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Sneak Peek Sunday - August 18 - A Dom's Dilemma #SPeekSunday #BDSM #Romance

He demanded her obedience, but what she wanted was his love.

It's Sneak Peek Sunday again and that means I get to share another 6 paragraphs from one of my books.  Yay!

My submission for this week is from my 4th book, A Dom's Dilemma, a BDSM/spanking novel that is sometimes playful, sometimes serious and sometimes terrifying, published by Blushing Books.  Kelly and Jim, the two main characters, were secondary characters in Arrested by Love.  Though this story stands on its own, if you read Arrested by Love, you'll most likely recognize some of the scenes, since we see a little bit of Kyle and Tiffany in this book, too.

In this excerpt, near the end of Chapter Five, Jim Evans and Kelly Franklin are together at "The Velvet Chains," a BDSM club where they met that evening.  Kelly is receiving some aftercare after a session of intensive medical play she did with Jim that seemed a lot more real than play.  Aftercare is an important part of the BDSM experience.  Both the Dom and the sub seek reassurance from the other.  Jim enjoys holding Kelly, and she likes being in his arms, so this is a quiet period of reflection and getting to know each other.

             "We'll cuddle here for a bit and you relax.  All right?"
            She nodded.  Though Kelly still wasn't happy about everything he'd made her do, she desperately needed her Dom's gentle words of comfort and reassurance, which he was clearly willing to give.  And the light, soothing kisses he provided almost compensated for the embarrassment she'd suffered.
            "How's your tummy?  Everythin' settlin' down as it should?" he asked, gently rubbing her belly.  She found the combination of his voice and fingers very relaxing.
            "Yes, Sir," she answered sleepily, tucking her head under his chin as she enjoyed being held in his arms..
            "Why don't you shut your eyes and rest for a bit, darlin'?" Master Jim suggested, shifting his magic fingers to her neck and shoulders.
            "I'm fine, Sir, she replied, liking the attention.  And for the first time, without any fear or uncertainty churning in her stomach, Kelly took a good look at her Dom.  Dark complexioned, as though he spent a lot of time in the sun, he had a strong, masculine face.  His hair was short, except for his bangs, which occasionally slipped down into his eyes before he shrugged or pushed them back.

Kelly wants to know more about her new Dom, and at the moment he seems amenable to answering her questions.

M/F, Kinky happenings in rural Connecticut.

A Dom's Dilemma is available for sale at Blushing Books in a variety of formats.  If you'd like to read more, I've provided a 3 chapter preview on my web site's Spanking Romance page.

Available as an eBook or in paperback!

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