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Guest Blog - 7/12/16 - Dancing with a Dom by Katherine Deane #BDSM #BBWRomance

When her show of temper gets Macy turned over a handsome Dom's lap, she begins to realize exactly what she's been missing all her life.


After tidying up the kitchen and living room and bathroom, I realized I had been waltzing while vacuuming. Jeesh. I couldn’t get the music out of my head. The beats moved faster, and I started swaying. My hips liked this kind of movement. They liked to sway. So did my ass. I was about to Mary Poppins my way into a provocative salsa with the hose of my Kirby when I realized what I was doing.
Damn it! Scolding myself to stay in control of my freakishly horny body, I goose-stepped my way through the dusting. Mmm, but a feather duster did have the whole French maid kind of appeal to it. I could see myself coyly grinning while reaching for the top shelf. I would wear nothing except my apron.
Oops, got a little dust on my tits. Maybe I should wipe them off. Or my handsome partner could. I stroked my nipples. I moaned.
Stop right there! This was insane. I had become a lunatic who got off with a feather duster and kinky thoughts of well-chiseled dancing Doms. What happened to my self-control? Tomorrow, I was going to see my doctor. My hormones were probably fluctuating. Maybe some medication would help.
I snuggled up onto my couch and checked off my list. Thirty more items to do before I could cross a black Sharpie mark through Saturday.
The buzzer rang for my door. Looking at the small monitor, I saw the dark, tousled hair, strong lines, chiseled jaw, dangerous eyes. It was him. My dancing Dom.


To this day, I’m still not sure which is more embarrassing.
Being left by your husband who says you are fat, overbearing, and frigid in bed.
Or having to change partners midway through a season of televised dancing—because your partner can’t lift you.
Both hurt. A lot. The first made me want to curl up into a little ball and hibernate. Since I had plenty of fat to store away for the winter, it didn’t sound like a bad idea.
The second left me so angry, I waltzed the man through his own set of moves—straight up to the full mirror. Then I lifted him. Luckily, he didn’t get hurt. And I didn’t get sued.
But that’s how I ended up over the knee of the hottest man I have ever met.
After he spanked me, he became my new partner.
We danced.

NOTE: This novella originally appeared in the USA TODAY BESTSELLER Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine's Day Stories.

This story has been reedited. 10k words of hot new scenes!

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About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Katherine Deane is a multi-published, top 100 romantic and BDSM author and romantic at heart. While she enjoys her life as a stay at home mom, married to the man of her dreams, she also loves fantasizing. She reads and writes in many different genres, but her favorites are: erotic romance, paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. She blogs about her life as an everyday woman (and closet Spanko), and about her career as a published author.

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  1. Great fun excerpt, love the feather duster and French maid reference :) Thank you both for sharing :)



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