Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Guest Post - 2/9/16 - Bound, Spanked and Loved Anthology Release Day #Spanking #BDSM

Today we're sharing an excerpt from the "Bound, Spanked & Loved" anthology, and it's release day!

Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine’s Day Stories

Release date – February 9, 2016
Price – 99 cents for a limited time only (until Feb. 14, 2016). The price goes up on Feb. 15th.
Publication duration – The box set is a limited time only release and will only be available for purchase until March 9, 2016

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Dancing With a Dom by Katherine Deane ~

He shouldn’t be doing this. It went against every dictate he had set for himself for the last eight months. No dancing, no safe words, no holding a woman by her hair while he fucked her mouth. And absolutely no bending a beautiful woman with a curvy ass over his knee to spank her bare bottom with his hand, while getting hard in anticipation of fucking her raw. Yeah. None of that. Not after Sveta.
But Macy called to him in a way he hadn’t felt before. She had become quite human again—humorous, intelligent, and pleasant to be around—as soon as he had gotten her something to eat. Dane had five sisters. All who became scary as hell when hungry or tired. PMS had nothing on the big, beautiful warrior females in his family after missing a meal—a fact his father had made sure to point out to each new husband. Keep them fed, keep your testicles. Dane didn’t bow down to an enraged woman, though. He had other ways of helping her calm down. And he was about to partake in his favorite activity.
He shouldn’t bare her ass and paddle her. But the way her eyes had sparked, her breathing had quickened, and her cheeks had flushed… He couldn’t get it out of his head. He had to see his handprints decorating her ass.


***14 ALL-NEW novellas! Available for a limited time only!***

Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine's Day Stories is the HOTTEST box set of the season, brought to you by fourteen New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors of BDSM and spanking romance. Lose yourself in a whole lotta naughty with this sexy collection of ALL-NEW, standalone novellas sure to set your e-reader ablaze and leave you breathlessly panting for more.

Featured authors:

Annabel Joseph
Cari Silverwood
Sierra Cartwright
Natasha Knight
Emily Tilton
Sue Lyndon
Trent Evans
Cara Bristol
Katherine Deane
Renee Rose
Ashe Barker
Korey Mae Johnson
Alta Hensley
Kallista Dane

Publisher's Note: The stories included in this smoking hot collection are MF, MFM, and MMMF pairings. Some contain taboo subjects and no-holds barred BDSM and spanking scenes. All will make you blush hard. ***over 700 pages of brand new stories***

Dancing With a Dom by Katherine Deane ~ What do ballroom dancing, hard spankings, and mind-blowing orgasms have in common? I guess it depends who your dance partner is. The man smiling down at me, with his hand on my waist... he's a Dom. And he wants to be mine this Valentine's Day.

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