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It's the first day of March, so if you live in the northern hemisphere, baby you know it's cold outside.  But the romance writers participating in this hop know how to heat things up. In this hop, we want you to get hot and bothered, and we aim to do everything we can to make you that way.  Why?  Because we write the spicy novels that leave you panting for more.  At least that's our intent.

For my part to help increase your body temperature, I'm offering a reader's choice from any one of my eBooks.

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And to help whet your appetite, I'll offer an excerpt from my latest story, Past Interference, currently available in the Corbin's Bend Valentine's Day anthology, Love in the Rockies.

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Elly and Jerry are due to be married in a couple of days and Elly is suffering from severe misgivings. Not about Jerry.  She loves him to pieces, but she loved her first husband, too, until he changed into a person she no longer recognized on their wedding night. Elly's first husband abused her terribly, but he took special delight in hurting her anally. Jerry has decided the best way to prove to Elly that he's not like her husband, is to show her.

The moment they stepped across the threshold, Jerry closed the bedroom door, to ensure no four-legged children would disturb them, and drew Elly close. “I love you.” He whispered the reminder against her lips as his hands soothed, rubbed and slowly undressed her. Tiny sounds of protest emerged from her throat, but she offered no resistance when his talented hands wove an erotic spell around and within her as they gently sought out her hidden valleys and crevices. No place on her body was denied attention, but he showed no preference to any specific area either. Instead, he encompassed her with his touch until she stood naked and trembling before him.
Releasing her mouth, he took a step back and let his eyes feast. “You’re beautiful, sexy and cute all at the same time, and I adore you.”
She attempted a tremulous smile.
“Good girl. I much prefer your smiles over your tears, so we’ll see if we can’t keep those luscious lips of yours upturned with pleasure. All right?”
Nodding, she let him lead her over to the bed. The fact he chose to remain clothed while stripping her naked would have normally made Elly uneasy, but today she took a measure of comfort from his denim-clad body. She knew the impressive piece of man-flesh tenting his blue jeans was capable of bringing her great pleasure, and though she’d never consciously compared them, Jerry was much larger than Arthur, which made her a little uneasy given what he intended.
He lay down first, then draped her to lie over him. Elly tensed, even though she preferred the freedom of being on top.
“Relax, sweetie. We’re in no hurry and right now I simply want to bring you pleasure. All right?”
Pushing aside her doubts for the moment, she nodded and bent forward for another kiss. This time he lightly nibbled her lips before his tongue claimed the interior of her mouth. The coaxing fingers that skated along her sides shifted to an erotic scraping of neatly trimmed nails. He continued the tease until her soft moans grew in volume, at which point he rolled her onto her back without pausing in his sensuous assault.
Elly wrapped her arms around his neck and participated with eager willingness. After a moment, he raised his head. “I would like to give you a scented oil massage. It will help relax you.”
Though he was stating his intentions, rather than asking, she gave a nod of consent and received yet another kiss as her reward. Then, he shifted and drew a small bottle from the top drawer of the bedroom night table.
“Always prepared?” she asked with a feeble attempt at a grin.
“Ever hopeful,” he corrected, his smile gently reassuring as he poured a dollop of oil onto the palm of one hand. When he warmed the lubricant with the heat of his skin, the aromatic scent of caramel popcorn filled the air.

To be entered in my drawing, leave a comment with your name and e-mail address and tell me what it is Jerry did that would normally make Elly uneasy.

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  1. This hop sounds fantastic! Thank you to all participating authors. Love this excerpt Kathryn, love how gentle Jerry is with her. Jerry remaining clothed while stripping her naked would normally make Elly nervous.


  2. I love that you wrote more on Elly and Jerry. They're a couple who have stayed with me since I read A Simple Misunderstanding some months back.

  3. Hi, I loved both this and their original story when I read them. Jerry remaining dressed while Elly was naked was what made her uneasy.
    love Jan,xx

  4. He remained clothed while stripping her naked :)
    Loved this excerpt, Kathryn. It was sweet and sexy :)
    Thanks! :)

    katherinedeane40 at gmail dot com

  5. I loved the story of Jerry and Elly from the first one to the follow up. It wasn't an easy story to read with the abuse of her first husband, but it had such a powerful message. Answer to the question: He remained clothed while he stripped her naked.
    Kathy Heare Watts

  6. Jerry remained clothed while Elly was naked
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  7. Jerry remained clothed and Elly was naked.

  8. Jerry remained clothed while Elly was naked.

  9. I am going to have to one click these books after that excerpt. Thank you. Jerry kept his clothes on while Elly was stripped naked which would normally make Elly nervous.

  10. Jerry kept his clothes on, but stripped Elly. (They are my fave CB couple so far)
    Amhart602 at gmail dot com

  11. Thank you so much for the great hop! Jerry left his clothes on while stripping Elly naked. Have a great night!

  12. "The fact he chose to remain clothed while stripping her naked would have normally made Elly uneasy".

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  13. The fact he chose to remain clothed while stripping her naked

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  14. Jerry remained clothed, Elly was stripped of her clothes and concerns.

    blueshedevil32 (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Jerry remained dressed while Elly was naked, it made her uneasy. Thank you! Sounds great!

  16. Thanks to all who entered my contest. I will be selecting a winner shortly and leave a comment here with the person's name as well as send them a private e-mail.

  17. The randomly selected winner for my contest was Susan Clement. Congratulations, Susan. I will be contacting you separately. Thanks again to all who entered.


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