Saturday, February 11, 2012

With Love on Valentine's Day - Feb 11-14

Cupid has surely hit this hop with a golden arrow!
So here’s how the hop goes each of the participating author below is going to run a contest on their blog for the readers to enjoy! So make sure you stop by all the stops on the hop. I know you won’t be disappointed!
Contest starts February 11, 2012 and ends February 14, 2012 at midnight.
I am offering the below pictured Rosy Radiance Set of Jewelry
Where pink goes beyond pretty to become radiant in this softly blushing, gently sparkling set that adds an understated glamour to day and evening.

•Pearl, crystal, & sterling silver component materials
•Earrings: 0.75" L (1.9 cm) on sterling hooks
•Pendant: 0.75" L (1.9 cm) on an 18" L (45.7 cm) sterling chain
•Handmade in Thailand
To enter, just leave a comment below telling me what you think the perfect Valentine's Day would be for you.  This is an 18+ only blog, so you can be as naughty as you like.
And visit the link below to see what the other authors are handing out.


  1. Perfect Valentine for me would be to wake up to fresh coffee, a day of relaxation and to have dinner made, no dishes, and top it off with one perfect chocolate covered cherry.

    1. Oooh, Em. I'm with you, especially with the one perfect chocolate covered cherry.

  2. I think my perfect V-day would be in Costa Rica. My DH took me three years ago and it was amazing.

    In my perfect day, we would go back and stay at the same place (a very cozy bungalow with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean, but tons of privacy). We'd watch the ocean, maybe take a (skinny) dip. My DH would Finally be willing to try some BDSM stuff I read about and fantasize about (he won't even consider it now). All while sipping expensive champagne and eating chocolate fondue. Or maybe covering parts of him and me in that chocolate and finding creative ways to eat it.
    Finally, at the end of the evening after I'm sore from the flogger (but he's massaged away the pain) he showers me with new jewelry.

  3. Sarah, that's hot, but I think your DH would need to kiss as well as massage away your flogger soreness.

    If your hubby is resistant to trying any sort of BDSM, maybe you could start him off slow with some light spanking. My husband would freak if I asked him to use a flogger on me, but he's not at all opposed to giving me an occasional sharp smack with his hand. In fact, I think he's beginning to enjoy it just a little too much, so I may have created a monster in that regard.

    Hmmm, warm chocolate fondue applied as a desert course. Now you're giving me ideas. Jewelry is always nice, but aftercare is much better at easing pain, I think.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  4. Sarah is the winner of my "With Love on Valentine's Day" Blog Hop. Congratulations, Sarah. I'll e-mail you under separate cover.

  5. Sarah, for some reason I didn't get your e-mail. Please send me an e-mail at so I can get your information.


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