Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#MFRWHooks - 2/25/15 - Deadly Enchantment - Attempting something a little different #Paranormal #Shapeshifters

Fair Warning: Wizards don't always play fair.

Welcome to MFRW Book Hooks, a regular Wednesday feature! Today, I'm sharing a snippet from my second book, Deadly Enchantment, a Victorian paranormal romance concerning the deadly rivalry between two shape-shifting wizard brothers.  The legitimate heir, Terrence, received his father's money and title, but his illegitimate half-brother, Dominic, received all their father's affection and love, earning all of Terrence's resentment.

Published by New Concepts Publishing, the story revolves around a young psychic woman unwittingly drawn into the brotherly conflict when she faces off with the dark wizard of Ravenscroft, whom she is convinced has brutally slaughtered her sister in a fit of jealous rage on their wedding night.

This segment introduces us to Terrence, who's at play in his dungeon.  He's bored, and a bored wizard trained in black magic is a very dangerous animal indeed.

            Although a peer of the realm, Terrence Nathaniel Moreland, Earl of Lynwood, cared not at all for the trappings and social amenities associated with being a member of the nobility.  The title offered him certain privileges, which he made use of as they suited him, but for the most part, he preferred to seclude himself in his laboratory where he could work his spells and potions undisturbed and unquestioned.
            And today he was attempting something a little different.  Something he’d never been entirely successful at before, but curiosity and a feeling of restlessness impelled him to try again.  That and the fact that the young woman seated near him had ruined his breakfast by overcooking his eggs.

He is not a man you would ever want to meet in a dark alleyway.

M/F, Shape shifting wizards in Victorian England.

Read the first three chapters at: Deadly Enchantment

Available at NCPAmazon and Barnes & Noble

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  1. Intriguing snippet Kathryn. Definitely want to know more!


  2. A new one! :-) Sounds like a ton of fun, and I love historicals...

  3. Uh oh. Could go badly for the young woman….

  4. LOL, love the humor you throw in his character with the comment about his ruined eggs. I find it hard to make my characters funny :-/ Loved your snippet


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