Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) Summer Camp - What is it?

Marketing Summer Camp July 14-15, 2012
Marketing Summer Camp is a free, two-day online conference designed to help authors learn the basics of marketing and promotion, and to fine tune skills already obtained. It will include guest speakers, pitch opportunities, prizes, top giveaways, and plenty of learning and fun. It will be held on the Yahoo group, Marketing for Romance Writers. Membership is open to published as well as non-published authors, editors, publishers, literary agents, author promotion services, cover artists, and virtual assistants. MFRW members are automatically signed up for Camp. If you want to take a particular course, read the messages posted with that title of the class. If you want to skip that class, don't read them. It's going to be that easy. Handouts and goody bags will be up for grabs once the conference begins. Giveaways include advertising packages, blog tours, and more. Discounts on services will also be available for all attendees.
There will be pitch appointments with multiple publishers for camp attendees. These will take place after camp so you don't have to miss classes.
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The MFRW Friends of Romance Award is presented to companies seeking to aid authors with promotion at little or no cost, and to offer affordable programs. In 2012 they are: The Romance StudioRomance Junkies, and CoffeeTime Romance. The award is one way we can help authors and publishers save money and obtain ethical and excellent service.
Kathryn R. Blake

Free Training for #Authors #MFRWSummerCamp. July 14-15
No Cost Online conference for #Authors #MFRWSummerCamp. July 14-15
Four days to camp!


  1. Oh, wow! Thank you for sharing this, Kathryn. MFRW is excited to host this conference, and we appreciate you letting others know. We look forward to seeing you online. ^_^

  2. LOL - LOVE IT! "Come into the bedroom where we're a little bit sweet, a little bit sexy and a lot a bit naughty." Nothing like promoting the Summer Camp with a little attitude.

    Fabulous! Thanks for helping support the Summer Camp!


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