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Guest Post - 12/16/14 - Patricia Green and Rescued by the Spy - #SciFi #EroticRomance

I am delighted and proud to present my good friend, Patricia Green, who has dropped by to discuss her latest release "Rescued by the Spy."  In this space thriller, Nina Stanley is kidnapped and kept as a sex slave by a man who is as evil as he is ugly.  But, before we delve into the land of Legeia, I want to ask my good friend a personal question.

Trish, this year has been a hectic one for you, but through it all you've had your best friend encourage and support you.  Would you tell us a little about this outstanding person in your life?
* * * * * * *
My best friend, far and away, is my husband. He's a wonderful, brilliant man, with a heart of gold. His job is to write, edit, contract for, and represent (on TV and radio) studies on energy and natural resource topics. He is the senior director at the think tank he works for. Ken holds a doctoral degree in Environmental Science and Engineering.

Because he's both a writer and an orphan, we have a lot in common. Even after 20 years together, we can still talk for hours on a variety of topics. I can tell him anything and he listens. His opinions matter to me and I take them seriously.

We're not all about seriousness and intellectual pursuits. Ken has a fabulous sense of humor. He always knows how to make me laugh. I think that's one of the most valuable traits in a friend.

I'm very lucky to have him in my life, and I strive to always give back as much as I get.
* * * * * * *
And Ken is very lucky to have you as well.  Now on to Nina and Michael's story....

Can an undercover spy save the women he loves without blowing his cover?
SF Erotic Romance


“Let’s pull a couch over to the very center of the room, so we can all watch,” Laricon suggested, malicious glee glinting from his eyes. The room was quickly rearranged.

Michael stood at the foot of the couch in the center and looked over at Nina where she stood, just below Laricon’s dais. Their eyes met for a moment. Is there compassion there? No. Impossible. She was panicked and nearly frantic so she tried to take comfort in the possibility he was more like himself from their time before, rather than being a heartless monster of the Ligeia settlement.

“Crawl over to your ‘boyfriend,’ my dear,” Laricon said icily. “On hands and knees, that’s right. You’re a lithe pet cat about to do a sexy trick for her loving master.”

Nina crawled, sobbing and sniffling, her eyes pleading with Michael as she approached. Please don’t add to my humiliation. Please.

“You’re a lucky bitch,” Michael said, loud enough for all to hear. “Go ahead, get up on the couch and do it.” He bent down to motion to her, whispering in her ear. “Pretend it’s just you and me, Nina. You can do it. You’re so beautiful and passionate. Show me, sweetheart.”

Confused at his duplicitous behavior, Nina pushed her shame aside for the moment. She nodded slightly and got up onto the couch. Horribly degraded and humiliated, she didn’t know just what to do.

Michael locked eyes with her. “Show me your trick, pretty girl,” he said, his voice low and smooth, so soft that no one but she could hear. “Show me how to please you. I want to know your pleasure.” Although she hesitated, Nina knew what he was asking of her, so she lifted a hand to her breast and began to stroke her nipple. The other hand followed suit, and her nipples peaked. 

“That’s right. It must feel good. Get them nice and stiff. I won’t forget. What else feels good?” She put a finger in her mouth, wet it, and then stroked a hard nipple while her free hand moved over her belly and hips gently. “Yes, I see, you like kisses on your mouth and pretty nipples. Your nipples are so tight now, they must be anxious for more. Show me, sweetheart, show me what more.”

Michael’s gray eyes were locked on hers, creating their own little sphere of privacy. Nina grasped at that glimmer of compassion as though it were a life raft.

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A spy working for the Solarian Federation...
Michael O'Malley is undercover in a sting operation against Jerold Laricon, a man with Machiavellian social restructuring schemes and a desire for world domination.

Kidnapped and kept as a sex slave...
Could there be a worse time for Nina Stanley, O’Malley’s old flame, to show up in Ligeia as a kidnap victim? Sure, he wants to save her, but his job is to crush Laricon's slave trade and vicious rise to power.

The young and beautiful "spare"...
Muddying the waters is Michael’s need to fit in and partake of the succulent fruits on Laricon’s human slave tree--including Alyssa, a willing sex slave he's forced to take as his own. Now he has two women counting on him, and the fate of a world.

Nina's goal is to get out.
No matter what it takes. Nina is appalled by what she experiences in Ligeia at the hands of the evil Laricon, but what if the price of her freedom is Michael's life? Can she live with herself if that happens?

About the Author:

Bestselling author, Patricia Green, is a full-time fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She provides the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. Patricia is the author of more than 20 published novels and novellas as well as an ever-growing collection of short stories.

In her personal life, Patricia is married and the mother of twins. When she’s not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to read, crochet, knit and watch hockey and baseball.

You can reach Patricia Green in the following ways:
Email: pig (at) patriciagreenbooks (dot) com
Twitter: @PatriciaIGreen

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