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Guest Post - 12/18/14 - Interview with John Henry from Cowboy Mail Order Bride by Angela Sargenti #SpankingRomance

Today we have a special treat.  John Henry Morgan who's the hero in Angela Sargenti's Mail Order Bride has stopped by to fill us in on why he believes Domestic Discipline is essential to a happy marriage.  Though John Henry is a self-made man with a few rough edges, he's here to do some plain talking.  So, set your feet up, grab a drink and rest a spell while John Henry regales us with his wisdom.

Welcome, John Henry.  Out of curiosity, what made you decide to get a bride through mail order?
There ain’t a lot of single women in Ryder’s Gulch, and the ones that are there don’t appeal to me.  When I got that first letter and the picture of Eleanor, I knew I’d like her.  What I didn’t know is how much I’d really come to love her.  I couldn’t imagine my life without her now.

You liked her, and yet you warned Eleanor in your early communication that you discipline with spankings.  Why did you do this before you even met her?
I believe in being up front and honest in my dealings with people.  I didn’t want her to feel like she was tricked into making that long train journey and was stuck with me.  I wanted her to know what she was getting into and do it of her own free will.

I think it was decent of you to be honest up front with a woman you hadn't yet met.  What was the first thing you noticed about Eleanor when you first saw her?
Her tiny little waist.  She has the kind of shape a man like me enjoys.

So, was Eleanor the sort of woman you thought you'd be marrying?
She’s a whole lot sassier than I bargained for, but she stands her ground when she really believes in something and I like her all the better for it. 

So, even though you like her standing up for her beliefs, if they challenge your authority, you spank her.  Eleanor is your wife.  Why do you believe hurting her through a spanking will help your relationship?
I believe a man should be the head of his household, and I think it makes things easier if everyone knows what’s expected of them and what’ll happen if they fall out of line.  I believe there ought to be consequences for bad behavior, don’t you?

So, did you give Eleanor a set of rules she needed to follow?
I don’t give her rules.  I give her warnings.  If she keeps on misbehaving after that, she gets a spanking.

Which warning do you think Eleanor has the most difficulty following and why?
I’m telling you, that woman has the hardest time watching her sassy little mouth.

Since Eleanor has a hard time watching her sass, do you believe in spanking her simply to set the tone (as in maintenance or preventive spankings) versus spanking only for punishment or pleasure?
I only did a preventive spanking the one time when we were getting to know each other.  I wanted her to know I meant business.  I don’t think she needs maintenance spankings now.  She’s a pretty good girl, my Eleanor.

If she's so good, why did you choose to spank her before you consummated your marriage?  Did you think at all about her feelings before you took this action?
I’ve spanked women before, and it sort of softens them up to be spanked.  Besides, I figured she’d be dying of curiosity about it by then, and decided to go ahead and give her a full taste of what marriage was going to be like.

Aren't you worried at all that you might seriously hurt Eleanor during one of your punishment sessions?
No.  I’m not worried about that, because I only spank her bottom.  I never heard tell of anyone dying of a simple spanking.  Besides, she ain’t as frail as she looks.

Eleanor might be a strong woman, but your hands are rough from working the ranch, so why would you use an implement to punish her rather than your hand?
I want her to know the difference between a spanking for pleasure and a spanking for discipline.  Besides, she only gets the belt or a paddle when she’s done something pretty bad, like the time she got me bit by that rattlesnake.

Okay, I think we'll leave John Henry here.  Rattlesnake bites can be fatal, so Eleanor probably deserved that punishment, rough hands or not.


Eleanor's parents passed away unexpectedly, leaving her penniless. Fearing she had no other options, she accepts an offer of marriage from a wealthy rancher. She agrees to travel out west and become his bride, but part of that agreement means she must subject herself to his discipline.

John Henry Morgan expects his new bride to be an obedient wife, but soon finds the headstrong Eleanor taking his home--and his heart--by storm.

Can the impetuous Mrs. Morgan abide by her new husband’s rules and make him a comfortable wife, or will she lose him to his former lady friend, Miss Lou Anne Franklin?


            “I’m sorry I’m ill,” I told him, probably for the fourth time.
            “Don’t you worry about that, darlin’.  I’ll have you home in no time.”
            Thankfully, he’d brought his coach, a fine landau with the top up, instead of an open wagon.  He helped me inside and jumped up on the running board to tell his coachman to spring the horses.  
            We broke off the main road through town and took a dusty country road.  John Henry held my hand during the entire drive home, talking to me in a gentle, loving voice.
            “I’ll have them make you a posset when we get to the ranch,” he told me.  “That should fix you up in a quick hurry.”
            “Is it far?”
            “Not very.  About three miles.  With a team like mine, we ought to be there in just over fifteen minutes.
            Just then, another tumbleweed rolled past and the horses tried to shy, but John Henry’s excellent coachman held them steady.  As the dust cleared, the ranch came into view. 
            It looked rather rustic and weathered, but well kept-up.  It was bigger than I expected, the main part of the house constructed of logs, with a two-story wing made of stone attached.  I envisioned window boxes and geraniums, and a smart new knocker on the door.  We pulled up around back and stopped.
            “Well, Mrs. Morgan,” said my husband, jumping down to hand me out.  “Welcome to your new home.”

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