryn R. Blake #Spanking

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I'm over at Ezabet Bishop's Enchantment blog today talking about my newest release "Acting Lessons" and spanking, which seem to go hand in hand, or hand on butt as the case may be.  I'm a good old-fashioned girl who goes weak in the knees when a dominant male flexes a little muscle.  Want to know what else makes me weak in the knees?  Hop on over and check out the interview.

Of course, there's a free excerpt and I believe Erzabet is offering free cyber punch and cookies to any visitors who drop by.  Or perhaps a hot beverage if you live in the southern hemisphere.  If not, you are always welcome back here where I'll bring out my blender and whip up a frozen Daiquiri for those of us who are on the warm side, and my crock pot is perfect for making spiced wine or cider for anyone who is chilled.

Just let me know.

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