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WipItUp Wednesday - 9/28/16 - Learning to be Little - No skills, no money #AgePlay #BDSM

WIP: Work in progress.  WIP it up Wednesday is a hop where writers share portions of the project they're working on with readers.  I really like the idea because it allows me to share something that's still in the creative stage as well as work behind the scenes as a prompt to keep me writing.

The WIP I've chosen to share today is tentatively titled "Learning to be Little: Kelly's Story."  It is a story about Kelly Franklin's first immersion into BDSM with a Daddy Dom. It begins in the present directly after "A Dom's Dilemma" then slips into her past before returning to the present again. It's my first attempt at an age play story, but I hope it will provide a lot more insight into Kelly's character. Though the manuscript is still in edits at this point, I decided to begin sharing snippets of my first draft, beginning with the start of Kelly's nightmare.

The mock cover I used for Camp NaNo
I'm continuing where I left off last time. As an only child born to two only children, a young and precocious Kelly Franklin seeks out her Daddy whenever something frightens her. Unfortunately, her Daddy isn't available to soothe her and two strange men were hurting her mother. Scared, Kelly remains as quiet as a mouse in her parent's closet until the police pull her out. Twelve years later, Kelly still suffers nightmares from that time and finds herself placed in an orphanage.

Kept under a more secure watch and a stricter regimen with the nuns, she remained a ward of the Catholic church for twelve years and even briefly considered becoming a nun, but she wasn't Catholic or even a very devout Christian. So, at age eighteen, she was given the clothes she now wore, some spending money, and a list of places where she could find shelter and food. They no longer had the room or funds to keep her, and she was of age. Kelly hadn't exactly been a model child, so even though the nuns weren't cruel, she suspected they were relieved to see the last of her.
She spent several days looking for work, but outside of her gamin looks, she really had few qualities to recommend her, and fewer serviceable skills. Though she had received what was equivalent to a high school GED, she wasn't good at handling money, knew next to nothing about computers, had abysmal typing skills, and her grasp of any finer social amenities was practically non-existent due to her own stubbornness, not through any fault of the nuns.
Kelly barely spoke for several months after her parents' murders, and hardly a night passed by that she didn't wake-up screaming from visions of two gunmen hunting her down. As a result, she had difficulty associating with others, and preferred to keep to herself.
Though the clothing she wore wasn't fashionable and had proved to be inadequate for the weather, it was clean, and she appeared somewhat respectable. Grocery checkouts didn't require a fashion degree, but she did need to be able to work a cash register and give back correct change, neither of which was a talent she'd picked up at the orphanage. What use would she have had for money there?

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  1. Oh poor Kelly, she has been through so much! Very intense and emotive. I really feel for Kelly. Great snippet Kathryn, a wonderful background to Kelly.


  2. Good to see you around these parts again! I feel for poor Kelly. She's had a tough life, and it looks like things are going to get tougher yet. I have my fingers crossed for a HEA. I think she deserves one :)

  3. She deserves some love, and a break. Hope life starts to look up for her!


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