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#WIPitUP - 10/5/16 - Learning to be Little: Kelly's Story - A new profession? #Ageplay #BDSM

WIP: Work in progress.  WIP it up Wednesday is a hop where writers share portions of the project they're working on with readers.  I really like the idea because it allows me to share something that's still in the creative stage as well as work behind the scenes as a prompt to keep me writing.

The WIP I've chosen to share today is tentatively titled "Learning to be Little: Kelly's Story."  It is a story about Kelly Franklin's first immersion into BDSM with a Daddy Dom. It begins in the present directly after "A Dom's Dilemma" then slips into her past before returning to the present again. It's my first attempt at an age play story, but I hope it will provide a lot more insight into Kelly's character. Though the manuscript is still in edits at this point, I decided to begin sharing snippets of my first draft, beginning with the start of Kelly's nightmare.

The mock cover I used for Camp NaNo
I'm continuing where I left off last time. As an only child born to two only children, a young and precocious Kelly Franklin seeks out her Daddy whenever something frightens her. Unfortunately, her Daddy isn't available to soothe her and two strange men were hurting her mother. Scared, Kelly remains as quiet as a mouse in her parent's closet until the police pull her out. Twelve years later, Kelly still suffers nightmares from that time and finds herself walking the streets.

Kelly couldn't afford to pay rent and hated going to the shelters, but at least they provided food and a bed. Cold and miserable, Kelly had briefly considered committing suicide when another woman took pity on her by saying with her looks; she could probably make a decent living if she chose to let others use her body. Not only was this particular trade not discussed at the orphanage, it was regarded as a sin, so Kelly remained uncertain. The nuns tended to punish if they even caught a girl pleasuring herself, which meant following a path of carnal service would definitely lead her down the road to Hell. Realizing she didn't possess enough skills for a respectable job, she looked to what she could do.
After she'd been at it for three hours, Kelly reluctantly admitted that she made a lousy whore, too. Positioned in dark alleyways rather than under a light, she only spoke with customers who sought her out directly.
Her first experience was pitiful when the john lost patience and ripped off the underwear she refused to remove because it wasn't dignified. The act was as close to rape as it could be, but he told her that was fine with him since he liked it rough. He was drunk, so he hardly realized he'd hurt her or that he'd taken her virginity. And she doubted he would have much cared even if he had known. He gave her fifty dollars, which paid for a meal and lodging for the night.
Her next night was little better, though she didn't offer as much resistance when the man pushed her against a wall, lifted her skirts and thrust into her without so much as howdy after he asked her price. She used the scale the woman had given her.
"Ask twenty for a hand job, fifty for front penetration, sixty from the rear, and seventy-five if he wants you to blow him off. You don't want those things in your mouth if you can avoid it. Trust me."
Though none of her customers had gotten past the fifty mark, which was just as well since Kelly had little idea what she was even offering, she figured she'd learn soon enough. However, her third night was distinctly different.

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  1. Oh my, I so feel for poor Kelly. She has been through so much. Very powerful. Now I'm curious about the third night :)


  2. Poor Kelly - that's not much of a debut into the world. I sincerely hope her third night brings a little bit of hope her way. She could use a hug and plenty of kindness! Loving the story so far :)

  3. I wanna know about the third night!!!! Sounds like she has it rough, poor thing.


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