Works in Progress (WIPS)

Let Him Go
Sequel to Lessons in Love - 80% first draft.

Loving him was easy, but marrying him was becoming a nightmare.

Unhealthy Choices: Kelly's Story continued
Sequel to Learning to be Little - 2% plotted.

She was looking for love, but found terror and torment instead.

Fatal Desire: Edits Meter
Vampire Romance - 3 / 24 chapters of first book reviewed. 13% done.
Sequel to Mortal Illusions

He was over 2,000 years old, had fought to the death in Rome's Coliseum, without flinching, had dispatched men to their deaths with a single swipe of his sword, and yet she could bring him to his knees with a simple frown.

The Beauforte Legacy Trilogy: Edits Meter
Romantic Historical Fantasy - 0 / 24 chapters of first book reworked.

His legacy was written in blood with seven generations cursed, and seven innocent women already dead. He had a gift and a power, but were they enough to break the chain?

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