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#MFRWHooks - 11/29/17 - Learning to be Little - Kelly has an important decision to make #AgePlay #BDSM

She needed a savior, but she wasn't looking for a second daddy

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My submission for this week's Book Hooks is from my newest release, Learning to be Little: Kelly's Story. It's the sequel/prequel to my only BDSM novel, A Dom's Dilemma, and Book 3 in my Unexpected Consequences series.

Cold and hungry, Kelly Franklin was down on her luck when a gentleman stepped in, paid for an hour of her time, fed her, then made a proposition she never expected, but couldn't afford to turn down.

In this scene, which occurs in chapter one, cold and down-in-her-luck, Kelly Franklin has accepted a stranger's invitation for dinner. Though she is a little taken aback when the gentleman insists on cutting up her meat and feeding her dessert, the excellent food and warm restaurant more than make up for his strange eccentricities. So, she plays along despite her unease. After dinner, he allows her to have a treat, then asks if she would like to move in with him.

Kelly frowned. He seemed harmless enough, but she didn't know him at all and he'd refused to answer most of her questions. He hadn't even told her his name, saying instead that she should call him, Sir.
When she hesitated, he leaned closer. "I want to take care of you, Kelly. You'll have your own room, plenty to eat, good clothes to wear. I will see to your every need and you will want for nothing. I will also pay for you to take classes at some point, so you will have the proper skills needed to find a job when we eventually part."
Interesting. He spoke of parting before they'd even gotten together. Kelly knew there had to be a catch, but she couldn't imagine what it could be. Looking at him, she asked, "So, are you expecting to throw me back on the streets when you're finished with me?"
His frown deepened as he glared at her. "You are never to return to the streets. Is that clear?"
She shrugged. "What am I to do for money, then?"
"Cash won't be an issue, since I will provide for you. But, if you're worried about your future, I will say that I intend to establish a trust fund for you, which you may draw upon when you turn twenty-one. You're eighteen now, so two hundred dollars a week should provide you with a nest egg of around fifty thousand dollars that I will expect you to build upon once you've got a respectable job."
Two hundred dollars this week would have kept her off the streets. So what was the catch? "Will you be sleeping with me?"
"I will see to your every need, Kelly," he repeated slowly, as if she had trouble understanding him. "Though I doubt we will share the same bed for an entire night."
"Will you at least tell me your name, sir?"
"I don't see what difference it should make, unless I adopt you, which I doubt I will, but my name is Graham White."
"Where do you live, Mr. White?"
Kelly received a firm slap on her thigh for that. Rubbing the spot he'd smacked, she scowled at him. "What was that for?"
"What did I say you were to call me?"
She swallowed. He appeared quite serious about the etiquette he wanted her to follow. "Sir."
"That is correct. I do not ever want you to refer to me by my name. Is that clear?"
"Yes, sir."
"Good. I have an apartment located on Fifth Avenue near Central Park."
Kelly still thought he was still being evasive, so she asked, "What sort of restrictions would you impose on me if I agreed to live with you, sir?"
"I'm not sure what it is you wish to know."
"Okay, if I meet someone at school, can I have them over to visit at your place?"
"No, you may not. You will be taking your classes at home, over the Internet. Other than our weekly afternoon out, you should have no need to leave the apartment."
Kelly thought she was beginning to get the picture. "Will I ever be allowed to leave your side unaccompanied, Sir?"
"If you're required to be somewhere without me being present, we will discuss it at that time. Until then, I expect you to remain in my company at all times."
He intended to make her answerable to him alone. Kelly wasn't sure she liked that idea. He had been strict, but not cruel, even so….
"Is your current life so full of possibilities you have difficulty making the choice?"
She snorted. "No."
"That's a most disgusting sound. Don't do it again. It's not ladylike. So, why do you hesitate?"
"Because, sir, I don't know you, and you seem intent upon keeping me prisoner while I remain under your control."
His face immediately softened, and he smiled. "No, Kelly. You won't be my prisoner. You will be my loved and cherished daughter."

Though a part of Kelly suspects her escort has some kinky notions, the stranger's behavior remains gentlemanly toward her, despite his paternalistic tendencies. And, if he was being truthful with her, she'd certainly be better off with him than living on the streets. So, what choice did she really have?

M/F, DD and Daddy Doms.


When hunger and cold induce Kelly Franklin to accept a stranger's offer, she has no idea how drastically her life will change. Offered a chance to live the childhood she was denied, Kelly discovers a new-found freedom in allowing someone else to make all her decisions. And though it takes her awhile to fully accept the changes expected of her, by the time Kelly gleefully embraces her little girl, she is forced to re-evaluate her life.

Learning to be Little is currently available for sale at Amazon.

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